Lucky Dog 1 translations 04 Ivan Route 03

Part 2: Escape

Chapter 4

Scavenging Fun


Dusk’s approaching, but we still have to drive further into the forest to hide the car.

Other than stopping for bathroom breaks several times, we trudge along in the car without stopping.  Perhaps it’s because of the path we’d chosen, but we haven’t seen a single house nor a place that even remotely resembles a shelter.

We pass by countless forks, the ones that are drawn on the map, and currently we’re wearing our treads down over unmarked paths.

Thanks to the map, we know where we are.  Well, not exactly, but we’ve got a general idea.  If we just continue on like this, we’ll pull through this patch of forest, no problem, and arrive at our destination, the patch of farmland to the north of the woods.

Gian: Hey, Luchino, don’t fall asleep!
Luchino: I was just daydreaming a little…

Umm, no.  I saw your consciousness merrily drifting off on a rowboat down the stream.  You were the one who’d whapped Ivan awake from behind when he’d been the first to drop, too!

All through the day, the only water we’d put into our systems’d been that mouthful of whisky in the morning.  The thirst is starting to transform into fatigue.  If we could collect some dew somewhere, then at the very least we could wet our tongues…

Giulio: The sun … should be setting, yet the sky … feels brighter than before…

I think Giulio’s trying to say that the branches above us are gradually getting thinner and thinner.  It’s probably because we’ve passed the center of the forest and are now working towards the other side.

Bernardo: If we leave the woods, there’ll be nowhere to hide the car.  Should we stop now?  There’s only two units of gas left either way.


We pull the car into the next side road we happen upon.  It’s one of the unmarked forest paths not on the map.  We grab some random bushes by the side of the road and stuff them around the butt of the car to hide it.

All of us jump off the car and breathe a sigh.  …Solid ground feels so nice.

The forest path stops just ahead and dissolves into a mere animal trail.

I keep saying “forest,” but it’s more like an ordinary uncultivated patch of woodland, so the trees aren’t very thick.

Ivan: Let’s split up here and look for water.

Giulio: It would be best if we could find a spring…

Gian: We should find a place to get some shuteye for the night, too.

Bernardo: If we don’t, we’ll be camping on bare ground tonight.

Shoulders slumped, Bernardo’s chuckling a bit … but the exhaustion is heavy on his face.

Luchino also seems to have noticed Bernardo’s condition and says,

Luchino: Bernardo, why don’t you take a rest?  You must be pretty worn out from all that driving.
Bernardo: No … I’ll be fine.

Bernardo fixes his glasses and shakes his head irritably.

I agree with Luchino and press the point some more.

Gian: ‘Fine?’  You don’t look the part, Bernardo.

Bernardo: …

I ignore the sullen glare he sends my way telling me to be quiet, and continue.  Logic is the best way to go here.

Gian: If you’re going to hold that steering wheel tomorrow, get some rest.  We were just along for the ride, so we’ve got energy to burn.
Luchino: He’s right, Bernardo.  We’ll be taking turns keeping watch tonight as well, so it’ll be a big help down the line if you take a breather first.

With this, Bernardo finally seems convinced.

Bernardo: …Then I’ll take you on your word and rest ahead of you…

Bernardo slumps down on the hood with a deep sigh.  He pulls a cigarette from his pocket and slowly lights it.

Gian: Then let’s go look for water and anything that might be useful.  Hm, why don’t we all split up?

Ivan: Yeah, my throat’s completely dried out…

Giulio: If we find something, we should return here, then?

Luchino: Let’s assemble here before sundown.

We leave Bernardo and the car behind as we start exploring the area around us.


Gian: Now then…

There’s relatively few weeds around here.  Even if I stray off the trail, it looks like it’ll make for a pretty easy walk.

Which way should I head…?  But by the time I look around me, the other three’ve already scattered and gone their own way.

Luchino’s to my right.  Giulio and Ivan to my left.

Luchino’s back disappears into the trees in an instant.  His stride’s so huge.  Good to know he has so much energy left…

I turn the other way, towards where Giulio and Ivan disappeared off to.  The two of them are each just about to enter the bushes from different spots.

After a bit of thinking, I decide to chase after them.

I’ll just catch up to one of them and pull up some small talk.  Walking alone is boring anyways.

I give a wave to Bernardo, who’s lying back on the backseat of the car, before dashing to the left the next moment.

I can’t see Luchino anymore.  I can chase up to either Giulio or Ivan … perhaps?

Stepping over withered leaves and branches, I chase after Ivan.

Is it just me, or is he moving faster than before…?  He’s not doing that on purpose because he noticed me, is he?

Of course, I take even larger steps than before and hurry even faster, catching up to Ivan.

I good-naturedly pat Ivan on the back when he reluctantly turns around.

Gian: Come on, let’s get going.
Ivan: Wha?
Gian: I’m just worried about you getting lost.

Ivan: Like I would, stupid.

I chuckle and match strides with the angry Ivan.

Gian: Man, I’m parched.
Ivan: Does stating the obvious make you happy?
Gian: Come on, man.  That was the perfect conversation starter for, ‘Let’s go look for water, then!’  Keep up with me.  Cooperation is an important skill in life.
Ivan: I fucking hate being led on like that!

He’s so troublesome…

I give up on playing conversation catchball, and the two of us walk further into the woods, side by side.

We tear off fruits and shoots that look edible and stuff them into our pockets.  Don’t know if they actually are edible, though.

As we go along, I find grass sprouts or tree sprouts with dew left behind near their roots.  I suck the drops off.

Ivan: …What’re you doing?

Gian: Drinking the dew off the grass.  It’s not enough to keep me going, but my tongue’s dry.

Ivan: Then stop talking about nothing.

Huh, he says some sensible stuff sometimes.

We come upon a little clearing.  Ivan stops and glances around.

Ivan: If I remember right … the map says there isn’t a river until we get to the farms up north.
Ivan: But if there’s a forest like this, there should be at least a creek or something, I think…
Gian: You say some pretty smart stuff sometimes.

I suddenly blurt out my true feelings.

Ivan: Aagh, Jeezus!!  Don’t follow me!  Do something else!  Go!

Ivan yells at me with a wide-eyed glare.

…It’s pretty fun making him mad.

Gian: Aawww, don’t take it seriously.  It just slipped out.  I’m sowwy.
Ivan: …Tsk…  You get too stubborn and I’m gonna give the order, bastard.  Don’t forget I’m currently standing above you!
Gian: Please don’t, that’s called overreacting…

If he pulls rank on me, it’s not gonna be a happy situation for me.  I wave my hands frantically and take a step away from Ivan.

Ivan suddenly jumps and stiffens.  …There’s a sound, somewhere ahead of us, causing the birds to suddenly take off.

Ivan: …Was that … a bear?

There shouldn’t be any bears around here.  But, I’ll keep my mouth shut on that.

Gian: Might be.
Ivan: R-Really?

I think he really thinks it’s a bear.  This is awesome.

Gian: We might’ve wandered into its territory without knowing it and made it mad!
Ivan: Wha—

The thicket of bushes to the right shakes.  Just as it catches our attention, there’s more rustling, and larger ones than before.  It’s getting closer.

I grasp Ivan’s wrist tight.

Gian: If we don’t move and stay still, we’ll be fine.  …Judging from the sound of it, it might be a cub…
Ivan: Tsk…!
Gian: Don’t breathe so loudly.  Its parents might be nearby.  Maybe they’re especially alert ‘cause they’ve got a kid along…

The shaking gets even closer than before.

Impatient, Ivan tries to shake me off his wrist.

Ivan: L-Let go!

This is fun, so of course I don’t let go.

Ivan’s beet-red and completely panicking.

Ivan: …Let go…!  I’m ordering you!  Lemme go!  Gian!


Giulio: …Signor Gian?

Giulio pops out from between the parted bushes.  …Of course it’s no bear.

Gian: Hey, Giulio!

I let go of Ivan’s wrist.

Ivan: …!!

Giulio glances between Ivan, who’s still shuddering from the excitement, and me, who’s smirking my head off.

Giulio: Did something happen?

Gian: Nope, not really.  How ‘bout you, Giulio?

Giulio: I discovered a small cabin that way.  There was also a well.  It … appears usable.

That takes me by surprise.

Gian: Really?
Ivan: Nice going, Giulio!

Ivan shouts in excitement, like he’s completely forgotten what just happened.


The sun is starting to set.  For now, we quickly make our way back to the car.

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