Lucky Dog 1 translations 05 Luchino Route 02

Part 2: Escape

Chapter 5


After the Strange Spring Incident, we go back to what we were originally going to do – procuring supplies at a nearby house.  Yes, I know.  Playtime’s over.

We look around for any signs of activity as we lay low at the perimeter for a while.

Judging from the house we peek into and some other clues, the place belongs to an elderly couple.  They’re running around the house, busy as all hell for some reason.

When I strain my ears to catch the faint voices, the word “festival” pops up several times.

Bernardo: Is there going to be a festival in the village…?
Ivan: Was today a holiday?

Not long after, the couple leaves through the front door.

They’re carrying a huge bag and hurrying off towards the center of the village.

Gian: Ain’t this the perfect chance?  We could help ourselves to the door while they’re off partying.

Luchino: It doesn’t seem like we’ll find any gasoline here, though.

Giulio: Someone is approaching … from across the road.

Ivan: Duck!  Jeez!

The villagers walking down the road are all heading in the same direction.  They’re probably setting off towards the village square.

Bernardo: It does seem that luck is smiling upon us.  The other places will probably soon empty as well.  Let’s take the opportunity to grab what we need.

To minimize the time, we’ll split up and sneak into the houses scattered across the field to stock up.  Afterwards, we’ll meet up, every man for himself.  …At least, that’s the plan.

Bernardo’s changed into the moldy outfit that we’d brought from the lodge just in case.  The chance to make a call might come up.

If he’s wearing his prison getup while on the line, he’d get reported, no two ways about it.  We leave the contacting bit to Bernardo.  The rest of us just have to be careful.

Luchino: I’m famished…  I waaant bacoooonnn…
Gian: Stealing too much is an instant out.  Grab what you can, but little enough so the owners don’t notice.

Right now, what we need most is gasoline.  Oh, or another car.  That’s fine, too.  Also, clothes that don’t stand out.  Anything other than that isn’t anything we have to risk our necks for.

Ivan: Hey Bernardo, you better take good care of that call to Daivan!

Bernardo: Yeah.  I can make the call least conspicuously…

Bernardo is talking about his risky plan to head straight towards the center of the village.

Bernardo: If any of you have anything you want, name them.  I’ll lift some gifts for you, if possible.

Ivan: Meat.

Luchino: Ladies!

Gian: Chocolate ice cream.

Giulio: Then I would like … strawberry ice cream…

Bernardo: I … will keep them in mind, but don’t hold your breath.

We split up for now, each person making like a thief and slinking his own way.  We set the empty shed we’d found first thing in the morning as our meeting place.


I gaze at nothing as I sit on the shed floor.  I’d already snuck some grub into my stomach during my first raid, so I’m not hungry.

Luchino, Giulio, and I are already done gathering the supplies and waiting at the shed.  The three of us are all leaning against the wall, resting.

The houses spotted through the vast village’d mostly been empty, so it was really a piece of cake.

We’d each swiped jam bottles or rags that we could tie around our waist to easily cover up our stripes.  They’re the sort of stuff no one’ll notice has gone missing.

Unfortunately, the one thing we couldn’t find was gasoline.  We’re in the middle of nowhere, so it’s doubtful there’s even a single house with a car in this village.  Usually, a horse cart’d be enough for the hicks.

Luchino: Bernardo and Ivan sure are late.

It’s almost dusk.  They’re taking a bit too much time.

The two hadn’t brought a flashlight or a lamp either.  If it gets dark, the two might end up wandering in circles, only to be spotted by some villager.

Gian: If we go looking for them, we might miss them…  Let’s wait a little longer.  They might’ve gone towards the square and gotten stuck there ‘cause there’s too many eyes at the festival.

It’s not even dark yet, but it sounds like the festival’s gotten pretty rowdy.  At times, a lively melody, carried by the wind, reaches my ears.

Sometimes it sounds like it’s from a radio, and sometimes, a record.  Other times, a live performance.

The villagers’re probably all gathered in that square of theirs and having a damn good time.  I kinda feel like taking a peek.

When the sun’s about to touch the horizon … Bernardo and Ivan return together.

Bernardo: …Not a word.  Just follow my orders.

As Bernardo enters the place, he sighs.  Without another word, he starts changing into the prison clothes he’d been carrying under his arm.

Ivan’s standing sulkily behind Bernardo and looking like he owes no one nothing.

His eyes are swimming across the room without focusing on anything, strangely enough.  Even if I try to catch them, they slip away.  It’s like he’s putting up a front.

Yes, very strange…  Luchino and Giulio agree with my thoughts.

Bernardo: You’ll understand the situation soon enough.  Follow me.

I’m worried and point to our stripes, but Bernardo shakes his head.

Bernardo: We’re fine as is.  Actually, we have to keep the prison clothes on.  Listen closely.  We are performers.


After we exit the shed, Bernardo heads speedily towards the village center.

Luchino’s obeying Bernardo and following him, but he can’t seem to hold his question back anymore when he taps the other on the back.

Luchino: All right already, just give us a quick explanation.  We’re in the dark here!
Bernardo: …Ivan … was seen by the villagers.
Luchino: What?!

I shoot a glare at Ivan, who’d been silent this whole time.  He awkwardly shifts his eyes away.  Stupid, stupid Ivan.

Bernardo: I didn’t want them to cause a commotion, so I also came out.  I managed to somehow talk my way through a cover.
Bernardo: We are a band of performers, dressed in prisoner costumes.
Gian: P-Performers?!

Bernardo: It’s fine.  The sheriff is currently out, and we only have to buy a little time.  All we have to do is prove our lie by showing our faces – as performers.

Bernardo: I told them I’d bring the others before I’d left.  We could escape right now, but I believe that if we do, we would only appear more suspicious.  It’ll be more dangerous in the end.

Luchino: The hell are you thinking?!  There’s no way we can pull this off!

Gian: Yeah, shouldn’t we…

Luchino: …be high-tailing it out of here?!

Luchino fills in half my phrase.


As we exchange words, we get near enough to see the crowds of people mingling in the square.  It’s already too late to turn back.


Bernardo: …Well, let’s go.

The unexpected turn of events doesn’t feel real to us, but that doesn’t matter as we all step into the village square…

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