Lucky Dog 1 translations 05 Giulio Route 06

Part 2: Escape

Chapter 5

What Do You Want?

This chapter is not safe for work!!

If highest Affection is with Giulio and have viewed Giulio H 1 Flag, then view this scene, -5 Luck.  If have not viewed Giulio H 1 Flag, move on to character with next most affection.

By the time we reach the cabin, it’s already deep into the night.

Senses on high alert, we check to make sure that the hut hasn’t changed since we’d left it in the morning and that the car’s still safe.

We can’t have the gas evaporating, so we quickly pour it into the car.  The fuel gauge climbs.  That’s one less thing to worry about.

We’re already full, so all that’s left is sleep.  The round trip to and from Bowick Village, on top of everything else, has left us tired, so we decide against having as strict a night watch as yesterday.

The people after us are all gathered around Suncreek, so there’s no point worrying.

That night…

Thanks to a certain someone’s horniness bearing down on me again, I spend a whole bunch of time tossing and turning before finally escaping to the great outdoors.


Gian: Sigh.  Guess I’ll take a smoke, then sleep…

I think the guy might be kinda emotionally unstable?  Must be all the stress.  No way someone like Bernardo swings that way … but either way, I don’t want to be treated as a snuggle blankie.

The moonlight is relatively bright.  I start off at a leisurely pace.  I’m going for a nighttime stroll.

Suddenly … the memories from last night replay in my mind and I turn around, checking to see if anyone’s following behind me.

…Best to just forget it.  I continue making my way through the grove.  There’s not much path to go by.


There, in the Alfa Romeo hidden in the bushes … is someone already there.  Giulio.

Gian: Hey…

…I had some inkling this would happen, since I don’t recall seeing him in or around the cabin.

…It’s not like I was expecting anything.  I think.

Sitting in the backseat, Giulio steadily returns my gaze.

As I get closer, I see him shove the handkerchief he’s got clenched in his hands into his pocket.  His unreadable eyes blink several times before turning downwards – is that substituting for an actual greeting?

Gian: Still not sleeping?  Got something on your mind?
Giulio: …

I slide-hop into the car and plop my butt down on the backseat.  When I do so, Giulio pulls away to put some space between us.

I smile at Giulio’s questioning expression before looking up above us.  I can see the stars twinkling from between the trees.

Gian: …Thanks for today.

He saved our asses again and again today.  The others probably know this, too.

Giulio: For what…?
Gian: You know, at the springs … and at the festival.

Giulio doesn’t look like he’s comprehending what I’m saying.  He probably then figures out what I’m talking about since he nods with a strange, kinda gloomy expression.

Gian: Figured I’ve gotta make sure to thank you.
Giulio: …Thank…?

A small furrow appears in Giulio’s eyebrows.

Giulio: There … is no need for you to thank me…

His displeasure comes out in a low voice.  I feel a sting of surprise.

…When he’s with me, his mood always changes so suddenly.  It’s about the only thing I know for sure about him.

Just what’s prickling at him?  What’s pissing him off?  I still only have a very vague grasp of it all.

Without a way to tell or anything, I turn to Giulio and tilt my head.

Gian: Just what do you want me to do?  I can’t do a thing if you don’t tell me.
Giulio: You are … um …!

He turns his stare my way and I’m forcefully brought back to what happened last night despite my best attempts of wiping it from my memories.



He’d watched me jerk myself off … all the way to the end.  For an instant, my cheeks heat up with embarrassment.

Gian: I’m not talking just standing back and watching like you did last night!  Say what you want!  Come on, spit it out!!

I slap my palm against the seat like I’m scolding him.  Giulio turns red.

His expression’s not that of embarrassment or shame.  It’s that of something cornered with no escape.

Giulio: …
Gian: Come on, just say it.  Anything’s fine.  Just say what you’re thinking.


Giulio makes as if to stand and run away from the spotlight, but in the end he sits down again.

With a twisted expression, he starts speaking.

Giulio: …I … a-also want … to try touching … you…

I feel a strange sense of dissatisfaction at the confession I’d practically wrangled out of him.

Gian: What do you mean by ‘also’?
Giulio: Like Bernardo … no, even more…
Gian: …How?

I grin as I ask Giulio, who’s gritting his teeth.  I drag out his true self hidden deep in the bottom of his heart, but it also deceptively feels like I’d forced him into submission.

Giulio reaches for my cheek.  Slowly, hesitantly, like a child touching something he’s admired.  Like he’s afraid someone’s gonna be mad at him.

Gian: Sure, go ahead…
Giulio: …

The moment he makes contact with my cheek, Giulio’s face twists with something like fear.

Gian: Satisfied now?
Giulio: M-More…

Looks like he’s gotten used to it, as he starts getting braver and braver.  His hands crawl along me, moving like he’s checking the bones, the muscle beneath the skin.  The whole time, with a face on the verge of tears.

Like a dog, whining through its nose as it snuggles up to you, he moves closer.

Gian: Hey…

When I put up a hand to push Giulio away, he licks my palm.

Gian: Ngh.  Don’t lick it!

Then, he moves to my fingers.  I feel a strangely welcome sense of unbalance well up at the tickling sensation.

Gian: St—

Seeing Giulio’s expression, like he’s under some kind of pressure, though, I can’t bring myself to stop him.

Giulio: I want to see…
Gian: See what?
Giulio: I wish to see it again…  See you…
Gian: See what?
Giulio: See you … the moment you die.

I unconsciously gulp a breath when Giulio suddenly bends over me.


He pulls my pants down with a whoosh.  Just when I think “No way,” Giulio’s lips take a hold of my penis.

Gian: Wha—  What’re you doing?!

With his cheek cells rubbing up against me and his soft tongue helping me along, I feel all the blood in my body turn around and head straight for my crotch.

Giulio: It smells … like Signor Gian.

Giulio whispers this as he continues licking.

Gian: Stop that.  Isn’t that dirty?

It doesn’t look like Giulio minds.  He sucks without an ounce of hesitation.

Why’ll he go so far as to suck me off?

…What did he mean when he said he wanted to see me ‘the moment I die’?

Gian: …Ah…  Ngh…

It doesn’t feel like there’s anyone around.  Sensing that struggling’s just a pointless waste of effort, I breathe a low sigh.

If I really do try to shake him off, it’ll be a test of strength.  I’m used to fighting, but compared to Giulio who climbed up to captainhood by sheer battle prowess?  No way I can win in this position.

It’s just best to let Giulio do whatever the hell he wants and to just weather it…  I give up early in.

Giulio: Smells … like Signor Gian.

He laps at my tip again and again, like he’s testing the taste.

He … might not be doing this for me.  Giulio’s doing it just because he wants to.  He’s touching me because he wants to…

I’m hit with a sudden desire, the thought that his touches are too light.  He needs to be bolder.  My hips move in annoyance.

Gian: Wh-Why’re you…

I smooth his hair like I’m trying to soothe him, and Giulio’s eyes look up in what looks like happiness.  With a renewed vigor, he drags his tongue over my penis.

It’s true I don’t know jack about Giulio.  But, I’m still letting him do this.  Being with him is making me crazy.


Gian: …Ah … shit.  ….This is good…

I feel like he’s enjoying this, like he’s somehow sharing my pleasure.

I steal a glance, but Giulio’s penis hasn’t gotten that big at all.

Gian: …Ah … Giulio, why’re you doing this?


I ask Giulio in a dribbly voice.

Giulio: I wish to see it once again…

Giulio: I wish to see you make the white liquid come out again … convulse again … like yesterday – see the moment you die…

Gian: …What…?  Ugh!

Was that how he saw my masturbation…?  I … think I understand where he’s coming from, just a bit.

Gian: That’s different … though, right…?  From actually dying … I mean…

Giulio: If you … truly die…

Giulio’s eyes waver, drunk.

Giulio: I want … all … of you…

Gian: I’m not gonna die…

I notice Giulio’s expression turn a bit depressed.

He doesn’t say anything more.  Instead, he just, carefully and steadily, continues licking my penis.

Gian: Hey, say s-something, Giulio—!  Ngh!

I’ve run out of ways to disguise my growing pleasure.  The climax is only a matter of time.

Gian: …Gh!  Aah…!


Behind my shut eyelids, a light flickers, on-off.  I feel like I’m watching from a distance, like my soul’s been pulled out.

When I come to, Giulio’s licking away at my bottom half, stained by the semen.

Gian: That’s … dirty.  Stop that…

Giulio: …  Ngh…

Gian: Giulio, stop…

I try to stop him again and again, but Giulio, with his tongue wide out, is absorbed in licking away the cum.  Like an impatient dog that can’t hold itself back.

If I let him be, he’ll probably keep licking until the taste’s all gone.  He’s acting like more interested in the liquid than in my body.  I tremble a little.

Gian: All right already.  Stop … already!

I sit up and take a hold of Giulio’s hair and pull him back.

Giulio: …Ah…

Giulio’s mouth is stained white.  He looks up at me with miserable eyes, and I feel both sympathy and fear.

He’s dangerous.  There’s something wrong with him.  I can’t let this keep happening.

But even though I know the danger, I feel like I’ve already set foot past the point of no return.

Gian: It’s already … over…  Go wash your face and get back to the cabin.  I’ll follow right after you.

I order him in a scratchy voice, finally succeeding in getting Giulio to move away.

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6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dun
    Aug 16, 2013 @ 16:14:30

    I just read the manga version of this scene. (Thank you for translating it!) Man, it’s a lot creepier without all the sex.



    • terracannon876
      Aug 16, 2013 @ 18:21:32

      Hahaha, that’s not uncommon in the manga. In general, the atmosphere is darker than in the game. I think the game jokes more, especially because it’s from Gian’s PoV, while the manga focuses on the grittiness usually found in a gangster film. It also exaggerated everyone’s reactions heavily. Took me a while to get used to ^^;



      • Dun
        Aug 16, 2013 @ 20:07:17

        I’m really interested how they take Giulio’s story considering what they’re cutting out. For example, the rape scene, which I find integral to the building of their relationship. Maybe Giulio will just injure Gian badly?



        • terracannon876
          Aug 16, 2013 @ 20:58:46

          That’s what I was wondering, too. Aside from the whole time improbability + considering who dies in which route when, there’s also the fact that, unlike most BL games, some of the smut is essential for chara development.

          It’s the reason why I decided against making my own smut free version of the translation (ie, giving the option to skip past the smut sections). It would’ve changed the story and required more effort on my part to rewrite some bits ^^;



          • Dun
            Aug 16, 2013 @ 22:00:15

            So far I’ve been satisfied with how the different paths have been intermixed, but right now everyone’s still together. I have no idea how they’ll balance everything once they reach Daivan. It’s difficult because each plot has its own climax, and they can’t repeat it four times. Are Luchino and Gian going to save Alessandro or is Gian going to help Ivan instead? They gotta be racking their brains over this.

            I think they’ll keep the main adversary for each character without crossing lines too much or it’ll be confusing. For example, Honus and Dave barely were present with Giulio, so they can be replaced with someone nondescript and pushed to Ivan’s and Bernardo’s storyline. I have no idea how they’ll handle Bakshi though, but he’s already made appearances even if they didn’t show his face.



            • terracannon876
              Aug 17, 2013 @ 09:54:58

              Alessandro is essentially saved three different times between the different routes, in three wildly different ways ^^;

              Honestly, I think they’ll do why most manga have done – touch upon all the routes a little, but don’t solve the conflict out to their fullest. In the end, Gian’s story will probably his own, separate conflict after only getting a glimpse into the others’ routes. After all, the manga isn’t a port of the game, but just a taste.

              Technically, the manga would be the “Gian-only” route where he doesn’t pair off with anyone but everyone loves him (but he remains oblivious) lol. It’s the fifth canon route, in a sense, and all the fics based off Gian’s birthdays are off of that route.



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