Lucky Dog 1 translations 03 Luchino Route 08

Part 1: Prison

Chapter 3

Day 5 Opening


Gian: As usual, food here sure sucks …

Flaky bread, tasteless soup.  I slurp as rudely and loudly as possible.

But it really is a boon that I don’t have to prepare my own food in here.  All I’ve gotta do is head to the cafeteria three times a day.

On one hand, there’s the bother of preparing my own meals every day.  On the other, the shittiness of the food here.  I’d always weighed the two on a mental scale and when I couldn’t stand the utter nastiness anymore, I‘d break out … or so it’s been up until now.

When we get to Daivan … no, before we get there … we’re going to have ourselves a feast.  All righty, I can feel the motors revving up now.  Yep.  After all, there’s gonna be four fat wallets to leech off of.








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