Lucky Dog 1 translations 05 Luchino Route 06

Part 2: Escape

Chapter 5

Revenge Play

This chapter is not safe for work!!

If highest Affection is with Luchino and have viewed Luchino Humiliation Flag, then view this scene, -5 Luck.  If have not viewed Luchino Humiliation Flag, move on to character with next most affection.


I wake up to the sound of someone tossing and turning in their sleep..

I make to fall asleep again, but then I realize that I’m thirsty. Now that I think about it, I did guzzle down quite a bit of hooch…

I climb to my feet and open the door to go outside. I feel like we’re missing a few people from the hut…

bg00     bg40

I head over to the well out back. It’s deep into the night, but I feel like the moon’s even brighter than it had been when we’d made our way back from Bowick.

gianescape304 Gian: Hm…?

A single pinprick of light floats by the wall making up the back of the hut. I immediately realize who’s the culprit.


It’s Luchino, leaning up against the hut and smoking in solitude.

gianescape217 Gian: …Hey.

Luchino: …


He notices me and his eyes turn towards me, but his mouth stays clamped shut. I leave Luchino alone and take care of quenching my thirst at the well first.

I wonder if Luchino’s having trouble sleeping? If so, then maybe I shouldn’t strike up a chinwagging session?

I kind of feel a really powerful stare on me. Maybe I’m interrupting by being here.

gianescape310 Gian: Well, see ya. G’night…


Luchino plucks the smoke from his mouth and starts speaking.

Luchino: …You’ll have to do.


Whuh? Do for what?

luchiescape101 Luchino: Come here.
gianescape205 Gian: Not gonna grab some shuteye, Luchino?

Luchino beckons with his hand like a pawing cat, and I approach at the invitation. I stumble when his arm snakes around my shoulders and pulls me close.

gianescape303 Gian: Gh! What’re you doing?! Hey!

My shoulders are held fast as he forcefully turns me around to face the cabin wall.

My misgivings start rearing their ugly heads at how firm his fingers are. Luchino, that fucker… Is he pissed off about something?

luchiescape310 Luchino: …You haven’t forgotten about how you humiliated me today, have you?

Come again?

…No, wait, something like that did…

gianescape310 Gian: … …You mean at the springs?


Luchino: You shithead, you completely forgot!

gianescape321 Gian: That was hilarious ’cause you didn’t realize it ’til the very, very end…!


As the words leave my mouth, the thought, “Oh shit, did I just dig myself a grave?” flashes across my mind.

luchiescape304 Luchino: You were in the same boat, so blinded by your sheer frustration.
gianescape105 Gian: …Yeah, but…

…how does that equal me getting grabbed by the shoulders and shoved up against the wall?

gianescape113 Gian: I’d say that maybe opening the floodgates once’ll make you feel a lot better? It’s not good to hold it all in.
luchiescape401 Luchino: I suppose so. It’s starting to cut into my sleep. This is the first time I’ve had such purple balls since I was old enough to know.

No matter how high brow you make that sound…

And? Why is sig. Luchino doing his best to make my head one with the wall?

gianescape303 Gian: W-Whoa! Hey, stop that, the hell’s wrong with you? What do you think you’re doing?
luchiescape301 Luchino: … …Testing the reaches … of my pleasures and seniority?
gianescape302 Gian: You made that up just now.

However, now that he’s brought up hierarchy, I can’t really go against him. It’s my current Achilles’ heel.

Luchino’s hands leave my shoulders. I hesitate to retaliate, instead choosing to brace myself against the wall with both arms and to wait for his next words.


Luchino: I do love blondes.

gianescape211 Gian: Huh?

Luchino: Turn around right where you are. I’m saying I want to engage in some fantasizing.

bg00     bg40


luchiescape303 Luchino: What a wonderful hair color. I can satisfy my libido just from the back of your head, even if it is you. Just like during this afternoon.
gianescape302 Gian: I’m hearing a hiiint of self-flagellation in there…

I couldn’t help myself from quipping back.

luchiescape310 Luchino: Hey there, keep your face hidden. Just a little … hmm, let’s see… Ah yes, stick your ass out.
gianescape213 Gian: What?!

With a fwhip my pants get pulled down. The cold air hits my bare buttocks. I feel tension slip from Luchino while I’m still caught up in surprise.


Why am I not running or screaming my head off…? I completely missed the boat on that one.

All I’m doing now is praying over and over that no one comes by. I’d never live it down if someone sees me like this.

I’ve seen this sort of thing countless times in the slammer, dudes lending others a hand in their fapping by sticking their ass out and hiding their faces.

Most of them were frail, doll-looking fellas. Never thought I’d be going down their road, too….

Gian: Are you serious? Sigh…

Luchino: Your masculine voice is making me go limp. Try giving a cute yip.


Gian: Yip, yip.

Luchino: …Shut it.

bg00     luchiscene03

I can’t see what’s going on back there, but I feel the air shift somewhere right behind my ass. Luchino’s pumping himself with his fist.

Luchino: I never thought I’d have to jerk myself off…

Sighs are pouring heartily from his mouth, but I’m the one really wants to give a great sigh.

For a while, only the sounds of rhythmic stroking reaches my ears. The faster he finishes his business, the better, but there’s neither sign of him speeding up nor of him catching his breath.

Luchino: …Seems like this isn’t enough…


Out of nowhere, Luchino pulls one of my arms back. I have a bad feeling. I feel a smirk perched behind my ears.

Luchino: …Come on, take hold. Service me with your hand.

So we did come to this. I give my best shot at keeping my face turned away while straining my arm back behind me.

Gian: Doesn’t a guy’s hand on your junk turn you off?

Luchino: But my own hand’s not getting the job done.

This is also something I’ve heard countless times behind bars. And here I thought it’d never have anything to do with me…

I break out of jail, and this is what happens to me. I thought I had better luck than other people!


Gian: …Ugh…

I give myself in to my fate and grab what I’ve been given. It’s hot, it’s moist, and it’s pretty big.


As I curse the family’s rule of showing absolute obedience to your superiors, I start moving my hand back and forth. What’s so great about wanking off someone else’s junk…

I concentrate on the movements in my hand. Make it so he can’t get used to the rhythm. Touching him any old way is just going to prolong the inevitable.

Luchino: …Yeah, that’s good. Keep that up…

I feel both relieved and dizzy with shame at hearing the satisfaction drenching Luchino’s voice.

Luchino: Hmm, for a guy, you’ve got a really tight ass.

Luchino smacks my butt with his free hand.


Gian: Stop that…

I feel Luchino’s hand bump against mine as it fists back and forth. IFrom what it feels like, he’s having me stroke the tip while he himself works at the base.

Luchino: That’s good… This is … working rather … well.

Slippery liquid is oozing from his tip. It spreads down to where his glans tapers off so that with every movement, there’s an obscene squelching noise.

Its surface is getting tighter, and its body is getting harder, and it’s so hot…

Luchino: Hm…? What’re you wiggling your ass for?

Luchino: …Oh, it’s been a while for you, too. Is your arousal making you hard?


I hear the chuckle, and though I know I can’t see it, I shut my eyes. …What can you do? I mean, it’s like I’m jerking myself off…

Right across the wall, the others in la la land. When I think about it, something down in my gut prickles more than it needs to.

Gian: …! …How long…?

Luchino: Don’t worry, you’re almost there…

The penis in my hand bucks. Luchino’s started thrusting.


Luchino: Don’t … you dare loosen your hold! I’m going … to cum…! …Gh…!

Luchino’s shaft swells.

Luchino: …Nngh…!


Cloudy jizz spurts from his penis with the sensuous moan. Small shudders wrack my body as I lightly milk it further.

Drip, drip, they hit the ground. The force behind the hot fluid finally peters out, leaving it dangling from my hand.

Luchino: Whoa, there. I thought I’d try getting some over your rear…

Gian: Keep it, pervert.

Luchino jerks back before rubbing his tip up against the crack.

The touch of a heat that hasn’t gone completely limp sends a shiver of something like fear down my spine…


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