Lucky Dog 1 translations 03 Luchino Route 14

Part 1: Prison

Chapter 3

Prisoners Visit 4


I head over to Grampa Simon’s place.

Simon: What do you want this time?

gianprison32 Gian: Deliver a candle, matches, and a long string over to Room 16 on the first floor. And make sure he keeps them hidden from the hacks so they don’t find ‘em.

Simon: Yet another abrupt request, eh?

As he says this, Grampa Simon seems to know where I’m going with this and his face pulls down into a sullen frown.

Simon: Room 16, right? Is that what you’re going to use?

gianprison50 Gian: …It’s not really set in stone yet. I might not in the end.

Simon: Ack, do as you will. You’re a man that knows right from wrong.

gianprison46b Gian: I’ll treat it good.

With a shrug, Grampa Simon sets his chin in his palm.

Simon: And? In return for that request, what’s your reward for Mr. Room 16?

gianprison32 Gian: I’ll pass his request, word for word, over to Bernardo or Luchino. He’ll believe me better that way, too. Whether they assign him a good lawyer or some cash, they’ll manage it.

Simon: Hmph. And? What about my pay as middle man?

gianprison45 Gian: How ‘bout the hard cash from my nest egg?

I flip out the pockets I’d made, hidden on the inside of my pants, and pull out several dollar bills folded up tiny.

Simon: All right, I’ll take your request! “Candle, matches, and a long string” … right? What in the world would you need them for?

He makes a show of cocking his head, but it’s obvious to me he’s long seen past what their use is.

gianprison35b Gian: I’ll check on him myself when I get the chance to see if he’s received the goods, so you don’t have to do nothing, Gramps.

“Yeah, yeah,” nods Grampa Simon as he lightly waves his hand, chasing me off. With this, one hurdle is cleared.

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