Lucky Dog 1 translations 03 Giulio Route 09 alt

Part 1: Prison

Chapter 3

Visitor Visit 2 alternate

When I enter the visiting room, I see the investigator from before waiting for me.

Gian: What do you want this time?

Homer smiles only with the edges of his mouth.

Gian: Do all federal agents have this much free time?  That child-killing scum from last time’s got a nice comfy seat on death row, so we’re all done here, right?
Homer: The Board believes the same, but it’s impossible for him to ignore him when he causes a disturbance every day.
Gian: And that’s why you’re taking hikes to the slammer?
Homer: That is correct.  I thought I may as well see you while I’m here.  If you have any information like last time, your cooperation would be most appreciated.  It can be on any subject matter.
Gian: Hah…!  I’ve got nothing to say.  ‘sides, I’m not gonna rat anyone out.
Homer: It doesn’t count as ‘ratting out’ if you’re telling me about the Grave Diggers now, would it?

There’s something unnatural about that sense of composure and understanding behind his smile.

Homer: If you cooperate with me, won’t it be of help to the captains and even the boss of your CR:5?

So he knows I belong to the CR:5.  But, he doesn’t know I’m a capo myself now.

Before I even finish my thought, whoosh!  Homer suddenly pulls up close to me.

Homer: The CR:5 is currently in a fairly dire situation because of the string of arrests of their captains…
Gian: What about it?
Homer: Haven’t you ever wanted to leave the organization?  This is your chance.  The BOI will guarantee your safety.

…Like I’d ever trust my neck to someone I know next to nothing about.  First of all, I’ve got no intention of betraying the family.

Besides, if I do manage to break outta here, it’s gonna be “my” organization.  Not like he’ll ever find out, though…

Gian: You’ve got no intention of quitting the BOI no matter how much I threaten or persuade you, do you, G-man?  It’s the same with me.

I say this with a sigh.  Homer looks awfully let down.

Homer: I have fallen far, to be scolded by a criminal.

So he’s the kind of person who pretends to be friendly on the surface but ultimately doesn’t even think we’re the same species…  Shit, the guy pisses me off.

But I have to hold back and somehow drag the info I want out of him…

Gian: Hey, this just came to me…  That corpse of yours, is anyone gonna take him?
Homer: No.  He will be buried with the other unclaimed bodies in an unmarked cemetery at the church.
Gian: Huh … you’re gonna be there for the execution?
Homer: Perhaps.  I have no intention of stepping into the morgue, though.
Gian: The morgue…  This may come as obvious, but I’ve never been.
Homer: It’s just a row of body bags lined up.  There’s nothing to say about the sight.  When I was still a rookie, though, my superior used to take us there to toughen us up…
Gian: Oh?  How long’ve you been a fed?

I spin up some yarn about nothing and manage to pull out several stories about the morgue here.


After that, I humor Homer for a while longer…  When I start to feel tired, I leave the visiting room.

Keeping up a conversation with someone who thinks the dirt of you really saps all the energy out of you.  The whole thing pisses me off…

…Now then, who to talk to next.







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  1. pokkihime
    Dec 13, 2012 @ 14:49:58

    ….and why does Homer always remind me on Guildias from Enzai so strongly?! ..uahh~ *shakeshead.. Homer is fun XD



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