Lucky Dog 1 translations 03 Luchino Route 09

Part 1: Prison

Chapter 3

Luchino 3 Visit



Last time, I’d accidentally ticked off all the wrong boxes … I think.

Luchino: What do you want? You called me all the way here.

The Luchino who came after hearing the message I’d left is his usual self.


He comes up next to me and brutally tosses his tobacco – with still two-thirds left! – onto the floor and stomps it into oblivion.

gianprison06 Gian: Ack, what a waste! Treasure your smokes some more!

I cared more about that than that he’d tossed it on what was my floor, thank you very much.

luchiprison04 Luchino: Can’t stand that shit. Tastes like I’m inhaling smog. …What I wouldn’t give for a good roll…
gianprison01 Gian: Why don’t you just give the butt to someone else, then? There’s plenty of fellas out there who wouldn’t say no, me included…


Luchino: Hm? It’s right over there. Go pick it up, then.

With a snort, Luchino taps his foot on the stub.

He’s his usual haughty self, then…

gianprison04 Gian: I didn’t need you for anything in particular. Just figured I’d check up on you.


Luchino: Huh? What, then, the preparations are already done?

gianprison04 Gian: Mm, it’s coming together…


I bluff. I don’t feel like articulating everything out loud.

luchiprison01 Luchino: I just want to check one thing. How do you plan on transporting us to Daivan?

This looks like something that’s been on his mind for some time since he slumps slightly to look me straight in the eyes.

gianprison06 Gian: I’m having Bernardo take care of the details after we’re out. The plan’s to head to Daivan by car.


Luchino: I see… What I wouldn’t give for a real bath soon…

His eyes travel to the iron-barred window as he shrugs.

gianprison02 Gian: Some real food, too.


Luchino: First thing for you after we’re out is a bath. If the stench radiating from you gets any worse, you have crossed the line of inexcusability.


After that, we exchange a few meaningless platitudes before Luchino wanders out of the room on a whim.

gianprison01 Gian: …But do I really smell that bad?

I give my sleeve a few whiffs. I really do smell ripe. …But men shouldn’t be caring about little details like that anyways!

…Now then, who to talk to next?







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