Lucky Dog 1 translations 05 Ivan Route 03

Part 2: Escape

Chapter 5

Knife Act

At our appearance, a welcome cheer rises from the village crowd all at once.  Looks like the drink’s already gone around.

Villager 1: Howdy there!  Looks like yer back!

Child 1: There really are five of them!

Child 2: Neat!  They’re all stripey!

My eyes unconsciously widen at the kids’ excitement.

Villager 1: So yer a group of five … and yer all in that Mafia fugitive getup ya talked about!  Just like ya said!

Villager 2: Whoo, what a handsome collection of men we have here!

The comments flying at us from left and right from the villagers’re kinda overwhelming.

Bernardo: I’m sorry to keep you waiting, Madam.

Village Chief Wife: See?  Just like I said!  These men really came back!  Told ya I’m no blind hag!

Village Chief: ’m sorry, ’m sorry!  Chief sir, my deepest apologizes for suspecting ya.  Please, this way.

The forceful old lady whaps Bernardo on the back a few times.

Village Chief Wife: Ya shouldn’ta been so late!  The more cowardly folks among us were all wonderin’ if ya weren’t real jailbirds.  There was even some talk about chasin’ y’all down!  Would ya imagine that?

Except we really are jailbirds.  …Thank God we didn’t run.

Villager 2: Being performers must be nice, though.  Ya get ta hear news all the time!  Wasn’t it just yesterday, or was it the day before, that some Mafia gang high-ups broke out?

Bernardo: It’s not ‘some.’  It’s the CR:5.

Villager 3: Come now, it weren’t two days ago.  Why, it was just yesterday!  Radio was goin’ on and on about it.

Villager 4: My, how frightenin’.  Madison Pen, ain’t it?  That ain’t too far from us.  What’ll happen if they really do come hidin’ here?

I have no idea how long these villagers’ll hold on to the idea that we’re performers.  …It’s a daunting thought.

More importantly, what kind of magic did Bernardo cast to pull this wool over their eyes?

Village Chief: No worries there!  The real’uns are headin’ ta Suncreek right now, so they say.

Villager 2: Ain’t that what the radio said…?

Come again?  We sneak a glance at each other.

Village Chief: The state cops and the sheriffs from ‘round here are all lyin’ in wait for ‘em in Suncreek.  Don’t worry ‘bout ‘em.  They’ve got it handled.

“Got that right!” the villagers agree as they all roar in laughter.

Gian: …

…What’s going on here?

Suncreek’s the place Bernardo had a limo waiting for us, in the original plan.

I’m still confused when Bernardo whispers into my ear.

Bernardo: It’s been playing on the radio…  At first I thought it may’ve been false news – a diversion – but it seems to be true…

I don’t know what’s going on, but the fact that the police forces are centered in Suncreek at the moment seems to be true.

One thing’s for sure.  We won’t be heading to Suncreek after this…  We can’t count on transferring to that limousine anymore.

Villager 4: Why don’t y’all give us a roarin’ good show?  Dressin’ up as convicts can’t be yer only act.  That’d be such a bore.

Villager 3: Give us a good’un, sirs!

Like it’s the most natural thing in the world, an applause grows and grows amongst the villagers.

Their expectant eyes are focused on us.  What to do…?

I look over at Ivan who’s standing nearby.  I wonder if he can do something.

He shakes his head with an expression of, “Why’re you looking at me?”  …Useless bastard.

Ivan looks towards Giulio.  Giulio looks back at me … before suddenly taking a step towards the villagers with his hand out.

Giulio: Could I … borrow that knife…?

He asks for one of those knives used to slice through chunks of bacon from one of the nearby villagers.

Then, he picks up one of the pieces of the wooden chopping board and hands it to Ivan.

Giulio: …Could you back up?
Ivan: S-Sure.
Giulio: …

Giulio plays around with the clumsy meat cleaver for a while, as though testing its weight.  Just when I think I see a look of satisfaction … he suddenly lets the blade fly straight up into the air.

Villager 2: Eh?!

And then, when the knife comes twirling down in the same spot he’d released it, he snatches it midair without a hint of difficulty.

He repeats this action several times.  Every time he lets the knife go, spinning into the air, he catches it in midair, hand on handle.

Will he accidentally grab the blade?  Will he fail and hurt himself?  These thoughts run through the audience’s head and they all gulp.

The awe caused by Giulio’s fluidity and perfect movements slowly sinks in to the audience.

Villager 4: Amazing…

At the tenth toss or so, Giulio puts his tricks to a halt to the growing whispers of praise.

He signals to Ivan, who’s standing some distance away with a retarded look on his face.

Giulio: …Hold it out in front of you.

Ivan: Huh?

Ivan blinks, but brings the chopping board Giulio’d given him up in front of his head anyways.

My eyes don’t even catch the instant Giulio’s hand moves.  A silver streak shoots from it.


Thwump, a small sound … and I see the knife sticking straight out of the center of the board.

The cheers escalate.

Ivan proudly raises the board with the knife sticking out of it over his head, and the cheering from the villagers gets even louder.

No, Ivan, you had no part in it.  At most, you contributed less than half.

I’m still speechless from Giulio’s guts and skills though, so I hold back my biting remarks towards Ivan.

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