Lucky Dog 1 translations 03 Ivan Route 14 alt

Part 1: Prison

Chapter 3

Ivan Visit 3 alternate

I invite Ivan over into my room with a few beckoning gestures.

On his way, he gets some guys he knows by face to clear out the area.  Ain’t he the meticulous one.

Gian: Hey, are you on good terms with our other captains?

Ivan: Huh?  What the hell brought this on?  You turn parole or something?

Gian: Nono, just getting a feel for the PR.  You know, as the future boss and all.

I continue on, ignoring Ivan’s unhappy expression.

Gian: I figured, ‘Hey, you’re dead last, so maybe you’re feeling a bit lonely.’

Ivan turns redder and redder as I watch on.  It doesn’t take a genius to see he’s snapped.

Ivan: Don’t you… …You’re the one who’s dead last!
Gian: For now.  …Well, if you count backwards, we’re first, so as the two top captains, we should get along!

I pat Ivan on the shoulder a few times while projecting a friendly atmosphere.

…I change the topic before Ivan can explode, though.  Can’t overdo it here.

Gian: By the way, I’ve been wondering … why’d you get pinched in the first place?  The words ‘assault and battery’ were in the charge somewhere.  Don’t tell me you couldn’t even get out of that one?

Bitter expression on, Ivan rests his hand on his hips.

Ivan: I was patrolling with my guys at night when we ran into some crumb who couldn’t fucking read the situation…  We got into a scuffle, and he got a little beat up.
Gian: And that became “assault and battery?”  You could’ve just shut him up and be done with it.

You’re not being very gangster-ish here, Ivan.

Ivan: It was some dude who didn’t give two shits about threats or the shit-crazy amount of reparation money we’d offered.  Couldn’t keep it out of court.
Gian: Wow … that’s really stupid…
Ivan: Shaddap.  It was a set up.  He set it up so that I had to hit him back.

He clicks his tongue and sticks a hand into his pants pocket.

Ivan: More importantly, I got what you wanted before.  Here.

Gian: Whatcha got?

I stick out my hand and take what he’s holding.  I peek into the small cloth bag … and in it are countless wires and a sheet of metal shaped into tweezers.  Substitutes for a lockpick set.

Ivan: Took me quite a bit of effort, you know.  I couldn’t get it all at once ‘cause that’d just attract attention, so I had to carefully put it together piece by piece.


I put on a troubled expression.  I scrutinize each one separately.

They’re pretty accurate.  But, the problem is, I already have something equivalent at hand.

Ivan: What’s wrong?  Be happier!  Is there something wrong with ’em?

Gian: …No, just that I already have some.

I take out similar items from my pocket and show them to him.  Ivan looks taken aback by shock and horror.

Gian: Um, I wasn’t really counting on you, so I thought I’d at least pick these up myself…
Ivan: …Is that how it is…

He mutters this disappointedly before quietly slipping out of the cell with gloomily scrunched eyebrows.

Aw shit, I cracked his glass heart.

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  1. Lucia
    Mar 20, 2013 @ 13:50:54

    poor Ivannnn….Giannnn,,damn u for cracking Ivan’s Glass Heart lol..



  2. DeAsia
    May 04, 2013 @ 01:13:43

    XD at the — Aw shit, I cracked his glass heart.—- lol i laughed so hard!



  3. Ccagee
    Mar 19, 2016 @ 22:30:08




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