Lucky Dog 1 translations 04 Giulio Route 04

Part 2: Escape

Chapter 04


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…We hurry back to where we’d left the car.  We’re the last ones to arrive.  Everyone else’d already made it back.

We managed to gather armfuls of fruits and tubers, so we’ve at least got something to eat.

I suggest we leave the car there and head over to the cabin we’d just found.

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By the time the sun’s below the horizon, we’ve already reached the hut.

We wash our hands and face with the hand-pumped well behind the house and also quench our thirst to our heart’s desire.  I feel refreshed.  Now we won’t have to worry about drinking water anymore…


Now that we’re in a better mood, we scour through the small house.

There’s no furniture, just an empty house.  Doesn’t feel like anyone’s visited in a long time.  Spider webs all over the place.

Still, there’s some broken down mini-machetes in the corner, along with some men’s clothing that stink of mold.

There’s some smoking equipment and woodchips, too, but they’re of no use to us now.

The place looks like a hut that was used on-off by a hunter, or at least someone interested in hunting.  And it looks like it’s currently off-season.

Luchino: …Is there anything else?
Giulio: There is a flashlight hidden by the wooden beam.
Gian: Whoohoo, it’s our lucky day!  It still have some juice left?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any food stores, but we can still make a dinner out of the boon of the mountain we’d been collecting.  We had some chocolate in the morning, too, so we’ll just have to bear with what we’ve got.

We set night shifts and decide to keep watch the entire night…


After the truly miserable entree of mountain taters, we separate and do whatever we want near the cabin until tomorrow morning rolls by.

A half-moon hangs in the night sky.  It’s light enough so I can walk without tripping, but there’s nothing to do right now other than rest up.

To catch up on lost sleep, everyone other than the current watch is sprawled out over the cabin floor.

Even without a fire, the inside of the hut isn’t cold.  There’s nothing to sleep on, but, oddly enough, it feels better than the cell.

I hear the sound of bodies stirring continuously.

I can only turn restlessly as well.  Even though sleepiness had been running rampant all day, no one’s nodding off straight away, probably because of anxiety.

The door opens quietly and the first watch, Bernardo, enters.

Bernardo: …Giulio, you’re next.

Giulio: Understood.

Has that much time passed already…?  Perhaps the thought flits across everyone else’s mind, too, because when Bernardo lies down on the floor, it’s quieter in the hut than before.

View this scene if Ivan Affection < 5 and if Bernardo Affection > 3.  Obtain Bernardo-Pre-H Flag.

I’m dead tired, but it doesn’t feel like I can drop straight off to la la land…

Now that it’s quiet, the rustling of the trees outside is unexpectedly loud.  There’s a slight breeze blowing outside.

I lay curled on my side, still in the dark as my eyes slowly got used to the lack of light.

The moonlight peeking through the window gives my eyes a harsh beating as I lie on the ground.  Curious if I can hear Giulio’s footsteps, I reach out with my ears, but it’s a no-go.

I can hear Luchino’s breaths steadying down into sleep from the corner on the other side of the hut.  It’s not a deep sleep, though.  Wonder if he’s just faking it.

Bernardo’s closer to me, but perhaps it’s because his back’s facing me, I can’t really hear his breathing at all.  I can’t tell if he’s awake or asleep.

Mm, and the one all the way on the other end … ‘s been rustling about and making a ruckus for a while now…

Ivan, the doofus, keeps shifting around.

The hell is he doing?  Pipe down over there!  I start getting annoyed.  Naturally, all the nerves in my ear concentrate on Ivan.

I hear steady stirring.

…It’s not long before I figure out the reason behind the slowly accelerating sound of something rubbing another.

Ivan: …Haa…  Nn…

Ivan the bastard…  He’s jerking off.

In the darkness, I pull my lips back and bare my teeth with displeasure before I realize it.

…I get what it’s like – both the horniness and the relief from getting out of jail.  I mean, I’ve got a lot dammed up, too.  I even explained all this earlier in the day.  But…

…if you’re gonna do it, do it so no one notices!!

Ivan: …Ah … ngh…  Gh…

I don’t want to know when others are making merry with themselves…  I shut my eyes tight and stick my fingers in my ears to pass the time.

After a while, I pull my fingers out.  He’s probably done by now.

…But, oh unlucky of unlucky, I do it just as he’s climaxing.

Ivan: Mgh…!  Haaaghaa…!!  …Haa…

Some groaning, and I hear the sound of rustling around as he finishes the job.  And then I feel Ivan stop moving…

‘Finish up and get to sleep already,’ I snap and curse in my mind.

Ivan: …Ghaaa…  Ghuaaaao…

…And now snoring?!  Is it your hobby wreaking havoc on other’s shuteye time?!

God, you won’t punish me if I gag him, will you?!

I grope around the floor nearby for something to throw at Ivan.

Behind me, my hand hits someone’s body.  There wasn’t anyone there earlier, though.

Bernardo: …It’s me.

Bernardo whispers this from right behind me.  It looks like he’d moved up while I’d been covering my ears.

I tilt my head in his direction and ask him in a hush-hush voice that gets lost in Ivan’s snores.

Gian: …Him earlier?
Bernardo: …He’s young, after all.

It looks like Bernardo couldn’t sleep because of Ivan’s “business” either.

Gian: …What’s wrong?

I’m referring to the reason behind his change of location.

Bernardo: I thought maybe we’d talk a little, and it looks like Luchino’s fallen asleep.

I focus on my ears and hear even more even, calm breaths than before coming from Luchino’s direction in the corner.  At some point in time, he must’ve drifted off.

Ivan: Gaaaah … ghaa…  Nngh…  Gaaaaah…

That aside, though, damn it, Ivan!  Your snoring’s fucking loud!

Now then.  Talk … eh.

I try to turn over to face Bernardo, but Bernardo’s hand falls on my shoulder, stopping me.

Bernardo: Keep facing that way.

I hear Bernardo scooting closer.  I feel Bernardo’s chest up against my back behind me.

Bernardo: This way, we’ll hear each other better…  Also, it is a tad cold.

We lay there on the floor, side by side with him, taller than me, up against my back.

It’s true my back’s gotten a bit warmer…  I’m kind of thankful.  And since Bernardo’s whisper’s just by my ear, I can hear him really well.

But this way … wouldn’t he have a hard time hearing me?

Bernardo: You’re warm.

Just as he says this, Bernardo’s arms move around my waist so that he’s practically embracing me.

Weren’t … we gonna talk?  But Bernardo stays silent as he holds onto me.

I think about turning just my head around, but I can feel the back of my skull, just where it meets neck, hitting Bernardo’s nose.

…Aren’t we … getting a bit close here?  Bernardo’s warmth seeps into me.

Gian: Hey…  Hello?!

It’s a strange feeling, his warm breath creeping down my neck.  I lightly jab his stomach with my elbow.

But still he doesn’t let go.  Quite the contrary.  I feel the arms around me wrap tighter.

It’s not like I’m uncomfortable … but being a snuggle blanket for another guy is not one of my hobbies.  A troubled feeling fills my mind.

If Ivan or Luchino or Giulio sees us and says something, it’ll cause problems.

I send feelers out, desperately trying to catch the sounds of Ivan’s snoring and Luchino’s sleepy breaths.  They look like they’re asleep for now, but I can’t let my guard down.

I swivel my eyes towards the window the moon’s lazily illuminating.  Can’t have Giulio standing out on guard randomly looking in and seeing us.

Bernardo: Good night…

With a satisfied whisper, Bernardo’s breathing slowly becomes overcome with sleep.

Whoa, hey there.  He seriously nodded off on me.

I mentally heave a relieved sigh as I relax.

It’s been a while since I’ve felt anyone else’s body warmth, and it’s comfortable … so … even if I don’t really want to acknowledge it … my bottom half’s reacting just a tad.

I can’t help it.  It’s been a while.  …It’s only from a little warmth, so I’m not even half-stiff.  Guys aren’t my thing.

Thank god things blew by without anyone noticing…

Guess I can’t make fun of Ivan now…  With the thought in mind, I quietly slip out of Bernardo’s arms.

I quietly stand up and head for the door.

…Let’s get outside and let it all go in one shot.

View this scene if Bernardo Affection < 5.  Get Giulio H 1 Flag and -5 Luck.


Giulio: Signor Gian…?

Gian: …I’ll be back in a bit.

I give some excuse to Giulio standing watch and quickly scamper away from the cabin…


As I’m moving away from the cabin looking for any old place to hide out, I come upon the Alfa Romeo we’d hid in the brush earlier.

I turn around.  I can’t see the cabin at all.  If I go any further, I’m not too confident I’ll find the way back.

Gian: Ground or seat?  Guess there’s no competition there…

A self-deprecating whisper later, I approach the red car and climb into the seat.

I pull down my pants past my ass and expose the slightly warm organ.

I release a breath at the feeling of the cool night air.

A breath, and I take it in both hands.  Slowly, I start stroking it.

The cushion on the seat’s comfortable.  Plus, it’s been months and months since I’ve been alone without a soul around me.  It’s been a while since I’ve jerked myself off in the first place.

Gian: … Aah, it’s been a while…

As I boldly move my hand, it quickly grows.  A numbing pleasure creeps into my spine.

Gian: …Mm … haa … haa … aah…

Precum starts dribbling everywhere quicker than I thought it would.  The warmth starts seeping in with the movement of my hands without me noticing as I continue to rhythmically stroke myself.

The job’s got my mind completely occupied … so I don’t notice when someone starts approaching.

My ears that’d forgotten to pay attention to my surroundings suddenly pick up the sound of dried branches snapping.

My whole body jolts as I throw my head up.

…There, standing right by the car, is Giulio.

Gian: …Wha— …When’d you…?!

I sit up to try and hide my crotch out of embarrassment.

There’s no way I can hide my penis, fuming and raging.  With nothing better to do, my hand stays on it as I awkwardly look up at Giulio’s face.

Gian: …W-What happened to watch…?

Giulio: … Signor Gian’s behavior was concerning, so…

Gian: So … you followed me?

Giulio: Yes…

I’m shocked.  I have only myself to blame for being careless.  But, at the same time something in me relaxes.

Guys jerking off in front of each other isn’t anything to feel guilty about.  It’s just … the thought of him watching from the very start gives me the creeps…

Gian: …Just head on back already!  Like, right now.

My cheeks feel a bit hot.  Giulio’s not budging, so I’m stuck in this pathetic pose with my hand over my junk, and it’s making it all the worse.

Gian: Can’t you tell?  I’m not done here yet.

Just how long’s he gonna stand there staring like he’s never seen it before?  Giulio stays rooted in his spot, leaving me with a well of trouble.

Gian: What, you like peeping at stuff like this?

I can’t find any words, so the ones I do say suddenly come out peevish.

Giulio: Like…?  …Perhaps…

Just how long’s he want me staying in this position?

Giulio: …Earlier … you … and Bernardo…

My eyebrows scrunch at his sudden words.

Gian: Eh?

Giulio: You were sleeping close together, correct?

So he saw through the window?  It’s a shocker, but it’s not like we were doing anything worth a guilty conscience.

Gian: So … so what?

Perhaps because he’s noticed my irritated expression, but Giulio just gives a small nod, as though to urge me on.

Giulio: …It is nothing.  …Please, continue.

Gian: What?!  ‘Continue’?!  You serious?

I am not a fan of voyeurism.

But, even after all this time, my dick still hasn’t gone down any.  It’s because I’ve got quite a bit backed up.  Unless I finish the job, it’s not going down.

…Aagh, jeez.  See if I give a shit!

Gian: Stupid idiot…

I give in.  I wipe Giulio’s presence from my mind as I start moving my hands again.

Gian: Nngh…

…This thing’s not going away just from being stared at!  I’m gonna finish it all off in one go, nice and refreshed!  And then I’ll go and sleep!

Besides, even with Giulio watching and all, he doesn’t seem the kind of guy to blab about it to the others later on.

Gian: Ngh…  Haa…

He’s probably gonna get uncomfortable halfway through and leave on his own anyways.  I start up again and my right hand starts stroking to an unheard beat.

Suddenly, Giulio moves forward and peers over at my crotch.

Gian: What?  …Ngh…

I close my eyes and concentrate on the movements of my hands.

Giulio:  Does … that feel good…?

Irritation and embarrassment well up.  In the end, I ignore him.

I purposely give my base small scratches, and the assaulting pleasure – all too strong – chases away Giulio’s voice.

Just to give a show, I do it rough.  I move my hands dirtier than I usually go.  The quicker I get this over with, the better I’ll feel.

Gian: …Ah … what … are you…?


Giulio shines the flashlight on my penis, lighting it up.

The juices’ve spread everywhere, so both my dick and my hands shine under the light.

Giulio: It is wet…

Gian: No need to say it.

Giulio: It … is twitching…

Giulio’s gaping at my crotch like he’s a kid at a zoo marveling at some animal he’s never seen before.  A strange excitement skitters under my skin.

My tip straining against its skin.  The underside which I can’t see.  Even my sacks underneath.  He’s examining it all.  They’re illuminated unusually bright…

Gian: How long … you plan on … looking?

Giulio: …So beautiful…

Without stopping my hands, I shake my head in place of using my voice.  What crap is he saying…

For some reason, I feel like Giulio’s voice is higher than usual.

Gian: Don’t you … feel uncomfortable…?  Ngh…

I can’t stop my hands.  I throw myself into stroking my hot, hard, swelling self.

Despite the situation, I’m on the fast track for the climax.  I grind my molars at the pleasure gradually welling up at my waist, and for a while I’m just barely on this end of jazzing off.

Gian: I just … haven’t done this in a while…

The excuse suddenly spills from my mouth.  When I think about Giulio seeing the moment I cum, a seed of rebellion forms … and even more bliss stemming from the wrongness of it all douses my entire body.  Should I just fuck it all and just cum?  Or should I hold it in?

Gian: …Back … off…

It’s not long before the overwhelming lust wins.

Gian: Aah … ah…  I-I’m…!


The moment I ejaculate … a pleasure far greater than I’d imagined pushes my back down tight against the car seat.

A whole lot of juice spurts out.  On and off.  Again and again.  The hot, cloudy liquid covers my hands before trickling off.

Gian: …Mm … nnhah … haa…

It’s been a long time, so it’s not stopping…

Giulio: So much … is coming out…

Giulio’s voice, entranced and drunk, reaches my ears.

I choke out pant after pant as my entire body falls slack.

Gian: All right … already.  Get back to … your watch…  What’re you gonna do if you run outta batteries?

Giulio, with a regretful expression on his face, turns off the flashlight.


I shoo away the sleepiness that’s suddenly decided to launch a sneak attack on me as I flick my dirty hand, trying to get Giulio to go.  I have to do it twice before Giulio obediently leaves.

Gian: …Aagh … the hell was that?

I sit there in the dark, alone, trying to get my breaths in order.

Aagh, I don’t wanna do anything, but I guess I’ve gotta make my way back and at least wash my hand under the pump…

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