Lucky Dog 1 translations 05 Giulio Route 04

Part 2: Escape

Chapter 5


Child 1: What else?  What else can you do?

Village Chief: We are in the middle of the festival here, after all!  Why don’t y’all give us a show?  Somethin’ strappin’ for the festivities, or maybe even somethin’ romantic!  Any ol’ one’s good!

Bernardo: Um … I’m sorry, but to tell the truth, the car with our instruments ran into a spot of trouble…  We had to leave it behind.

Bernardo tries to gloss over the whole thing, but … whoa, I didn’t expect all the villagers to hold out a mountain-load of instruments with cries of “Use this!”

They’re shoving us their own personal instruments without a hint of wariness.  At this rate, there’s no way we can refuse.

Bernardo: …I suppose this is close enough.

Bernardo whispers this to himself as he accepts an accordion.  Oh right, he can play the piano a little.

Bernardo: Gian, you’re singing.

He taps my shoulder.  I brace myself for the worst.

Gian: …’K.

I name a song that’d been a hit about half a year ago.

Luchino: Ah, I can probably play that.

Luchino starts tuning the guitar he’d received from the villagers.

Giulio takes the violin handed to him by a refined old woman.

He places it under his chin expertly and pulls the bow across the strings once.  It’s a graceful movement, like how he’d handled the knives earlier, like he’d done it a thousand times before.

Giulio: This will do.

Ivan: Huh?!  Th-Then … ah … I’ll…

A little kid hands the panicking Ivan a triangle.

Ivan: …Hey, uh, kid…

…Let’s just forget about him.

The slapdash band formed from the CR:5’s star cast warm up together for a bit before stepping up to the metaphorical big stage.

We’re five who are about as different as can be … but it’ll have to do, somehow.

Gian: Well then … here we go!

Bernardo taps a nearby barrel twice with a stick, and Luchino strums out the intro.  Giulio starts playing, fiddling his bow back and forth with unexpectedly jerky movements.


Ivan’s impromptu lyrics cut off at the last phrase.  A moment of silence … and the crowd goes wild!

Villager 3: Y’all rock!

Villager 4: That’s some voice ya’ve got there!

The applause washes over us, and I turn a cheerful grin to the spectators and wave.

Bernardo: Looks like we managed to dodge the bullet…
Luchino: Quite the balls you all showed there.
Gian: Not bad, Ivan!

Ivan’d saved us halfway through when he joined in on the vocals.  He’d started tapping and clapping out a mad rhythm, too, like what you’d expect from the blacks off the street.

Ivan: I put some back into it…  I was desperate!

…That was scary.  At first, I thought we were screwed.

Looks like all the villagers wholeheartedly believe that we’re a band of traveling performers now.  They’ve been completely revved up by the song and are now passing even more beer around than before.

Village Chief Wife: Come y’all, dig in!  It’s all our local harvest here.

It’s a no-holds-barred party.  Thanks to that, we also relax and help ourselves to some of the drink and food everyone else’s enjoying.

Giulio’s approached several times by villagers wanting to see knife tricks and he gave them a show.

Beside him, Luchino’s strumming away at the guitar, ensnaring many a girl.

I couldn’t just sit and eat either.  I’d given the villagers a live demonstration of my previous jailbreak (exaggerated for entertainment).

…“Ya should give a talk on prisoners someday,” they’d said.  Said it felt like real-life experiences.  Hahaha…

Ivan’s a big hit with the kids for some reason and they’re following him around like chicks to a hen.

Bernardo: It was thanks to you, Village Chief, that I was able to negotiate with them…

Village Chief: No, no, don’t mention it.

Bernardo’s chatting away with the Chief and his wife.

Bernardo: By the way, Chief, this is a bit sudden, but would it be possible to borrow a phone…?

Smooth, Bernardo.  Now, we can get a hold of Daivan.

The night passes by.  The villagers all gorge themselves on food and drink and keep on celebrating.  They crowd around us to the point of confusion.

It might just be me being starved of outside stimulation…  But then, for me, all this hickville business is fresh and lively.

Gian: Now then…

I think I’ll chew some fat with my companions.  I get up from the barrel I’ve been using as a chair.

Giulio’s sitting alone in a corner.

As I get closer, I see that he’s still got the knife from earlier in his hands.

Gian: Hey!  Giulio!

Oh right, were our names broadcasted, too?  Should I’ve used a fake name?  …Either way, too late to take it back.

…Guess it doesn’t matter.  We’ll just say they’re the names of the roles we’re playing.

Giulio: Yes, Signor Gian?

Giulio looks up.  Even with his eyes off the knife, his hands continue playing with it without a hitch.

The silver blade dances between Giulio’s finger as though alive.  Flows up and down, over and under.  It’s quite a sight.

Gian: You take a liking to that?
Giulio: …They allowed me to keep it … as a gift for the occasion.
Gian: Hmm.  Ain’t that nice of them?
Giulio: Yes.  It … is a rather good knife.
Gian: …Huh, hey, over there.  Ain’t she waving to you?

A refined-looking grandma’s waving her hand this way.  Ah, it’s the person who’d lent Giulio the violin earlier.

Giulio looks over and gives her a small nod, probably intending it as a response.

When he’s like this, he’s no different from any well-raised kid from the upper-class…

Gian: Think she’s taken a liking to you?
Giulio: …
Gian: She looks like a nice grandma, and high-class, too.  What d’you think?
Giulio: I think … that she is like a violin.  Thin, brittle…

I notice his eyes glance down at the knife still twirling amongst his hands.

Giulio: …and she would not bleed very much…

I hastily scour the area to make sure no one’s standing around listening.

…He’s not doing that on purpose, is he?  I kinda wanna sneak a peek into his head and see just what’s whipping up in there … or maybe I wanna do the exact opposite…

Giulio: Oh…

Giulio: But Signor Gian, you are not like that, so don’t worry…

Not like what, I wonder.  I’m afraid of what he’ll say, so I back down from asking him.

Gian: By the way, so, you can play the violin?
Giulio: …
Gian: You were pretty good back there.
Giulio: …I do not … like it all that much…

Giulio looks towards the ground, like he’s troubled by something.

Giulio: On the contrary, I would be … much more useful with the knife.

Giulio: Please do not be afraid to call upon my services.

Puppy dog eyes.  Just why’s he like me so much…?  It’s probably not just my imagination.

Gian: Yeah, when the time comes, it’s all yours.

Giulio: Yes, Signor Gian.

…And why don’t I not like it more?

Giulio pulls his face just a bit closer, his expression like he’s just noticed something.

Gian: What’re you looking at?

I feel anxious creeping in as he’s practically staring straight into my eyes.

Giulio: The torches are being reflected in Signor Gian’s eyes…  They’re sparkling…
Giulio: …It is beautiful.

Giulio the Knife.  The dangerous Mad Dog.

…But at least, right now, in front of me, he’s a docile, obedient dog.

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  1. Li
    Sep 21, 2012 @ 16:08:27

    [Just why’s he like me so much…?] <– 'Just why does he like me so much…?', I presume? I keep misreading its meaning as it is now.



    • terracannon876
      Sep 21, 2012 @ 16:09:05


      And welcome back =P



      • Li
        Sep 22, 2012 @ 13:53:41

        Welcome back to you too. Technically I was never away, but whatever. Hope you don’t mind me going over all that I deem incorrect (grammatical or otherwise) I spot on these pages?
        On a side note: the ‘release’ of the fic I’ve been writing is postphoned for the time being. Trish appearently can’t draw for or proofread it due to RL matters. (I hope she’s alright, haven’t hear from her in a while…) Unless you are or someone else is willing to help with the proofread-part, I don’t feel like publishing it for a bit. High standards, I know, but I can’t feel comfortable putting this on the web unless I’m satisfied with it and earned (at least) a ‘decent’-rating for it from someone else of the fandom. Can’t someone help me… please? *looking around teary-eyed*



  2. Liz
    Aug 16, 2013 @ 19:30:32

    Hahahahaha, the whole group in a band? Amusing. Ivan getting the triangle? Priceless.



  3. Byungwha
    Aug 19, 2013 @ 04:25:02

    You know….I kinda wanna hear them sing……where they good or did the game not have them actually singing?



    • terracannon876
      Aug 19, 2013 @ 12:23:44

      The game didn’t have a song. What plays is the OST track “American Gangster,” which the reminiscent of the game opening.

      If you want to hear Gian’s voice actor singing, though, he does have his own rock band. He also did the ending to Sukisyo and opening to Free! In addition, he did some image songs for some anime, including UtaPrince.



      • Byungwha
        Aug 19, 2013 @ 18:28:30

        Aww….too bad about the song. I bet it would’ve been cool and funny!

        And that’s cool about Gian’s seiyuu!!



  4. La
    Nov 03, 2013 @ 10:45:25

    “Beside him, Luchino’s strumming away at the guitar, ensnaring many a girl.”
    (Remove the “a” and put girls. Oh thank you for translating the game~)



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