Lucky Dog 1 translations 03 Giulio Route 05

Part 1: Prison

Chapter 3

Giulio Visit 2

Gian: Oh!  There ya are!  Heeey, Giulio!

When I call towards his retreating back, he turns around looking pretty happy.

Gian: What’s this?  You’re looking in a good mood.

Giulio: Yes…  Here.

He takes his hand out of his pocket and in it’s about a handful of sand.

Giulio: I obtained this from the soles of the spare shoes.

A second passes before I understand what he’s saying.  If you can gather the sand at the bottom of your shoes, then you’ve got yourself a rather nasty club called a blackjack.

Gian: Oh … you got it together…

He returns the sand to his pocket before nodding a sharp nod.  He did this because I said something about how nice it’d be if we’d had a weapon of some sort earlier…

Giulio: Although, my specialty is with the knife…
Gian: Nonono, this reeeeally helps me out!  Aren’t you the reliable one!

When I lower the tension in my shoulders and quickly follow up with a compliment, Giulio grins a light smile like a child.

…It’s great that we got the weapon now and all, but … Giulio’s attitude, or rather the whole “him,” still bothers me.

Gian: …Hey, why do you always put yourself so low when you’re with me?

Giulio: …No, it is nothing…

We stop, standing at the corner of an intersection.  I question him, ask him to go further with a look, and Giulio whispers a few more words, one at a time.

Giulio: Because … Signor Gian is an amazing person.

Gian: Whaa?

I cock my head and do some introspective searching to find just what’s so “amazing” about myself.

…At age sixteen I became a CR:5 associate, and it took no time for me to get made.

I’ve gotten stuck in the can countless times, but I’ve managed to break out just as often.

…That’s about all that’s amazing about me, ability-wise, I think?  People say I’ve got amazing luck, but no one’s called me an amazing guy.

The stuff I’ve done as one of the CR:5 is … to be honest, just gofer work.  I escort the old gramps or I move stuff here and there or I play pretend locksmith…

Ugh … now I’m seriously depressed.

Giulio: ‘Lucky Dog’…

Giulio whispers this as though he’s in love with the words.

Agh, it’s really embarrassing, so could you please stop looking at me with your eyes like that?

I exaggeratedly scratch the area around my butt with some loud scritches.

Gian: Eh, I’m not really that great, you know?  I mean, you can tell just by looking!  I’m really just your average lazy bum.  About the only thing that’s great is my luck—


Giulio: Please stop that…

In that instant, the air around us goes ice cold.

Giulio: …Why do you disparage yourself like that…?

I zip my lips shut at the strange intensity coming from him.  This is the first time I’ve seen Giulio’s edge.

Not long passes before Giulio swivels his head away.

Gian: Wh-What is it, Giulio?
Giulio: …My apologies…
Gian: …Wanna start heading back?  Else we won’t get any of the grub.
Giulio: …If you wish.

Judging from his profile, I can tell he’s really pissed.

…Now then, who to talk to next.







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