Lucky Dog 1 translations 03 Giulio Route 19

Part 1: Prison

Chapter 3

Playing Dead

A long while after roll-call and lockdown, I abruptly sit up.

Now then…

The above scene is not work-safe.

We’re through preparing.  I can visualize the escape route, the way out of these walls.

It’s time to go through with the escape plan.

According to my biological clock, it’s 3AM.  I hop up from the mattress.  Time to get rolling.

All righty…

I approach the door and slip my hand through between the bars.  Lockpicks in hand, I stick them in the lock and tinker them around for a bit.

…Not even a minute goes by before the lock pops open.  As long as I have tools like these, locks don’t stand a chance.

I glide down the empty hallway.  Quietly.  Silent footsteps.

Well, you do have to consider the time of day.  The only thing I’d expect to hear is snoring from some cell down the hall.

I manage to reach Bernardo’s room, two cells down, and open his bars without anyone noticing.

Bernardo: You’ve kept me waiting, Honey.

Gian: I’m so happy you’re up, Darling.  …Let’s go.

Keeping banter down to a minimum, Bernardo and I hurry to the next destination.  With soft footsteps, we slink down the passageway and head towards the opposite row of cells facing the center.

Ivan: …Hey.

His expression’s a bit stiff.  Seems like he’s nervous.

Ivan’s the last one on this floor.  The three of us head down to the bottom floor.

On the way, we pass by a room with a prisoner sitting awake, but…

Ivan: …Make a sound and you’re dead.
Bernardo: Ciao.

…Ivan quickly threatens him and Bernardo passes on by with a shady smile.  Luckily, the man doesn’t make any loud noises.

Gian: Ivan, your footsteps are too loud.  Take off your shoes.

Ivan: Huh?  Tsk…

Looks like even Ivan knows that a single mistake can cost our lives in this situation.  He follows my order without a single protest.

We continue on quieter than before.  We safely make our way down the stairs and reach the first floor.

Luchino: Grazie.

Luchino slips through the open door.

Ivan: You take your shoes off, too.  You’re probably gonna be really loud if you don’t.

Luchino:  Huh?  Oh, right…

Giulio’s room’s over there.  I lead the way, dashing down the hall, since I have to open the lock.

Suddenly, a small scream comes from somewhere, and I feel my insides freeze.  Without turning back, I keep moving on when two voices reach my ears.

Bernardo: Please be quiet…  If we make it out safely, everyone here will receive packs of smokes by the dozen.
Luchino: Once your sentences are over, come on over to our store.  Our ladies will dust you off, head to toe.

The two of them hush the prisoners who’ve noticed our escape.  The others nearby can probably hear them, too, since both their voices were relatively loud.

I hear them without listening as I fiddle with the keyhole to Giulio’s room.

Giulio: Signor Gian…  Thank you.

Ivan: No problem!  You’re the last one.

He wasn’t talking to you, Ivan.


Giulio quickly flicks a glance at Ivan before returning his gaze to me.  He steps into the hallway without a sound.  It’s at this time Luchino and Bernardo catch up.

It’s probably because more inmates are awake than before, but there’s a lot more noise now.  Some of the prisoners are holding quiet conversations among themselves, but not a single person has raised his voice to call the guards.

Bernardo and Luchino’s offers and attempts at keeping them quiet seem to be working.

Gian: Looks like we’re all out without a hitch.

But … five grown men really doesn’t lend to the atmosphere of sneaking and creeping.

Bernardo: Where are we heading to next?

Gian: This way…

I jerk a thumb towards our target.  We hurry as quietly as we can down the passage.

Just a little further ahead is the door leading outside.  It’s not our destination, but it is a crucial checkpoint.

Just then … I feel a twang as someone trips a wire in my nerve cells.

There’s someone beyond the door … and of course, there’s no way it’s a prisoner.  Suddenly, everyone freezes.  They hold their breaths.

The doorknob squeals about halfway open…

…when, like a flash of lightning, Giulio moves.

Lloyd: U-Uwah?!

He grabs the doorknob and throws his weight into his pull, dragging a human-shaped figure out with him.  I catch a glimpse of a guard’s uniform.

Giulio quickly raises something over his head.  He’s expressionless, but I feel like there’s a wan smile of enjoyment covering his face…  …I suddenly shout out in a hushed voice.


Gian: Don’t kill him!

My voice flies out at about the same time Giulio swings something down towards the guard’s head.

A dull thud…  With a small groan, the person collapses to the floor.

…Thank goodness he didn’t raise a scream.  With one worry out of the way, I take a peek at the man’s face.  It’s Lloyd.

Luchino: It’s that strange guard.  It looks like he’s on his rounds.  It’s good we settled that without a ruckus.

Giulio shows me the weapon in his hand.  It’s a blackjack – a clubbing weapon made from a sock filled with sand.  Oh right, this is the thing he’d gleefully shown me before.

Giulio: I did not … kill him.  I held back.

Ivan: What’re we gonna do?  We leave him like this, he’ll wake up!
Bernardo: There’s no need to kill him.  Let’s use his clothes as a gag to keep him quiet.

We nod at Bernardo’s suggestion.  We quickly finish the job and roll Lloyd’s body into a shadowy part of the hallway before we set off again.


We slip through the cafeteria with quiet steps, through the cargo door, and then we’re out.

If Flag for Tunnel Route, go to Tunnel Route.  If Flag for Morgue Route, go to Morgue Route.

The silent, chilled air slaps me in the face.  Dawn is nearing.

Without pausing for a single breath, I gesture to the others our next destination.

We leave the housing complex and head towards our target building.

We may be outside … but we’re still behind those high, high walls.

Senses on high alert, we dash down the path connecting the various buildings together.  If we can get away from the building where all the prisoners are gathered, then the security’ll be weaker.

Finally, we reach a certain building and sneak in.

Gian: Turn the lock back to how it was when we came in.

I direct the others so we don’t leave any traces behind.  Reassured by the lack of human presence, we hurry down the hall.

Luchino: Hey, this is…

An off-flavor stench, so faint that you don’t notice it unless you try.  When I turn back, I see Giulio’s expression soften.  It’s probably just my imagination … or most probably, it’s not.

Gian: We’re at the back of the execution room.  We’ve got business with the morgue.

Just as the information I collected beforehand said, the door marking our destination is in front of us.

There’s no lock.

We enter, and the odor from before grows stronger.  …The room’s unexpectedly large.  On one side of the room, small doors line the wall like lockers.

In the middle’s a desk, and on top of that are some huge bags.  The number of bags lined up … is five.

All right, the numbers match.

Ivan:  Aren’t these … body bags?!  There’re bodies in here!  Ew, that’s disgusting!

Ivan makes a face at the bags on the desk.

Gian: Take out what’s inside and put them back into those lockers by the wall.  We’ll be taking their places.

Ivan:  Ugh, seriously?!

Ivan’s obviously disgusted, while Luchino and Bernardo slump their shoulders with exasperated expressions.

Giulio’s … already started undoing one of the body bags.  Well, at least he’s not complaining.

People’ll be coming in before dawn, so to hurry things along, I have everyone jump in on the dirty work.

Some of the corpses that come out of the bags are young, and others look well on in their years.  Some are hard as rock, and others are strangely soft.

There’re some from the death penalty, too, with bloody cloths covering their heads.  In our state, the death penalty’s execution by shooting.  I recognize one of the faces.  It belongs to the guy who used to be in the room next to me.

Today was the day of his execution…  It’s because I got the information about his execution from Homer that I set up this plan.

I take out the body and stuff it into the locker furthest away from the door.

The lockers were originally used to store bodies anyways.  Once the guys check the numbers afterwards and find they don’t match up, they’ll find out about us immediately, but we just need to fool them for the short period of time before we get outside.

Luchino:  There are five here…  Did you know beforehand that there would be just enough bags?

When he asks me this, I can hear discontent mixed into his voice as he’s slogging away.  Well, I don’t think touching a corpse would make anyone happy, ever.

Gian: At this time of year, it’s normal for bodies from the previous week to be brought out Sabbath morning.  Give it thirty more minutes, and the hacks’ll be coming and carting them away.
Gian: Whether there was gonna be five or not … well, that was a gamble.

And I rarely, if ever, lose on gambles.

Luchino:  …So it was a gamble.

Though, I did hear about the execution of this filthy, perverted bastard.  At the very least, that makes one body bag.

Plus, since it was by the death penalty, it’s highly unlikely that any family or charity’d come to retrieve the body.

Aside from him, I’d been sending out feelers to collect rumors about unfortunate prisoners who’d bit it during their time in prison last week.  At least three men’d died from accidents or sickness.

I was confident there’d be at least four bodies, so I just held out on my expectations that there would be at least one unhappy incident that hadn’t reached my ears.

And, as usual, I won the bet.

Gian: Yep, a gamble with pretty good odds.

I leave out the details in my explanation and grin at the others before shutting the last locker.

There’s no time.  I quickly and simply lay out what we’ve got to do next.  After seeing everyone’s nods, I give them a thumbs up.  The others do the same, like a prayer for each other’s fortune.

One by one, they slip into the now empty body bags and I tie shut the openings.

The inmate ID number’s printed across the outside of the bag.  Just in case, we’d picked our bags after taking the corpses’ heights into consideration.

Bernardo: …I don’t suppose … we’d have to be rigid like a corpse, too?  It’d probably work better.

I tilt my head, telling him, “Don’t worry about it.  No problem.”  I tie shut the bag Bernardo’s in.  I use a simple knot, one that can be undone easily.

Ivan’s complaining endlessly about how the bag stinks when I tie his shut.  I joke with Luchino and tell him to shave a few inches off that crazy height of his.  I nod vaguely to Giulio, who looks kind of like he’s enjoying himself…

…and finally, it’s time for me to get into my bag.

I can’t ask anyone to take care of my bag, so I just twist and twirl the string around so that it looks like it’s been tied shut.  A deep breath, and I sink in.

…Well, there’s gonna be nothing to do for a while.  I turn my mind away from the stink clinging to the bag before tuning into my hearing and shutting my eyes.

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