Lucky Dog 1 translations 05 Ivan Route 04

Part 2: Escape

Chapter 5


Child 1: What else?  What else can you do?

Village Chief: We are in the middle of the festival here, after all!  Why don’t y’all give us a show?  Somethin’ strappin’ for the festivities, or maybe even somethin’ romantic!  Any ol’ one’s good!

Bernardo: Um … I’m sorry, but to tell the truth, the car with our instruments ran into a spot of trouble…  We had to leave it behind.

Bernardo tries to gloss over the whole thing, but … whoa, I didn’t expect all the villagers to hold out a mountain-load of instruments with cries of “Use this!”

They’re shoving us their own personal instruments without a hint of wariness.  At this rate, there’s no way we can refuse.

Bernardo: …I suppose this is close enough.

Bernardo whispers this to himself as he accepts an accordion.  Oh right, he can play the piano a little.

Bernardo: Gian, you’re singing.

He taps my shoulder.  I brace myself for the worst.

Gian: …’K.

I name a song that’d been a hit about half a year ago.

Luchino: Ah, I can probably play that.

Luchino starts tuning the guitar he’d received from the villagers.

Giulio takes the violin handed to him by a refined old woman.

He places it under his chin expertly and pulls the bow across the strings once.  It’s a graceful movement, like how he’d handled the knives earlier, like he’d done it a thousand times before.

Giulio: This will do.

Ivan: Huh?!  Th-Then … ah … I’ll…

A little kid hands the panicking Ivan a triangle.

Ivan: …Hey, uh, kid…

…Let’s just forget about him.

The slapdash band formed from the CR:5’s star cast warm up together for a bit before stepping up to the metaphorical big stage.

We’re five who are about as different as can be … but it’ll have to do, somehow.

Gian: Well then … here we go!

Bernardo taps a nearby barrel twice with a stick, and Luchino strums out the intro.  Giulio starts playing, fiddling his bow back and forth with unexpectedly jerky movements.


Ivan’s impromptu lyrics cut off at the last phrase.  A moment of silence … and the crowd goes wild!

Villager 3: Y’all rock!

Villager 4: That’s some voice ya’ve got there!

The applause washes over us, and I turn a cheerful grin to the spectators and wave.

Bernardo: Looks like we managed to dodge the bullet…
Luchino: Quite the balls you all showed there.
Gian: Not bad, Ivan!

Ivan’d saved us halfway through when he joined in on the vocals.  He’d started tapping and clapping out a mad rhythm, too, like what you’d expect from the blacks off the street.

Ivan: I put some back into it…  I was desperate!

…That was scary.  At first, I thought we were screwed.

Looks like all the villagers wholeheartedly believe that we’re a band of traveling performers now.  They’ve been completely revved up by the song and are now passing even more beer around than before.

Village Chief Wife: Come y’all, dig in!  It’s all our local harvest here.

It’s a no-holds-barred party.  Thanks to that, we also relax and help ourselves to some of the drink and food everyone else’s enjoying.

Giulio’s approached several times by villagers wanting to see knife tricks and he gave them a show.

Beside him, Luchino’s strumming away at the guitar, ensnaring many a girl.

I couldn’t just sit and eat either.  I’d given the villagers a live demonstration of my previous jailbreak (exaggerated for entertainment).

…“Ya should give a talk on prisoners someday,” they’d said.  Said it felt like real-life experiences.  Hahaha…

Ivan’s a big hit with the kids for some reason and they’re following him around like chicks to a hen.

Bernardo: It was thanks to you, Village Chief, that I was able to negotiate with them…

Village Chief: No, no, don’t mention it.

Bernardo’s chatting away with the Chief and his wife.

Bernardo: By the way, Chief, this is a bit sudden, but would it be possible to borrow a phone…?

Smooth, Bernardo.  Now, we can get a hold of Daivan.

The night passes by.  The villagers all gorge themselves on food and drink and keep on celebrating.  They crowd around us to the point of confusion.

It might just be me being starved of outside stimulation…  But then, for me, all this hickville business is fresh and lively.

Gian: Now then…

I think I’ll chew some fat with my companions.  I get up from the barrel I’ve been using as a chair.

Gian: Heey, Ivan!  You having fun with the kids?

I give Ivan a call as I approach him.  He’s still got kids clinging to him.

Ivan: That’s not how it is!

Gian: Aren’t you the popular one?  Don’t mind me.

When I settle down next to Ivan, the brats all meet each other’s eyes before scurrying away like little spiderlets.

Did they run away because they were scared of me?  It kind of hurts, to be hated more than Ivan…

Ivan: Need something, Gian?

Didn’t really have a “need,” but I figure I may as well have a rant.

I switch to Italian.

Gian: …Who’d have thought that things would get like this just with one song in a village festival?

Ivan uncomfortably looks away.  He isn’t great in Italian, but it looks like he gets the gist of what I’m saying.

Gian: You remember whose fault it is?
Gian: We’re all in the middle of our grand post-jailbreak escape here.  How’d you think we get into this laidback situation in the first place, then?

Ivan: …It’s fine, so long as we get back safely, right?  Don’t talk about that here.  What’re we gonna do if they hear us?

That’s why I’m whispering to you in Italian, dimwit.

Villager 4: What’s up?  More drinks?

Gian: …Nah, I’ve got one right here.

Villager 4: How about you, mister?

Ivan: …Thanks.  …Come on, Gian, make the best out of a disaster, right?  It’s not every day we get such delicious beer!

Ivan yells this out, like he wants everyone around us to hear.

Villager 4: Disaster?  Ooh, ya talkin’ ‘bout how yer car’s outta gas?  Dun worry ‘bout that.  We’ll give ya some of Chief’s.

Villager 4: It’s all thanks to you guys that we have a better festival than usual.  Help yourself to as much beer as ya want!

My mug’s almost overflowing after he’s done pouring more into it.  Ivan and I just kind of give a friendly smile until the villagers leave.

…I switch straight back to Italian again.

Gian: …You still shouldn’t drink so much.
Ivan: Yeah, I know.  Man, this beer’s good…
Gian: By the way, one thing’s been bothering me.
Ivan: What?
Gian: You … weren’t trying to escape on your own when the villagers spotted you, were you?

Ivan blinks owlishly.  Doesn’t look like he understood the Italian.

Gian: You weren’t thinking of secretly contacting someone and trying to escape alone, were you?
Ivan: Huh?  Come again?  Tell me in a way I can understand.

I’m already suspicious that Ivan might sell us out and abandon us sometime during this escape.

He’s publicly announced that he wants the boss’s seat.  It’s clear as day he doesn’t give two shits about the Italian bloodline.  In other words…

Gian: You weren’t planning on selling us out, were you?
Ivan: Wha…?

Ivan’s looking at me like he’s got no idea what I’m saying.  Can I … trust him…?  I probably haven’t seen anything more than a single side to Ivan up until now.

We can probably reach Daivan in a few days.  What I see of him in Daivan might be different than what I see now…

Gian: …You’re really starting to drink too much.
Ivan: …Yeah.

Slightly flushed, Ivan reluctantly puts down his empty beer mug.

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