Lucky Dog 1 translations 03 Ivan Route 21

Part 1: Prison

Chapter 3


Have thirty minutes already passed?  Finally, the footsteps I’m waiting for reaches my ears.  They’re accompanied by the sound of something being rolled along on wheels.

There are two people.  Their footsteps stop.  The door opens.  Don’t think they’ve noticed anything was off.   …Good, we’re still flying.

Officer 1: Five, just like they said.

Officer 2: Let’s start from that end.  Ready?  … One, two!

The officers heave the bags we’re hiding in up and onto some stretcher-like thing before rolling us away.

It sounds like all five of us can’t fit on the same one, so they’re splitting us into two groups and hauling us out on the stretcher that way.  …I hope they don’t realize what’s inside isn’t what they were expecting.

Don’t find out, don’tfindout, pleasedon’tfindout.  Please no one move or make a sound.  Please don’t let them notice…  Santa Maria, lend a hand here?  Please??

Officer 1: Did that just twitch?

Officer 2: Don’t say something so creepy.  …It’s that thing the guys talk about, probably.  You know, when corpses move even though they’re dead or when they make sounds because of air moving through their windpipe, right?

Yesyes, that’s it.  That’s what it is.  Just leave it at that.  …  Who moved?  Was it that stupid idiot, Ivan?

Once outside, we’re picked up again from the stretcher and then plopped down onto … is this a horse cart?

Awesome!  This way, we can just have him walk us through the walls!

We move along slowly.  The bags we’re hiding in rock in time with the cart.

…Not long after, the cart stops.

Gatekeeper: …How’re things going?  I’ll be doing the usual check, then.

Officer 1: Go ahead.

…Someone makes his way towards the cart.  Is it the gatekeeper?  “Check” probably means a body check.  Guess they will have to look to see what’s inside the bag…

They’ll figure out we’re alive before anything else.  What to do…

Well, not like this wasn’t expected.

Suddenly, I rip the bag open, which only looked like it was tied shut, with calculated timing.

Gian: I’mmmm aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!!

Gatekeeper:  …U-Uwaaah!!

The gatekeeper’s horrified face is right in front of mine.

Gian: God has chosen me!!

This act probably won’t be able to buy too much time.  As expected of one employed in prison duty, by the next moment he’s recovered and clenching his baton tight.

Gian: But, still too slow!

I’d already wriggled out of the bag, wound back my fist.  I’m sure his jaw got a good taste of my punch.

Gian: Hey, you guys can come back from the dead too now.

Without waiting for my words, my companions, having noticed what’s going on, have already crawled out of the stinky body bags.

They all jump the cabby, the gatekeeper I’d just punched, and the other guard stationed here.

…It makes no difference that the guards are armed.  They’re completely overwhelmed by our surprise attack.

Luchino: Roughhousing after such a long time actually doesn’t feel too bad.

Even if they’re wary of inmates escaping from prison by hiding in body bags, I guess it’s not normal for five to pop out at once…  I feel a bit of sympathy for the unconscious guys who’d been beaten up before their surprised expressions even left their faces.

Ivan: Aagh, that bag was fucking … nasty…!

It doesn’t look like Ivan’s done venting yet because he sends another kick to one of the guys collapsed on the ground.

Giulio: Shall I disarm them?

Giulio asks this while sending sidelong glances towards the restless horse.

Gian: You’ve got a point…  Naw, let’s get moving.  It’s almost light now.  If we stay here, they’ll see us.

I turn back to the structure some distance away.  Even here, I can see the large housing complex standing tall amongst the other buildings.  At some point in time, the sun has crawled over the horizon.  Even as I watch, everything around me continues to gradually transform into morning.

Bernardo: He’s right.  Let’s hurry.  If we can get past this gate, we’re out.

Ivan: Wait, are we gonna be running all the way back to the city?

Gian: Someone’ll be coming to pick us up.  Bernardo has one of his guys driving circles outside these walls every day, thirty minutes after sunrise.

Luchino: Oh?  You’ve made thorough preparations.

Bernardo: As Gian said, I’ve contacted my crew.  I’ve ordered them to make rounds every day starting the day before yesterday and they’ll continue until I tell them to stop.  We can meet up with them immediately.

I’d asked him to take care of this beforehand, in a way so that it wouldn’t matter which escape route I would use.

This way, we’d have our ride out no matter what, and the escape wouldn’t have to be on any specific day, just in case something unexpected happens.

Bernardo: The sun’s already up…  They should be arriving.

If we can make it past these doors, we can simply hop into the car and take a free ride back to Daivan.  We won’t have to walk back, looking over our shoulders the whole time.

Luchino: Then what are we waiting for?

We undo the latch and open the door.


For a moment, the scenery assaulting our eyes dazzles us stupid.  After all, the only thing we’d been seeing day in and day out had been the inside of the prison.

Gian: Jailbreak iiiiis complete!

Giulio: …Congratulations.

Does this mean … that I’m boss now?  Just when I think this, Ivan’s voice rings out.

Ivan: Gian, you’re not boss until we get back to Daivan!  Until they publicly announce you in front of the Boss and all the other retired geezers, you’re still just a captain!  And one below me, too!

Ivan shouts this with a finger pointed my way.

Luchino: …Well, what he’s saying is correct.

Bernardo: Leave it for later, Ivan.  First things first, we need to get back to Daivan.

“Leave it for later” also refers to the me being boss bit, too, I guess…

Ah well.  It’s probably because of the time, but there’s not a single person around.  On the other hand, just on the other side of this tall wall is the prison.  It’s still too dangerous to take a breather here.

It’s about time our absence raised a commotion inside, and the gatekeepers’re probably about to wake up again.

Gian: Let’s just meet up with the car first.  These stripes stand out way too much.  Can’t do anything with them on.

We hurry away from the door and, glancing every which way, we wait for the car.

Traveling along the outside wall, we naturally slow down as we leave the gate behind.

After all, if we move around too much, it’ll up our chances of encountering someone.  But our worries were for nothing, since we didn’t meet a single person along the way.

Well, it is the middle of nowhere, and it’s not like many people take walks around the pen.

And, there’re no cars nor carts passing by, either.

Ivan: Hey, is our car still not here yet?!

Bernardo: It shouldn’t take more than fifteen minutes to circle the walls once.  It should be arriving any time now…

Five minutes later, and we’re still rapidly walking.


It doesn’t really feel like a jailbreak if you don’t meet anyone from the outside, does it?

Luchino: …It sure is late.  I’d feel better if I could just hear a car engine.  You did say we’d be able to meet up immediately, right?

We stop.  Giulio expressionlessly questions Bernardo.

Giulio: Is there … a possibility that your orders did not reach Daivan…?

Bernardo: The orders definitely reached them because I gave them directly to my lawyer.

Ivan: If a car doesn’t come, what’re we gonna do?  This is your responsibility.

Bernardo: It’s impossible for my driver to have betrayed me.

Luchino: …What about the possibility that he’s dead?

Bernardo: …That’s…!

Then, from inside the walls, sirens start wailing.

…They’ve definitely noticed we’ve flown the coop now.  Maybe those guys we’d beaten up earlier woke up?

The sirens continue to scream.  I can see in my mind hoards of armed guys rushing out the door.

Things’ll only get worse and worse if we stay here.

We should give up on waiting for the car to pick us up.  That’s what my sixth sense is whispering to me.

Gian: …Why don’t we put my luck to the test?

I whisper this to myself.  The others turn to me.

Giulio: …?

Ivan: What’re you talking about?

Gian: If we stay here, they can see us from the gate.  Let’s go around that corner.  Run!

I take off without waiting for a response.  The other four follow me without knowing what the hell is going on.

We make our way around the long, long corner, and we finally meet up with our first passerby.

Old woman: Eeek!!

The senile grandma falls backwards onto the ground when she sees us.  We keep running past her.

Luchino: Sigh, the first lady we see outside is an old woman…?
Bernardo: Gian, where are we running to?  What are you thi—
Gian: …Here it comes!  Yahoo, it’s here!  That!  Over there!

A car is driving this way, accompanied by the loud roar of its engine.

It’s a sharp, sleek thing painted in a gaudy red.

Bernardo: That’s not one of our cars.
Gian: It’s gonna be our car now!

We stand, blocking the road, and the car screeches to a stop right in front of us.

The driver is just whom I’d expected it to be, judging from the color of the car.  I’d known days at the joint started early, but I hadn’t known this was the time work hours started.

I greet the driver with a face chock full of smiles.

Gian: Oh my, isn’t this the Chief?!  How do you do on this fair and wonderful morning?

Brooks:  Wh-Whaaa?!  Why are you—!  What are you—!

The warden recognizes me because I’m a frequent runner.

He’s staring at me speechless like he can’t believe his eyes.

The next moment, he’s dragged out of the car by Luchino and Giulio and beaten up.

We toss him by the side of the road, and the five of us quickly clamber into the red Alfa Romeo.  Awesome, it’s still spick and span new!

Bernardo takes the driver’s seat and doesn’t waste a second stepping on the gas.

Bernardo: Where to, Gian?
Gian: For now … let’s get out of this town and head west.  It’s countryside with nothing but fields and woods, so it’ll be the perfect place to lay low.  We can hook up with Daivan from there.
Bernardo: Roger that.  Hang on tight!

The car forcefully squeals around the turn.

And then again, acceleration.  Pedal to the metal.

Bernardo:  This speed…!  I wouldn’t expect any less from an Italian car!!
Ivan: Wait, we’re not seriously going straight past the gate—?!

Armed, uniformed men are just pouring out the gate at this time.  …Man, that was a really close call.

They can see us with our blaring stripes, and I can see them growing restless.

They take aim at our Alfa, which is zooming at max speed and taking only the slightest of detours left and right as we zip straight on by, and fire.

Of course, every last one of those bullets flies far off its mark.

Gian: No fucking way you’re gonna hit us!  ‘cause I’m in tip-top shape right now!

With the staccato bursts of gunfire as background music, I raise my voice with a cheerful laugh.

Right now, I can feel my luck coming – a great, strong wave surging towards us.  Sometimes I can actually feel my luck, and this is one of those times.

Giulio: …It really is true…
Gian: Huh?  Say something?

Extra conversation with character with whom you have highest affection with at this point.

Ivan, who’d ducked down in his seat in fear of the bullets – unlike me, who hadn’t given a flying shit – stares long and hard at me.

Ivan: Guess your name “Lucky Dog” ain’t just for show, huh…
Gian: I’ve never called myself that once.

I turn back towards those tall, tall walls.

Oh?  There’re some guys actually running after us.  Even though it’s pointless.

Gian: Arrivederci!

The walls of the prison grow smaller and smaller with amazing speed.

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  1. Li
    Jan 14, 2012 @ 15:59:59

    I found plenty of errors on this page. A new record?

    [Don’t find out, don’tfindout, pleasedon’tfindout.] <– i'm not completely sure whether it's intentional or not. i'll just list it to be sure.
    [Gian: God has chosen me!!] <– One excamation mark is plenty. If you want to put extra emphasis on it this way I won't stop you, though.
    [They’re complete overwhelmed by our surprise attack.] <– 'completely'
    [I feel a bit of sympathy for the unconscious guys who were beaten up with their surprised expressions still on their faces.] <– They certainly were surprised, but I don't think it can be said they "still" had surprised faces during the time they got beaten up. Isn't Gian reffering to the guys' expressions being surprised even while unconscious? This might work: '…the beaten up guys whose unconscious faces still show a surprised expression.' Or am I straying too much from the original text?
    [Bernardo has one of his guys come drive circles outside these walls every day, thirty minutes after sunrise.] <– leave out the 'come' and change 'drive' to 'driving' and it'll be perfect.
    [“Leave it for later” also means that me being a boss is left for later too, I guess…] <– does 'a boss' really fit in here? Shouldn't it be '…me being boss…' or '…me being the boss…'?
    [It’s still dangerous to hang back and chill out here.] <– 'hang back'? Do you mean 'hanging back here' or 'be/act laid back'? It's unclear.
    [Gian: If we stay here, they can see us from the gate. Let’s go around that corner. Run!] <– Simple. Too many spaces.
    [Old woman: Eeek!!] <– Double excamation mark located.
    [Ivan, who’d ducked in his seat in fear of the bullets unlike me, who hadn’t given a flying shit, stares long and hard at me.] <– Add an extra comma for easier reading. '…bullets, unlike me, who hadn't given a flying shit, stares…'
    Hopefully I got them all.



    • mangauniverse
      Jan 14, 2012 @ 17:09:07

      “I found plenty of errors on this page. A new record?”

      Seriously, that is so rude. It’s easy to make mistakes and it’s not like they were intentionally made. If you did any translating at all you’d know that as a translator you can become quite blind to what you have written and need to actually take a break from your own translation for a couple of days. It’s only then that you can proofread it properly from a more objective perspective and catch those mistakes that were overlooked. This is true for any translator with an impeccable knowledge in English, regardless of being a native speaker or not.

      Moreover, those identified “errors” of yours were mostly suggestions and not real errors in the sense of being grammatically incorrect. Only a few of them were of the latter kind, so I wholeheartedly disagree with your statement of there being a lot of errors on this page.



      • Li
        Jan 14, 2012 @ 17:36:06

        Terra and I have got quite a long conversation going on here, spread over many pages. The part about the record refers to the many posts I’ve been making here to point out anything unusual I find and also to something that Terra said in a previous post. (FYI, the thing being a record is that I haven’t put that many things in one post before.) I refer to my suggestions as errors, mistakes, suggestions etc. This doesn’t mean I disregard his work, or think it’s easy to translate. It’s a manner of indicating that the post lists parts that are up for discussion.
        I’d appriciate that you leave this between Terra and me to sort out. If Terra isn’t bothered by this, why make a fuss? As for the rest, (though it probably isn’t my place to say this) you’re welcome to criticise anything I post.



        • terracannon876
          Jan 14, 2012 @ 17:39:51

          Calm down, whoa.

          What she’s saying is more about your phrasing of certain sentences. For example, “I found plenty of errors on this page. A new record?” can be interpreted in an insulting manner and even if you don’t mean it that way, just be a bit more careful. (Not just with me, but elsewhere on the web, too.)

          I’ll agree with the latter part, although I will say (no offense) that she has a point too. I haven’t said anything because I feel you don’t actually mean to be biting at times; it comes out as such, though. Phrasing is important?

          (PS: mangauniverse is a friend of mine. Play nice, y’all.)



      • Li
        Jan 14, 2012 @ 17:52:38

        Sure thing. I realise I’m somethings being awkward with my wording, but I try to get those parts out before posting. I always check every post at least five times before hitting the ‘post comment’ button, but there’ll always be something left behind. Before one of you goes all out at me going ‘just don’t use any ambiguous phrases’ or something, let me first tell you that I always have serious trouble communicating with other people. It is something from birth, I even have a diagnosis, the details of which I’d prefer not to give, but it is annoying as hell and I am even one of the lucky ones when it comes to having skills to compensate what I lack.



        • terracannon876
          Jan 14, 2012 @ 17:59:59

          Well, it’s good that you’re careful. As you can see from my translations (which I DO proofread, albeit very quickly), it’s hard to catch your own errors. It’s a working process. Just … keep in mind you do come off that way sometimes?

          Regardless, I do appreciate you being so dedicated to this translation, even though I didn’t ask you (beg you?) to do anything (sometimes I’ve been guilty of roping friends into reading my stuff). I won’t always take your suggestion (*points to 01-02*), but I’ll take it into concentration. (In fact, both of you are doing the same thing, so I’m sure by the end of both your fine-tooth combing, I’ll have a publishable translation, even if that weren’t my intent XD)

          Speaking of which, you both know there’s a little checkbox to tell when there’s a reply, right? I have the feeling neither are using it XD (Li said something about dead email account thought…? Please do fix that soon XD It’ll be easier on the site’s appearance since comments appear extremely large on this blog.)



  2. Li
    Jan 14, 2012 @ 17:21:11

    I just went over the changes. I approve. (;



  3. Li
    Jan 16, 2012 @ 09:27:10

    Rereading in progress… I’m not sure whether I’ll read the bad ends as careful as the rest. I’m just not fond of bad ends when I know official good ones exist.
    As for why I haven’t posted yesterday and the day before… Let’s say I’ve had a busy weekend.



  4. allycat
    Jul 20, 2012 @ 16:33:04

    OMG!!! I love this escape! I found myself smiling throughout the entire escape! I love it!



  5. kuronyan
    Sep 09, 2012 @ 18:43:31

    Haha, how Gian says “Arrivederci” is so funny!



  6. Ewon
    Nov 20, 2012 @ 13:24:36

    Hello, I’ve been following your wonderful translation so far and I must say that it has been a brilliantly beautiful experience. Your translations have helped me SO MUCH and I do believe it has done Lucky Dog game’s gritty plot real justice! Thank you so much for your hard work! I’ll be checking back for updates, keep it up Terra ! 🙂



  7. Lehst
    Oct 05, 2013 @ 13:43:04

    Ya~hoo!! omigosh we escaped!!! x3 this is so exciting!!!



  8. Zokushi
    Oct 11, 2014 @ 04:19:55

    Laughing so.. so very hard when I realized to whom the car belonged. Oh. My. God.



  9. aishah
    Jan 01, 2015 @ 07:19:21

    I love you Terracannon876!!!!!!!!!!



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