Lucky Dog 1 translations 03 Luchino Route 03

Part 1: Prison

Chapter 3

Day 3 Closing

It’s about time for roll-call again.

As I’m hurrying to my own cell, I bump right into Giulio.

Giulio: Good … night, Signor Gian.

He tries to pass on by with a small bow.  I quickly call after him.

Gian: Ah, hey!  Is it true you might get moved to another joint?

I have to check that info I heard in the morning.

Giulio: …That seems to be true.  I do not know the details.

I can’t tell if he’s docile or just quiet.  He should talk more.  Mm, it’d be problematic if he talks as much as Ivan, though.

Gian: Hm…?

Giulio’s fingers are always moving.  It’s like he’s fiddling with something in his hands, but there’s nothing but air there.

Gian: What’re you doing with your hands?

Giulio: …Oh … my apologies.  It is my habit.  From when I have my knife.

Giulio brings his hands in front of him.  When he does it like that, I get it.  It’s the movement you use to flick a butterfly knife open and close at will.


Gian: …Whoa there!

Some random guy crashes into me while we’re standing and talking.

Wow, and he glares daggers at me as he scats.  What a jerk.

…Aah, he’s … one of the Grave Digger hoodlums.

There should be a ceasefire between the GD and CR:5 in prison, so there should be minimal trouble here in lockup.  Maybe the commotion outside’s starting to affect them.  A sign of change, maybe?

Giulio:  …Excuse me.

With a whoosh, Giulio turns his back to me and walks away.  At some point in time, the fiddling in his hands’ve stopped.

Gian:  Later, Giulio.

…For some reason, it feels like I’d been talking to a wolf or something just now.

If I become boss, I’ll have a captain like him working under me…  It’s all so surreal…


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