Lucky Dog 1 translations 03 Giulio Route 18

Part 1: Prison

Chapter 3

Ivan Visit 1

Ivan: How are preparations going with the … you know what?

I think about commending him for not just shouting out “jailbreak,” but then decide against it because that’d take too much effort.

Gian: Yeah.  I’ll be keeping the plan details secret until right before, though.
Ivan: Whaat?  Oh, right…  Yeah, that way there’s less chance the whole thing’ll leak…
Gian: By the way, the info and tools I mentioned last time?  You got anything for me?

I ask him this casually.

Ivan: …Give me some more time.

…No surprises here.

Gian: Well then, I guess I’ll just have to get them somewhere else…

I purposely give a heavy sigh.  But before I finish speaking, Ivan’s in my face before I even know what’s going on.


I’m sent flying backwards by the impact.

Taking me by surprise, he shoves me down to the floor.

Gian: Shit that hurt…  The hell you think you’re doing, Ivan?

I glare up with a scowl.

Ivan: That’s Mr. Fiore to you.


Ivan: Mister Fiore.  Know your place.

He throws his weight into his upper body.  I can’t move an inch with him leaning over me.

Gian: You saying you stand above me?

Ivan: Looks like you’re too dim to get it just by watching how I act, so I’m gonna have to lay it out for you loud and clear.

Our gazes lock and sparks fly.

Don’t dogs do this sort of thing to mutts weaker than them?  Wasn’t it called “mounting” or something?

I remember hearing the whole thing’s absolutely necessary if more than two dogs are stuck in one place at the same time.  There’s complete chaos unless they set their pecking order down in stone first.  Whoo!  The doggies’ve got it tough in doggie world, too.

…Before he can pull out his ultimate weapon, the “code,” I give in first.

Gian: …Mr. Fiore.

Ivan: There, now you’ve got it.

Ivan runs his thumb across my cheek, as though complimenting me on a job well done.  Feels like he’s gonna poke my eye out, so I end up unconsciously squinting.

Then he says, like it’s the first time he’s noticed it…

Ivan: Man, you’ve got the kind of face a girl’d go all mushy over.  Pisses me off…

Ivan: Ooh, now I get it.  You used that pretty face of yours to get on the Boss’s and the gramps’ good sides, didn’t you?  Just like a girl.

Gian: Don’t you know a man’s jealousy is unsightly, Mr. Fiore?

Ivan: …Why you…!!

Sensing I’m going to get punched again, I tense up … but instead Ivan suddenly leans back and shoots a glance over his shoulder.

Gian: What’s wrong, Mr. Fiore?

Ivan practically scrambles off me.

I look around too as I pick myself off the floor.

Staring at us with his mouth gaping open is one of the guards.  …Ah, it’s Joshua.

Oh right.  I’d told the CR:5 associates to keep others away for a bit, but I guess actually stopping one of the guards would be a bit of a stretch.

Joshua: You guys…  Is this a fight?
Gian: Nonono, we’re not doing anything that bad!  Can’t you just let this slip?
Joshua: Of course I wouldn’t mind, but just lay off on the ruckus during my shift, all right?
Gian: Of course!  Count on me!  No problemo!

If we actually manage to pull off the jailbreak, though, I don’t think “ruckus” is going to cut it.

Joshua: You’re fellow Italians, so get along!  You shouldn’t be getting into pointless quarrels.

With those words, the guard disappears as he continues on down his route.

Thank god it was Joshua.  If we got thrown into isolation as a punishment, everything’d fly into the shithole.

Gian: Now then, what were we talking about again, Mr. Fiore?

Ivan: You can stop that now.

Ivan glares at me sulkily.

Gian: What is it you want me to stop, Mr. Fiore?

Ivan: That right there!  It just sounds like you’re taking me for a moron!  Go back to what you did before.

Gian: Roger that, Ivan.


Without another word, Ivan leaves me behind, moodily stepping out into the hall.

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