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Part 1: Prison

Chapter 3ex

Luchino Visit 2


I figured I’d have a chat with Luchino, so I call him over to my room.


It’s Luchino who breaks the ice the moment we settle down.

luchiprison01 Luchino: I hear, outside, you’ve got your fingers stuck in some big pies here and there under Grandfather Cavalli’s orders.

That sure came out of nowhere. Big pies…? Jobs I did under Gramps? Mm…

Sometimes I’d tote his bags for him as he bustled about, and sometimes he’d ask me to crack open some big wig’s safe?

And sometimes, at the Boss’s behest, I’d slip past the bars and play messenger between the world inside and out? Whoo, no matter which you look at, they’re all small potatoes in a big ol’ captain’s eyes. …Is he pulling my leg?

luchiprison02 Luchino: If you pull off this job, your reputation as ‘Lucky Dog’ skyrockets.

Luchino keeps his eyes trained on my face as he says those words. Oh? That’s unexpected.

gianprison02 Gian: …
luchiprison02 Luchino: You’re the sole survivor of a bloodbath and the lil’ babe of the Elders and Boss with four successful escapes from the state’s top lockup. That’s more than enough to earn you the name Lucky Dog.

Oh my, you know so much about little ol’ me!

gianprison05 Gian: Who’d you hear ‘bout me from?
luchiprison02 Luchino: You’re quite the celebrity within these walls.
gianprison04 Gian: I have got four escapes under my belt, after all.
luchiprison02 Luchino: I’ve even heard that if a man’s getting released soon, he’ll come to shake your hand, hoping that your good luck will carry over past the bars.
gianprison07 Gian: One shake for one box of smokes!

I hold out my right hand. Luchino just laughs and shakes his head.

luchiprison02 Luchino: So it’s not true that you’re more than paltry dog tricks every now and then?
gianprison04 Gian: I’d really rather you not shorten it to just the ‘dog’ bit.


Though, I suppose he’s got some basis for calling me a “dog.”

After all, you could spin it pretty and say I’m part of the family’s task force, but spin it ugly and I’m just some thug on the street. Call me a made man, but I’m just a straw in a haystack of disposables.

Luchino, if I remember right, rose up to captain five years ago, where he now handles the black market trade in Daivan for the Boss. He’s in charge of the dope, the booze, the non-dope meds, and of course, the dealing of people, too. Guys and dolls both.

I’d kept an ear to the ground for rumors on a captain named Luchino, but the difference in rank was so great I’ve never had direct contact with him until now.
…Speaking of which…

gianprison05 Gian: Hey, so, way back when, I think I heard a rumor ‘bout you on the streets.

At this, Luchino looks at me with a “Hm?”

gianprison04 Gian: Remember Teresa from the Weathervane? You referred here there? Ginger. Man, she had a good figure, too.

Luchino puts some thought into it, but shakes his head in the end. Looks like she’s not ringing any bells.


The Weathervane’s a shop that focuses more on selling carnal goodies rather than alcohol. It’s basically a brothel. I remember I’d heard Luchino’s name on Teresa’s lips there.

gianprison07 Gian: She said you were her dream.
luchiprison02 Luchino: All the women fall for me.

…Point one for humility.

gianprison04 Gian: What was it again? She said ‘I’m no match for his dead beaut of a wife, but hopefully one day,’ or something like that—


‘Though, in the end, she got hitched with a guy she knew from way back…’ was what I couldn’t get out before I’d clamped my mouth shut. Luchino had suddenly slammed his foot down with a boom.

gianprison11 Gian: Huh? What’s up with you, all of a sudden?

A glare sharp as daggers. Instantly, it’s like my veins turned to stone.

gianprison29 Gian: What’s wrong?



Next instant, Luchino’s shoved me up against the wall.


Gian: Ngh … the fuck’s up with you?

I’m on tippy toes by the time he’s done pulling me up. I twist my face into a grimace.

Luchino: Now that I take a good look at you, you have quite the pretty face.

Luchino: If we get out… Boss? Oh, screw that. There’s a far more suitable business for you.

Luchino: Clean away the layer of grime, and I wouldn’t mind hiring you at one of my houses, mm?

His uncanny smile looms closer and closer. I stop breathing.

Luchino: That courtesan. Teresa, was it? I do so hope that you two are cut from the same cloth.

Gian: Huh…?

Luchino: Ginger and blond, side by side as a set. I’ll present you as ‘the beautiful sisters.’ Customers would pay big to see that.

Luchino’s lips curl upwards, but his eyes are entirely mirthless. Everything’s happening so suddenly, no words are coming to me.

Luchino: Ah, yes… Perhaps I’ll have you answer directly to me.

Luchino: Men aren’t my thing, but if all I’ve gotta do is make a hole hungry for me, then it’s a snap.

Normally, I would’ve bit his head off for that, but this time I keep quiet. Something’s off about Luchino’s expression.

Gian: Naw … I’ll, uh … pass on that…

Shit, did I fumble onto some kind of landmine…? Didn’t think he’d get this pissed.

With the overwhelming pressure pressing down on me, the most I could do was try to keep from hyperventilating.


The exchange ends just as suddenly as it had started. He tosses me to the side, and I hastily find a grip on the bed.

Luchino doesn’t say another word as he swivels around and stalks out of the cell.

…Now then, who to talk to next?







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