Lucky Dog 1 translations 03 Bernardo Route 20

Part 1: Prison

Chapter 3



luchiprison01 Luchino: Can we … really say our escape is a success already?  The jail’s just across this wall, isn’t it?
luchiprison01 Luchino: If we don’t hurry and leave this place, they’ll find our cells empty soon.
gianprison05 Gian: We’ve gotta wait for the car, what with these stripes we’ve got on and all.
luchiprison01 Luchino: …All right, fine.

With ears trained on the outside, we sit down on the floor of the hut and peer into the wooden boxes and do whatever we want as we wait for our car.

It’s getting brighter and brighter outside.  Morning’s already here.  I keep a sharp eye on the door’s shadows for any outside movement.

If we hear a car and it’s ours, then we have to rush out and climb on in ASAP.

There hasn’t been a car or even a cart passing through.  Is it because of the hour that there aren’t any passersby either?

…Is it still not here?  Fifteen minutes have already passed since then.

gianprison10 Gian: It’s late…

There might already be a commotion inside with our absences about now.

We’re bribing Owen to keep quiet, so he’ll probably cover up the tunnel himself to keep it from getting discovered, but … if the guards spread out their search net to the outside, too, we can’t stay here any longer.

luchiprison04 Luchino: We should be hearing at least an engine about now, but was there some kind of mistake?  The arrangements were so we could meet up immediately, right?

Giulio looks towards Bernardo expressionlessly and asks,

giuprison03 Giulio: Is there … a possibility that your message did not reach Daivan…?
bernprison02 Bernardo: I told my lawyer directly, so my orders definitely should have reached Daivan.
ivanprison01 Ivan: The fuck’re we gonna do if the car doesn’t come?!  You were supposed to handle this!
bernprison02 Bernardo: There is no way my driver would betray us.
luchiprison01 Luchino: There is no guarantee.  He might be dead.
bernprison10 Bernardo: …There’s no way…

Then, it starts.  From somewhere, sirens start wailing through the air.

It’s the siren saved for emergency situations.  …No question, they’ve discovered we’ve flown the coop now.  At this rate, if we stay here, it’ll be pretty bad … right?

The sirens continue to ring.  Even now, it feels like any second guards packing might crash through the door and reach us.

…Waiting here any longer would be stupid.

We should give up on waiting for the car to pick us up.  That’s what my sixth sense is whispering to me.

gianprison26 Gian: …Why don’t we put my luck to the test?

I whisper this to myself.  The others turn to me.


Giulio: …?

Ivan: What’re you talking about?


gianprison35 Gian: If we stay here, they can see us from the gate.  Let’s go around that corner.  Run!

I take off without waiting for a response.

The other four follow me without knowing what the hell is going on.

We make our way around the long, long corner, and we finally meet up with our first passerby.

Old woman: Eeek!!

The senile grandma falls backwards onto the ground when she sees us.  We keep running past her.

Luchino: Sigh, the first lady we see outside is an old woman…?
Bernardo: Gian, where are we running to?  What are you thi—
Gian: …Here it comes!  Yahoo, it’s here!  That!  Over there!

A car is driving this way, accompanied by the loud roar of its engine.

It’s a sharp, sleek thing painted in a gaudy red.

Bernardo: That’s not one of our cars.
Gian: It’s gonna be our car now!

We stand, blocking the road, and the car screeches to a stop right in front of us.

The driver is just whom I’d expected it to be, judging from the color of the car.  I’d known days at the joint started early, but I hadn’t known this was the time work hours started.

I greet the driver with a face chock full of smiles.

Gian: Oh my, isn’t this the Chief?!  How do you do on this fair and wonderful morning?

Brooks:  Wh-Whaaa?!  Why are you—!  What are you—!

The warden recognizes me because I’m a frequent runner.

He’s staring at me speechless like he can’t believe his eyes.

The next moment, he’s dragged out of the car by Luchino and Giulio and beaten up.

We toss him by the side of the road, and the five of us quickly clamber into the red Alfa Romeo.  Awesome, it’s still spick and span new!

Bernardo takes the driver’s seat and doesn’t waste a second stepping on the gas.

Bernardo: Where to, Gian?
Gian: For now … let’s get out of this town and head west.  It’s countryside with nothing but fields and woods, so it’ll be the perfect place to lay low.  We can hook up with Daivan from there.
Bernardo: Roger that.  Hang on tight!

The car forcefully squeals around the turn.

And then again, acceleration.  Pedal to the metal.

Bernardo:  This speed…!  I wouldn’t expect any less from an Italian car!!
Ivan: Wait, we’re not seriously going straight past the gate—?!

Armed, uniformed men are just pouring out the gate at this time.  …Man, that was a really close call.

They can see us with our blaring stripes, and I can see them growing restless.

They take aim at our Alfa, which is zooming at max speed and taking only the slightest of detours left and right as we zip straight on by, and fire.

Of course, every last one of those bullets flies far off its mark.

Gian: No fucking way you’re gonna hit us!  ‘cause I’m in tip-top shape right now!

With the staccato bursts of gunfire as background music, I raise my voice with a cheerful laugh.

Right now, I can feel my luck coming – a great, strong wave surging towards us.  Sometimes I can actually feel my luck, and this is one of those times.

Giulio: …It really is true…
Gian: Huh?  Say something?

Extra conversation with character with whom you have highest affection with at this point.

I catch Bernardo’s eyes when he turns to look back.  We grin at each other.

bernprison01 Bernardo: That was well done.  Luck is just another skill one can have, right, Lucky Dog?
gianprison33 Gian: Eh, your compliment’s sending me off my seat in joy, but turn your eyes forward, please.

I turn back towards those tall, tall walls.

Oh?  There’re some guys actually running after us.  Even though it’s pointless.

Gian: Arrivederci!

The walls of the prison grow smaller and smaller with amazing speed.

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  1. Pengaana
    Jun 17, 2013 @ 16:07:27

    The extra conversation with character with whom you have highest affection with at this point should be Bernardo but you’ve put Giulio’s in there.



  2. etyy
    Jun 20, 2013 @ 08:20:52

    The pictures right after ‘We should give up on waiting for the car to pick us up. That’s what my sixth sense is whispering to me.’ until the part where Gian told everyone to run are wrong.



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