Lucky Dog 1 translations 03 Luchino Route 17

Part 1: Prison

Chapter 3

Prisoners Visit 5


I spend about half a day’s time mingling with the other prisoners I know.

It’s so I can get as much info as possible on the night watch.

I want to know exactly what their schedule is – hour by hour, minute by minute.

gianprison04 Gian: If I remember right, the guards’ve got two shifts and a break in between. Given the warden headcount, the number of rounds’ll be…

The pen changes up their schedule frequently and irregularly so the prisoners don’t get a grasp of the schedule, but that doesn’t mean the times for their rounds are completely random.

I mumble the info I’d gathered to myself until, finally, I manage to parse out a pattern. It looks like they shift times over slightly based on the day of the week.

gianprison07 Gian: This’ll be good enough for a general prediction.

I rip up the paper I’d been making notes and calculations on and flush it down the toilet. So long as the info’s in my head, that’s enough.


…Now then, who to talk to next?






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