Lucky Dog 1 translations 05 Giulio Route 01

Part 2: Escape

Chapter 5

Woman Sighted?

This scene is … kinda sorta not safe for work…  Maybe.

We’d drawn lots to decide the order of our watch, and I’m after Luchino.  In other words, dead last.

Standing outside the cabin, I gaze at the pale haze of the night brightening.

Gian: It’s been 24 hours since our escape…

That means I haven’t seen anyone but these four for about 24 hours.  I can’t tell if it’s made us tighter or driven us apart…

No freaking clue.


Before the sunlight can start warming me up, I fix my getup.

We’ve gotta get moving, or at least get some supplies.

Gian: Think we should erase the evidence that we’d stayed here?
Luchino: We probably can’t get rid of every last bit of evidence.  Just leave it.
Gian: Yeah, you’re probably right…

We examine the map for a while, but in the end we decide to leave the car behind for now.

If we follow the trail out of the woods, then we’ll reach the closest settlement.  It’s also the long way around to the town up north.  Even if we head towards the other towns, there’s the question of gasoline.

We leave the woods through the north on foot.

We come out on a gentle slope.  Our view opens wide in an instant.

We see the village standing closer than we’d thought.  It doesn’t even look like it’ll take an hour to get there by foot…

Bernardo: Why don’t we walk there and scout it out?

Ivan jabs a finger towards our place on the map.

Ivan: Bowick Village…?  … Sounds like a dreary place.
Gian: Can we even get gas there?
Giulio: …Shall we go?

We keep with the bushes to avoid being seen and start on our way to Bowick Village.


…A great big wheat field spreads out before us.  Bowick Village looks like it’s smack dab in the center of it.

When we reach the outskirts of the village, we hunch over to avoid being caught and questioned as we cut through the field.

Not even twenty roofs stand in this freakishly open farmland.

There’s a small open square at the center of the village, which seems to be a common thing with rural places.  We discuss amongst ourselves and decide, “Let’s keep away from the square.”

Probably there to generate electricity, the windmills make a gentle, evenly-spaced sound.

Gian: Word of our escape’s probably already reached this place, you think?
Bernardo: It’s highly possible…

Not long after, we find an empty shed that doesn’t look like it’s been used in a long time, and we take a breather there.  Unfortunately, there isn’t any water here, but it’s pretty close to the route out of the village.

“Let’s remember where this shed is.  It might come in handy,” we nod to each other.

We leave the place and stroll along the borders of the village.

We hit a small waterway.  Looks like it’s for irrigation.

Ivan: The water’s not usually this clear.  Looks drinkable, too.

Luchino: It’s probably spring water.

I dip my hand into the water.  It’s cold.  It really is clear and looks completely drinkable.

Ivan: According to the map … there’s a pond just over there.  Maybe that’s the spring?

Bernardo: That might be the village’s water source.

We chatter amongst each other as we move through the wheat fields, which is why we were one second too late in noticing the presence of a person.


Giulio: …!!

Holding out his arm to stop us, Giulio swiftly crouches.  The four of us quickly imitate him.

Just ahead is a gap in the fields.  We’d been closing in on one of the paths leading out of the village without even realizing it.

We hold our breaths.  Gracefully ambling by right past us is a thin figure wearing a straw hat.

There’s no sign that the person’s noticed us…  We all breathe a sigh of relief at the same time.

Now that we know we’re safe, we poke our heads out and observe the person from behind.

Gian: Oh…?

And in an instant, our gazes turn heated.

Bernardo: Is … that a woman?
Ivan: It’s a woman.
Luchino: It’s a woman…!
Gian: Plus, she’s a chick!

Like a set of close brothers, we nod to each other.

Our yelling is unusually excited.  After all, we’d been cooped up until just a little while ago.  It’s been a long time since we’d seen a babe, so our excitement suddenly jumps ten notches.

Giulio: …

What?  Only Giulio’s acting normal.  Lucky him, he’d only been thrown in for a short while.  …Still!  How can you call yourself a proud Italian man with an attitude like that?!

No one speaks a word…  We creep along and start chasing after the shadow of the straw hat.

Luchino: We can’t have her screaming, so I should take care of this.  I’ll have her throwing herself at me in five minutes.

Ivan: Chicks dig younger guys in the boonies.  I should go first.

Bernardo: No, no, hold it, if we’re talking about order, then we should treasure the family’s current hierarchy, correct?

Gian: More importantly, don’t any one of you feel like leaving her to the future boss?

We each scuffle with each other to get one step ahead.  The moment someone’s arm stretches forward, another pulls it back.  It’s an all-out brawl.

We each try to violently drag the other back as we continue following the straw hat in a wad of limbs.

Her long hair reaches past her shoulders, and she has a thin figure.  She’s wearing an ugly, loose shirt and pants more fitting for manual labor…

But in the one glance I’d gotten, I’d seen a young face and she holds herself energetically, too.  The straw hat girl doesn’t notice us at all.  She continues humming and turns off onto a side road.

Luchino: …It looks like she’s heading towards the spring.
Gian: For what?
Bernardo: …Perhaps for a bath?

He hits the nail on the head.  When we see the straw hat girl start taking off her shirt by the waterside, our excitement skyrockets through the roof.

Ivan: Ah.  Oh!  Ooooooaaah!!

The angle’s bad, so the only thing we can see is her back, but it’s pale and there’s not a single scar on her.  What a pretty back…

Luchino: It is the perfect season to go skinny-dipping for two, indeed it is.

Luchino starts slowly taking off his shirt.

Gian: …Then I call second!

Ivan: I’m first!

Bernardo: Yes, we should decide the order now.

We exchange heated gazes before going, “Ready, set…!” and sticking out a hand.

Paper.  Paper.  Paper.


Luchino alone wins.

Bernardo, Ivan, and I look down at our open palms with hearts filled with anguish.

Luchino: You guys can go decide the order amongst yourselves later.

Cheerfully, Luchino drops these words along with his shirt.

In the meantime, the straw hat finally steps one foot of her completely naked body into the spring…

Ivan: C-Come on!  Turn this way!  Just a little more!

Giulio: Um … Signor Gian…

Gian: Huh?

Giulio, who’s a step behind us, pulls on my sleeve as though he wants to say something.  What’s he want?  I turn a troubled face towards him.

…And then, I finally realize the reason behind the strange strangeness I’d been feeling the whole time.

Quickly, I turn to Luchino.  He’s just in the middle of pushing aside the tall grass and walking towards the spring.

If Luchino Affection > 3, Option appears.  Otherwise, automatically get +1 Giulio Affection.

Gian: I get ya, Giulio.

I share a dry laugh with Giulio.  Giulio returns a crisp nod.

Ivan: What’s going on?
Gian: …Still haven’t noticed it?
Bernardo: Noticed wha— …Huh?

Ahead of us, Luchino’s feet stop.  Seems like he’s heard our little exchange.

Luchino: What, is there something wrong?

Gian: Ya might be better off staying still.  Take a gooood long look, Luchino.

Luchino: What?  What the hell are you—

His voice filled with annoyance, Luchino’s just about to take another step when his foot freezes.  His entire body stiffens.

Ivan: Huh……?

Ivan: Wha… Ugaah!!

Ivan squawks after sneaking a peek past Luchino.

Giulio: As you can see … the person is male…

Giulio’d probably noticed from the start.

You should’ve said something sooner then…

The man doesn’t show an ounce of awareness towards us and continues thoroughly enjoying his bath.

Bernardo: We’ve been tricked…

Ivan: What do I do about my betrayed expectations now…?!

Luchino: That’s my line…!

What a total waste of time…

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