Lucky Dog 1 translations 03 Luchino Route 02

Part 1: Prison

Chapter 3

Visitor Visit 1

I thought it was strange for me to get a visitor, but when I ask who it is, turns out it’s some BOI (Bureau of Investigation) investigator.  Wait a sec, I don’t remember knowing anyone like that…

I’ve got no idea what he wants, so I decide to humor him and agree to a meeting.

…As I thought, I’ve never seen the guy before.

Homer: It is a pleasure to meet you, Giancarlo.  I am Investigator Homer.
Gian: Sure…  And what does a gentleman from the BOI want with me?
Homer: I came to question you about the prisoner who was in the cell next to yours before you made your last escape.
Gian: Hahaa…  Didn’t expect that.

After checking his ID, I take a seat and face Homer.

I remember the name of the guy who used to be next to me immediately, before I even take a look at the photo.

Homer: Answer honestly.  If you cooperate, we will compensate you accordingly.  What kind of a man was he?
Gian: A nasty creep.  He was bragging to anyone with ears that he’d raped six kids.
Homer: Do you know where the man is now?
Gian: After I broke out, several more deaths were linked to him, so he’s probably eating the death penalty now.  I heard rumors quite a while ago that he got moved to death row.  Is he still alive and kicking?
Homer: The day of his execution has been decided.
Gian: Hmm?  When?

After a bit of silence, he replied, “Four days from now.”  I engrave it into my memory so I don’t forget.

Gian: So, what’s this got to do with me?
Homer: He’s started to claim that if we don’t halt his sentence, innocent children will die.  He states he’s sent orders from within the prison to one of his lackeys.
Gian: Hah!  That’s just for show.  It’s all a lie – a big, fat lie.  There’s no way in hell he’s got any lackeys.
Homer: That is what I think as well.
Gian: Orders, my ass.  Every document going in and out is examined here.

…Well, that’s what I say, but truth is, if it’s possible to sneak a letter in secretly, then it’s possible to sneak one out.  The letter we got last time containing the Boss’s orders is proof of that.

But the inspections and checks at death row are much stricter than they are here.  About the only thing they can do if they want something is con a priest or minister into carrying something for them.

And even that wouldn’t work too many times.  There’s no way a BOI investigator wouldn’t know of this either.

Homer: That may be true, but … we can’t just leave the claim as is.  We have to look into it, just in case.
Homer: After some investigation, we discovered that when he’d been kept in the common prisoner wing, an infamous escape artist had been his next door neighbor.  And that, during that time period, this neighbor had escaped once.

I finally understand what he’s getting at.

Gian: …No way I’d play a mule for a dick like him!  I never got a letter or anything of the like from him.
Gian: ‘sides, you all know very well everyone thinks guys who rape and kill kids are the as scum of the pen.
Gian: Every one of us in here thinks guys like those are off in the head.  We have our ways.
Gian: Anyone who actually has a way to contact the outside wouldn’t lend a hand to him, ever.

Looking a bit relieved, Homer sighs.

Homer: Is that so.  We’ve already rounded up every last person who’s visited him.  If there isn’t anyone in the common prisoner wing who will cooperate with him, then his claim will have been false.
Gian: Just go and pop guys who rape and kill kids one in the head already!  It might be impossible in this state, but, personally, I’m all for turning him into a nice, black crisp by giving him a nice zap! in the chair.
Homer: I am in full agreement.

Homer suddenly stands and, leaves the visiting room without even a proper goodbye.

Maybe he’s got no further use with me now that I’ve agreed with him?  How rude.

I slowly ease myself out of the chair.  …That wasn’t what I’d anticipated at all.

But, I did manage to hear about the day of the execution from an unexpected source.  It’s actually just what I needed, something I’d been troubling over how to get my hands on.

Did I manage to keep up a good poker face…?

…I’d been originally thinking of going ahead with preparations for the other plan, but with this, this plan’s become more promising.  I’ll give Bernardo a quick update afterwards during dinner…

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