Lucky Dog 1 translations 04 Ivan Route 04

Part 2: Escape

Chapter 04

Night Activities

This chapter is not work-safe!!

We all leave the car behind and head over to the mountain hut that Giulio’d spotted.  We also gathered edible-looking stuff like fruits and tubers.


By the time the sun’s below the horizon, we’ve already reached the hut.

We wash our hands and face with the hand-pumped well behind the house and also quench our thirst to our heart’s desire.  I feel refreshed.  Now we won’t have to worry about drinking water anymore…


Now that we’re in a better mood, we scour through the small house.

There’s no furniture, just an empty house.  Doesn’t feel like anyone’s visited in a long time.  Spider webs all over the place.

Still, there’s some broken down mini-machetes in the corner, along with some men’s clothing that stink of mold.

There’s some smoking equipment and woodchips, too, but they’re of no use to us now.

The place looks like a hut that was used on-off by a hunter, or at least someone interested in hunting.  And it looks like it’s currently off-season.

Luchino: …Is there anything else?
Giulio: There is a flashlight hidden by the wooden beam.
Gian: Whoohoo, it’s our lucky day!  It still have some juice left?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any food stores, but we can still make a dinner out of the boon of the mountain we’d been collecting.  We had some chocolate in the morning, too, so we’ll just have to bear with what we’ve got.

We set night shifts and decide to keep watch the entire night…


After the truly miserable entree of mountain taters, we separate and do whatever we want near the cabin until tomorrow morning rolls by.

A half-moon hangs in the night sky.  It’s light enough so I can walk without tripping, but there’s nothing to do right now other than rest up.

To catch up on lost sleep, everyone other than the current watch is sprawled out over the cabin floor.

Even without a fire, the inside of the hut isn’t cold.  There’s nothing to sleep on, but, oddly enough, it feels better than the cell.

I hear the sound of bodies stirring continuously.

I can only turn restlessly as well.  Even though sleepiness had been running rampant all day, no one’s nodding off straight away, probably because of anxiety.

The door opens quietly and the first watch, Bernardo, enters.

Bernardo: …Giulio, you’re next.

Giulio: Understood.

Has that much time passed already…?  Perhaps the thought flits across everyone else’s mind, too, because when Bernardo lies down on the floor, it’s quieter in the hut than before.

View this scene if Ivan Affection > 5.  Obtain Ivan-H 1 Flag, -5 Luck.

… I fall into the world of dreams and spend a few hours there.

I feel a light kick jerk me back to reality.

I don’t have to look to know it’s Ivan.

Before I’d fallen asleep, he’d said to me quietly, “There’s something we need to talk about, alone…”

The time between the silent kicks grows shorter and shorter.  He probably plans to continue jabbing me until I get up.

I give up on ignoring him and sluggishly pull myself up…


When we step out, Giulio, who’s standing on watch nearby, turns to us.  When he notices I’m with Ivan, his expression turns suspicious.

Ivan: You’re off.

Ivan’s watch is after Giulio’s.

Giulio: It is still … slightly early.  And why is Signor Gian…?

Ivan: Just go!

Gian: it’s the little boy’s room for me.

Ivan snatches the flashlight from Giulio and shoos him into the hut.

Ivan: …Come.

He strides away after giving the command.

Gian: But you’re the watch.  …You fine with that?
Ivan: Just obey me already.

With a high-pressure attitude like that, the only thing I can do is sigh and follow along.

Ivan stops in his tracks when the thicket starts hiding the cabin.  He grabs my arm and his eyes focus on me.

Ivan: …Kneel.  Over there.
Gian: No way.

I immediately reply as casually as I usually do, but Ivan’s expression tightens.

Ivan: Kneel!!  …This is an order.

Ivan: Ivan Fiore’s orders.  Giancarlo Bourbon del Monte, kneel down over there!

…Is he serious?

The moment he brings up the code, I sense just how serious Ivan is.

I bend over and unhesitatingly kneel on the floor.

In the family, obeying those higher in rank is absolute.  If someone higher in rank than you says, “Grovel on the floor and bark like a dog!” then you bark.  If they tell you to die, then you’ve gotta rollover and die.

Of course, if the order’s too unreasonable, then the person who gave the order is called into question.  That’s why it’s actually impossible to give impossible orders.

But, “kneel” isn’t the kind of command that’d show he’s incapable of leading … so I can’t disobey it.  Kneeling and bowing with your head down to the ground is basic proof of your obedience.

Ivan: That’s right.  Finally remember where you belong?

I respond with as rebellious a glare as I can muster.

Ivan’s lips twist, like he’s enjoying this.  He knows he stands above me in rank.

Ivan: I won’t tell you to suck up to me.  No, you’re going to show me that with your actions.

As he says this, he fiddles with the front of his pants and takes a step closer to me.

‘Is he going to…?’ I think, and I’m right.

Ivan loosens the front of his pants and, from inside, pulls out his still-soft penis with a flop.

Ivan: Suck me off.  You’re the bitch here.

The dick he’d pulled out approaches my face.

I give in to my desire to turn away, but I vaguely know where he’s heading with this.

If we get back to Daivan safe and sound, I’m the boss.  Before that happens, he wants to lord over me as humiliatingly as possible.

He wants to create some influence over me.  This way, at least in the future he can mock me with a, “Remember that time you sucked me off?”

Ivan: I haven’t gotten any in a while, and you’re here to relieve me.

Ivan takes another half-step towards me.  Someone else’s crotch’s right in my face.  I want to get it out of my sight, but no can do.

Ivan: What’s wrong?  You look like you don’t want to.

The wad of Ivan’s malice and desire for control whams into me.

I think over my possible actions.

Punch him.  Apologize and say, “I can’t.”  Run.

…None of my options are good.  I can’t go with any of them.

Gian: You telling me to ‘service you’ with my mouth…?

Ivan: That’s right.  Guys do it to get off.  You’ve got experience in prison, don’t you?

No, not at all.  Not once.

If you say you think blowjobs are nasty, no one’s gonna try and get their dick near you.

But with one within breathing distance of my face, words are cheaper than pennies.

Ivan: What, can’t do it?  I’ll let you off if you bow down and beg for forgiveness.

Totally gloating, he waves his junk in my face.

I don’t like that victorious look in his eyes.  I mean, this is Ivan we’re talking about here!

My anger starts bubbling.  Several curses float to the front of my mind … but I leave myself to my impulses and move.

I grab Ivan’s limp penis at the base.

Ivan: …Wha?!

He lets out a pathetic cry.  He probably thinks I’m gonna crush it.

I ignore him and open my mouth, leaning towards the droopy thing.

I give him a good, long lick.

Ivan: You … serious…?

Fuck.  …This is nasty.  It tastes horrible!

Gian: …Ngh…

I make my decision while he’s off-balance and I swallow up about half the length.  His tip jumps in my mouth.

Guh…  It’s fucking musty…  To erase the spreading taste and sharp realization of what I’m actually doing from my mind, I recklessly move my tongue in my mouth.

Ivan: Ah … uagh!  H-Hey?!

What, you thought I’d actually bow down to you?  As I lick around him, I feel victorious, just for a moment.

Gian: Guh … ngh.  Hah…

I push back my disgust.  When I give him a strong suck, I feel him grow even harder than before.  I move the hand that’s holding his base furiously.

Ivan: …Ngh…  Shit, you’re goo-ah…

He raises his voice in a weird hitch.

I may as well go all the way.  I run my tongue over the veins bulging out and thoroughly coat them with spit.

It’s mostly distress driving me by now, but I plan to see this thing through to the end.

This isn’t “service.”  It’s war.  I’ll make you cum and then I’ll laugh in your face ‘cause you couldn’t handle it…!

I purse my lips and start bobbing my head forward and back.  When I do this, Ivan starts moaning uncontrollably.

Ivan: Aaah, you … fucking … bitch…

Gian: Fwut uff, you ffervert.

If he were just a little shorter, I could make fun of him better … but my cheeks are full.  It’s not huge, though.

It’s grown big and I want to take my mouth off, but I just want to get it over with ASAP, so I keep at it.

Gian: Ngh, how … do you like… …Ngh…

Ivan: Uuh … kuh!  Fuck!

Ivan grabs the back of my head and shoves me towards his crotch.

The tip suddenly enters my throat and I feel the urge to hurl.

Gian: …Ngh, guh…  Mngh…

I feel tears welling up at the corner of my eyes at the pain.  It’d be awful if he thinks I’m crying.  I pray he doesn’t notice.

I feel the pulse in Ivan’s penis quicken and the heat grow directly through my mouth.

The pulsating’s gotten pretty strong now.  Maybe it’s almost time…?

I desperately wriggle my tongue around, my eyes climb up, and…

Ivan: Ah … G-Gian…

Ivan’s flushed red.  He’s gone mad with lust, and looks down at me with wet eyes.

It strangely turns me on…

Gian: …Ngh, haa…

Without thinking, I gently bite his shaft.  In the next instance, his penis jumps in my mouth.

Ivan: …I-I’m cumming…!  Agh!

Gian: Ah…!  Ngh!

Stinky, heated fluid gushes out.  It forcefully spits out several sputters that spray all over me.


Half of it splatters on my face…  I wipe my stained mouth and stand.

I spit out the remaining grassy-smelling liquid from my mouth towards my feet.

Ivan’s looking at me somewhat dazedly, with his softening dick dangling out.

Ivan: You … actually…
Gian: Hmph, you fuc-cough!  Cough!

Just when I was thinking of insulting him, I cough.

I can feel Ivan’s semen clotting in the back of my throat, and it’s making me dizzy.

Gian: …You fucking early bird.  Couldn’t handle it, huh?  I’ll be collecting on this favor someday!  You remember that…

I set off alone.  I head for the well in the back.

I don’t know if Ivan’s shocked or what, but he doesn’t follow.

Gian: Fuck…

I tripped over the most important words.  How uncool.  I’d wanted to insult him to hell and back, too.

And all this after I offered up my mouth virginity to him, too!  It should’ve been my complete and utter victory … but now it just feels like a draw.

I kick a nearby tree.  It doesn’t help relieve my lingering frustration.

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