Lucky Dog 1 translations 03 Giulio Route 17

Part 1: Prison

Chapter 3

Prisoners Visit 2

I pay a visit to room 8, second floor.

I peek in and spot a guy sitting against the bars.

Gian: Um … Giancarlo here.  You the man with the goods?

The guy ogles back at me with a dark expression.

Prisoner 1: I heard from the old man!  Thanks for putting up a good deal.

The man takes out a small cloth bag from under his mattress.  I accept it without a word.

And without a word, I leave.


When I check the bag’s contents away from prying eyes, I find the various picks and wrenches I need.  It’s missing a loupe, but this is good enough.

Gian: The locks are no problem now.  Now all I’ve gotta do is practice in secret.

I shove the tools into my pocket and head back to my cell.  I’ll just practice until I’m fluid with them…

…Now then, who to talk to next?





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