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Part 2: Escape

Chapter 5

Take Two

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Luchino: On second thought, I do want to see your face for this.


The words sounded like a lightbulb going off in his head, and he spins me around and pushes my back to the wall.


My other hand, the one that hadn’t touched him yet, is guided to Luchino’s cock again. With hardness still remaining in the flesh pressed into my hand, I find myself at a loss.

…Does he mean that he wants me to jerk him off once more, this time facing him?

Gian: You’re done! Once is enough!

Luchino: There’s still more to come. …Oh yeah, you can relieve yourself, too, while you’re at it.

My own exposed cock is standing in salute. Luchino pulls my free hand towards it and puts it in its grip.


I have both dicks in my hands. Luchino’s in my left, mine in my right.


How’d things come to this? I feel like sobbing the words out as I start moving my hands.

…Just the feeling of being held is pushing me more than the actual pulling and tugging.

Luchino: …Put some muscle into it. Work the base, too.

I don’t know if that’s an order on how to work him or an instruction on my own job, but the movements in both my hands grow bolder and stronger.

I jerk my hands so forcefully that they slap against Luchino’s straining abs. I hit both the skin over his torso and the curly hair there. There’s no words to describe the sensation that lingers in my fingers.


Gian: …Ah! W-Wait, the hell you doing?!


Out of nowhere, he gives my nipple a tweak, drawing a sharp yelp from me.

With a great throb, blood flows towards my crotch. About the same time, Luchino’s also grows.


Gian: Ah…! Nnh, I’m asking, what the hell are you-! …Haa…!

Luchino: I’m just enjoying the sight of a cute golden pup panting in front of me. What about it?

He says it so bluntly with that handsome face of his that I feel put down.

Luchino: So you really are blond down below.


Gian: Let’s stop this … already…

Luchino: Getting teary-eyed will only make my blood race even more.


Gian: Fuck if I am, shithead.

If I turn my face away now, he’ll have ammo on me. I steel myself for the long haul and look him back in the eyes. I know my face is burning up a storm.

Damn it, he’s … looking all laid-back … even though he should be pretty sensitive after cumming once already. Even though he’s dripping about as much as I am.


Gian: … Gh…! …How’re you gonna explain this away … if someone sees…?

Luchino: You shouldn’t make such a sexy face, just like a pretty dame… Shit, I’m feeling it come faster than I thought.

You’re not answering the question. My lip twists in annoyance.

Luchino: …You really are quite the man, Gian.

I can’t tell if he’s teasing or if he’s serious. Seeing his expression look even more dignified than usual despite the current situation is frustrating me somewhat.

Of the two hot members in my hands, I can’t deny that mine is the one pulsating more.

Luchino: Hm? Are you reaching your peak soon?


Gian: Quit staring…

Embarrassment spreads through my whole body at the sight of Luchino lowering his eyes down below. I unconsciously tighten my grip.


Gian: Ah…!

The lower vein twitches. …It’s like Luchino’s gaze is directly spurring me on, and before I realize it, I’ve hurdled straight over the edge.

luchiscene07     bg0


Gian: …! Ah, ngh…!

The resulting bliss from the discharge sends tiny shivers through me, trickling down to my toes.

Luchino’s hands swoop in over mine as they fall away loose, and, with my hands enveloped in his, he strokes.

Luchino: …!

Luchino’s erection throbs, powerful enough to feel like it’s pulling at the skin of my hands. It spits out no less seed than earlier.

luchiscene10     luchiscene11

I heave a sigh, feeling the hot liquid hanging and dripping from my hands…


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Luchino: …Well, that’s a load off.

Being the only one in high spirits, he lets me go and alone fixes his clothes.

He catches me glaring at him, smiles, and shrugs.


Luchino: I won’t spill the beans, so don’t your pretty little head.

I stare at him some more, trying to gauge whether I can trust him or not, when he says,

Luchino: I won’t do it any more. I can swear it if you’d like.

He chuckles weakly, as though to pacify me.

Luchino: Take it as horse play and wipe it from your mind.


With an air of composure, Luchino sets off towards the front of the cabin.

…If that’s the case, then don’t do it in the first place. With my back still to the wall, I slide down, down, until my butt hits the ground…


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