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Part 2: Escape

Chapter 5

First Blood Averted

Night in the farm really does start early.  It’s still eight, and yet the festival’s already looking like it’s about to putter out.

The children and elderly disappear first.  They’ve probably turned in for a good night’s sleep.  Others’ve started putting away the food and beer, too.

Which means it’s also time for us to shed these roles.  We’re completely stuffed with simple – but good – food and slightly rustic beer.

We get up and gather together.

Bernardo: I borrowed the Village Chief’s telephone and made a call to Daivan.

Luchino: What did the Boss say?

Bernardo: Nothing.  I couldn’t reach him.  I left a message instead.

Bernardo: I told my crew to come pick us up around this area tomorrow morning because it looks like it’ll be impossible to transfer cars in Suncreek.

Bernardo: Also … as you can see, here’s some gasoline.  The Chief gave me some.

A small tank’s by his feet.

It sounds like his initial excuse to the villagers’d been that … we’d gotten stranded when our car’d run out of gas, so we’d had to trek all the way to Bowick.

To cover up for Ivan’s stripes, Bernardo’d bluffed it away by saying he was one of the performers in a troupe, which then led to the villagers inviting us over since a festival happened to be going on … which then led to where we are now.

What crazy randomness, haha…  Everything turned out fine in the end, though.  That couldn’t have been because of my luck, could it?  Yeah, right.


The Village Chief holds us up for a bit, thanking us on behalf of the village and handing over a parting gift of bills.

Village Chief: We wouldn’t mind if ya stay the night at the inn.  Why don’t y’all head back tomorrow instead?  It’s already so dark.

Bernardo: No, thank you for the offer, but we should be taking our leave.  We have a flashlight with us, and I’m also worried about our luggage.  We’ll definitely take you up on the offer next time.

The remaining villagers push gifts into our arms.  We accept some of them before giving the villagers a wave and leaving.


We pretend to leave on foot by going straight down the main road … but halfway down, we slip into the empty shed outside the village.

The food and clothes we’d pilfered earlier in the day are there.

From here, we’ll be heading back to the same lodge as yesterday night.  We’ll lay low there and wait for the CR:5 to come pick us up tomorrow.

Ivan: Sigh … And here I finally get drunk.  By the time we get back I’m gonna be sober.  We should’ve just stayed behind in the Chief’s house.

Bernardo: We can’t take the risk.  They may start suspecting us at any time.  Are you fine with waking up with state police standing over your bed?

Ivan complains as we continue down the night path, and Bernardo chides him.  We search for the small path that heads up into the forest…

Ivan: The villagers here’re really slow, so it should’ve been fine…!
Gian: Naw, once they wake up sober tomorrow, they’ll definitely realize something’s funny.  Any normal person would.
Luchino: If the Village Chief’s car had been more than a two-seater, then the option of hijacking it would have been open to us.

We walk away from the village with quick steps while whispering to each other.  If we don’t hurry, then it’ll take more than the one hour it took for us to get from the mountain hut to the village.

If we don’t hurry—  And just as we’re about to set foot onto the path…

She stood, silently…  Even Giulio hadn’t noticed.

Gian: …?!

A person.  I don’t know when she’d noticed us, but an old lady’s standing in the middle of the road with a stiff, startled expression.

She looks familiar.  In her hands is the violin Giulio’d borrowed earlier.

I don’t remember her seeing us off from the village square just earlier.  Did she leave early to walk back home and we’d accidentally passed her?

Did she hear what we were talking about…?

I see Giulio pulling his knife out of its sheathe from the corner of my eyes.  Straight away, I raise my voice to stop him.

Gian: …Wait!

‘The only way to keep things hush is to kill the old lady in front of us.’  …At my voice, the mentality everyone’d been sharing shatters.

‘And what do you plan to do?’ question the four glances shot my way.

I hesitate for only a second before…


gianescape203 Gian: Luchino!

I promptly grab hold of Luchino’s hand and pull him up to the old lady staring at us with wide, fearful eyes.

gianescape112 Gian: What you saw just now was all an illusion. You can’t tell anyone about us.
gianescape204 Gian: If you keep mum, nothing will happen to you. Senseless killing’s not our thing.

At my threat, tears start welling up in the corners of her eyes before me.

gianescape304 Gian: …Right?

I look for a confirmation from Luchino beside me. I’d pulled him along in the heat of the moment, thinking, “If I need to handle women, he’s the man.”


Luchino: Our deepest apologies for frightening you, Madam.

Though trembling up a storm, her eyes cling to Luchino like a lifeline upon hearing the kind tone.


luchiescape401 Luchino: He speaks the truth. We are the utmost gentlemen to those who guard their promises. Please … would you believe us?

At his smooth words and smile, the lady’s tears, on the verge of overflowing, halt.

luchiescape502 Luchino: As proof of your promise and as a sign of our gratitude, we will send a bouquet of a hundred roses after we reach the city. They will suit a beautiful lady like you.

Luchino suddenly falls to his knees and takes the Gramma’s hand. He pecks a gentle kiss on the back.

Though fear is still lingering in her expression, she gives a small nod.


Luchino: Good night, Madam. May you have pleasant dreams.

We leave her standing rooted to her spot as we silently depart…


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