Lucky Dog 1 translations 03 Luchino Route 12

Part 1: Prison

Chapter 3

Day 6 Opening


It’s getting tight…

If this week really is the deadline, then I’ll have to plan to finish everything today and tomorrow.  Can’t believe this.

Bernardo and I go our separate ways today.  I scarf everything down ASAP and leave … or at least, that’s what I’d planned to do when I noticed a very peculiar scene.

Ivan’s talking very familiarly with the other inmates.

No problem there, usually.  Problem comes when the guy he’s talking to happens to be someone I heard was one of the backbones of GD…

Gian: What’s he playing at…?

He’s not … turning on us, is he?

Though it’s not particularly because of what Giulio did earlier, recently the relations between the CR:5 and GD members have gotten pretty bad.

So what’s Ivan doing in the middle of all this, talking to them?

I stare at them from the corner of my eyes for a while, but then the GD guy stands, so I look back to my plate.

After a bit, someone walks up and stops beside me.

Ivan: …What the hell were you doing staring at us for?  We noticed.

I raise my head and look at Ivan suspiciously.

Gian: Wasn’t that a GD member?  You tight with him?

Ivan: You moron.  I’m following up for Bernardo.  He’s busy meeting his lawyer, so he couldn’t fit this in.

Ivan: You can’t trust Giulio or Luchino with this, after all.

Talking to the GD is following up for Bernardo?  Something you can’t trust Giulio or Luchino with?

I don’t get it.  When he realizes this, a condescending expression works its way onto Ivan’s face.

Ivan: Bringing the war into these walls too’d be bad for either gang.  It’ll just cause more trouble.  We’ve got a ceasefire in place, right?
Ivan: Well, that’s breaking down now ‘cause of what’s going on outside.  I’m patching things up so things don’t go south.
Ivan: Especially now…

He looks at me a little bitterly.  I understand a bit of what he’s getting at.

He’s saying that, because we’re about to bust out soon, we’ve got maintain the truce between us and the GD behind these walls.  It’d be super problematic if some weird obstacle pops up ‘cause of them.

Gian: Huh.  Bernardo’s taking care of that stuff, too?

I’d seen him keep an eye day after day on everything going on all over in and out of these walls, but I didn’t know he’d been taking care of this as well.

Ivan:  Heh … after we bust this joint, I wonder what his expression’s gonna be.  That’ll be a sight to see, hah.

Gian: What will be?

I don’t know what Ivan’s getting at, so I play honest and ask him.

Ivan: ‘course I’m talking about that fight two years ago.  Don’t tell me you don’t know about it?

Gian: Two years ago?  The joint was basically my home at that time.

I was really busy then, hopping in and out all the time…

Gian: The fireworks flashed between us and the GD around that time, right?

The fight two years ago was filled with guns going off in the middle of the city and innocent citizens getting into the whole mess.  There were deaths, too.  I’d heard that things’d gone fucking crazy outside.  Things were so peaceful here in these walls…

Ivan: The one who brokered the ceasefire two years ago was Bernardo.
Ivan: Won’t the fact that shit’s hit the fan outside mean … that it’s all his fault?  Hehehe.

Now that he mentions it, I may or may not have heard rumors that he’d acted as Boss’s representative to negotiate the truce with GD…

But hasn’t it only been two years since this guy’s entered the CR:5?  After all, that’s why he’s still called the new guy behind his back…

Yet, he knows quite a bit about this.

Ivan: I’m pretty sure Luchino has a few opinions here and there ‘bout what happened then, too…  Heh…

Smirking like some idea’s hooked his thoughts, Ivan stands and leaves.

The guy sure seems shallow as a sheet … but in reality he actually thinks things through.

I slump my shoulders right then and there.

Gian: Everything’s so complicated.

There’re events and expectations in and out of the family that I know nothing about.  A veritable mountain of ulterior motives.

I might not be able to stay ignorant of all of these things in the future…  Ugh, to tell the truth, it couldn’t get more annoying…









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