Lucky Dog 1 translations 03 Luchino Route 01

Part 1: Prison

Chapter 3

Luchino Visit 1

Luchino: Second floor, room 8.  Look it up later.

Gian: Second floor, room 8?

Luchino: I hear there’s someone with useful tools there.  They’ll probably come in handy.  I’ve given him a head’s up.  When you show up later, he’ll hand them over.

Useful tools, huh…

I thank him for now, but Luchino just waves his hand uninterestedly.


Luchino acts like he’s on top of the world no matter where he is.  He’s got sensitive ears if you say anything about his overblown attitude, though.

Gian: Luchino, what’d you get pinched for?

I’d only heard something or other about assisting illegal immigrants.

Luchino: Huh?  Ah.  I was just working hard at my racket as usual.  The cops usually take to the gifts, but something was different that time for whatever reason.

Gian: You’d normally have some blackmail on the cops’ uppers, wouldn’t you?

Luchino: Oh, did I have some.  Before I got thrown in here, I managed to get quite a few sacked.

“And even then you couldn’t look after yourself…” I start saying when bang! the bubble gum I’m blowing pops.  Luchino gives me the evil eye.

Luchino: It was probably a suggestion from the prosecutor’s office or the mayor … or perhaps the state governor.  It’s the thoughtlessness of those who don’t understand what Daivan would be like without us.

So stuff like this was happening while I was lazing about in here…?  Isn’t this a pretty bad situation for the CR:5?

Luchino: Burrowed underground, those filthy GD rats seem to have sunken their teeth into something as well.

It’s … not impossible…

I wonder if those GD bastards’re walking out in the open streets without a care in the world right now…?  Even I can tell this situation’s not in any way welcome.

Luchino: Gian, get going on those preparations.  I’m ready to go anytime.

Gian: Once I finish, I’ll let you know ASAP.

Feeling the pressure, I wave to Luchino as I leave the cafeteria behind.

…Now then, who to talk to next?







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