Lucky Dog 1 translations 03 Giulio Route 09

Part 1: Prison

Chapter 3

Giulio Visit 3

I look here and there for Giulio when I end up catching him in the hallway.

When I approach, he gives me a quick nod-greeting and slows his pace.  But he doesn’t open his mouth.

Should I strike up a conversation…?  If we can’t get talking to each other easier, then we might find ourselves holding back on each other when the time comes.

Gian: Hey, this the first time you’ve been pinched?
Gian: The joint’s a bit restricting the first time ‘round.
Giulio: …Yes.  It is … perhaps.
Gian: Missing the food?  Or maybe the women?
Giulio: No … the killing…
Gian: Huh?!

My voice climbs into previously unknown registers as my brain fails to process what he’s saying.

Giulio: Not killing anyone for my job is boring…

“Mad Dog Giulio.”  His alias appears in my mind.  Compared to that, my “Lucky Dog” is just a cute little nickname.  Arf arf, lookie me!  I’m not mad!

Gian: You’re not one of those people who go crazy for killing, are you?

I say this as a joke, but…

Giulio: No, killing … is my job.  Corpses…

Gian: You like corpses…?

This is deep.  Waaaaay too deep.  I don’t know how to continue this conversation at all.  It’s too hard to try and just treat it as some joke.

Gian: Haha … then maybe you should go take a peek at the morgue or something … just kidding.

The penitentiary returns the bodies that pile up from the death row and accidents that happen behind the walls to the families of the dead.  But, the bodies are all kept in the morgue on ground until designated days where they’re all carried out.

Well, it’s the perfect place for prison ghost stories to take place.

Giulio: The shelves storing the bodies do not seem to be locked, so it may be possible to see the entirety of some of the bodies.
Gian: Huh?  How the heck’d you find that out?

He just got here recently, right?  Usually only the guards and such are allowed into the morgue.

Giulio: In the past, I once came with a superior to retrieve the body of one of our comrades from the place.  …The guard at the time … was talkative.
Giulio: I was interested so I asked him whether there were rows and rows of bodies lined in there.
Giulio: But I heard that the bodies are all shelved away.  …There is nothing interesting in that…

…I’d like to reserve the right to not make an opinion.  Still…

Gian: Hey, how ‘bout you tell me everything you heard about the morgue and what it’s like inside?  Who knows, it might come in handy.

I pull every teensy tiny bit of information about the morgue at that time from Giulio.  Hadn’t expected to make a finding here.

…Now then, who to talk to next.







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