Lucky Dog 1 translations 03 Giulio Route 14

Part 1: Prison

Chapter 3

Prisoners Visit 1

In the slammer, there’s sort of a trade of goods – if you put it pretty, there’s an economy – going on among the inmates.

The stuff being traded around varies with the rainbow.  There’s the tobacco and snacks you can get with the prison cash.  There’s the books or pictures sent to you, and – not too often – there’s also the booze, weapons, and drugs smuggled in through the secret route.

There’s even cash.

You can get what you want with a bit of bartering, or you could swap shifts for a bit of hard labor, or you could promise to do something after you run free.

Gian: Now then, who should I head off to first…

I was thinking of executing Operation Jailbreak in that patch of time after the night roll-call, when all the cells’ll be locked.

First, to get out into the hall, we’ll need keys for the bars, or rather, something to open the locks with.

All five of us have rooms scattered all over the place, so if you think about efficiency, it’d be easiest for me to get the tools and go around opening each of their doors.

I clench my fingers tight.  Lockpicking’s always been one of my specialties.

Gian: So, first, I’d need a few picks, and then I guess a wrench.  I suppose it’s off to Simon’s it is.


When the old man Simon sees me, he stops whatever he’s doing.

Simon: How’ve you been, Giancarlo?  It’s been a while.

Simon’s in for the long haul, and he’s also the most reliable guy running the business down in the joint.

Gian: Hey pops.  Could you gather up some picks for me?

Simon: What, you planning on escaping again?!

Gian: Not so loud, pops!!  How ‘bout it?  Can you?

Simon: None on me right now, but I do know someone who’s got some.  You can go talk to him yourself.  How much can you give?

Gian: Once I’m out, I’ll promise him what cash I can gather to his family.
Gian: My pals…  …Ah, yes, Bernardo or Luchino can handle the tab.
Gian: If you tell ‘em it’s a favor from me, they’ll lend an ear.
Gian: Of course, you’ll get your dues for being the go-between, too, so I’ll leave the details up to you.

Simon: Oh?  …So, I can do however I like?

Gian: Yep, just do your thing as usual.

Pops promises his guarantee, that he’ll contact the owner of the goods and Luchino or Bernardo and set it up so that I can get what I want tomorrow.

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