Lucky Dog 1 translations 06 Giulio route 03

Part 2: Escape

Chapter 6

Hints of Sedition

I leave Ivan behind in front of the cabin as I chase after Giulio.

Gian: Giulio!  I’ll lend you a hand.

Giulio: …Thank you.  But, it is all right.

I’d gone with Luchino right after the attack to check on our stuff and to find the body in the meantime, so I know where it is.

The body’s stayed put where we’d last left it.

He’s wearing a getup reeking of boonie.  He’s younger than the guy we’d caught alive – doesn’t even look into his thirties yet.  I think his name was Benbar?

He was probably really desperate when he tried to defend himself since there’s quite a few knife wounds along his arm.  …Huh.  But the cuts are a bit too deep for that…  Hm?

I quickly lower my gun.  All that’s there is the body that Giulio’d mercilessly killed, easy as slapping a fly… or at least, seeing the corpse I could easily see that happening.

Giulio: …He has a good dying expression, do you not think?

Gian: Sure, if you’ve got a thing for eyewhites and twisted mouths.

…Now that I look, it’s amazing Giulio hasn’t got any blood splatter on his clothes.

Gian: We just need to hide him somewhere, right?

I say this, but there’s no time to dig a hole, so maybe we’ll just haul him over to some ditch somewhere and cover him with dry leaves…?

Just as I’m looking around to see if there’s any place good nearby, Giulio’s looming over the body, straddling it.

Gian: Hey!  What’re you doing?!
Giulio: I am removing his clothes…

Is it just me … or does he look excited…

Gian: No, wait wait wait.  Why’re you…?

Giulio quickly undoes the body’s buttons.

Giulio: With the body stripped, you cannot identify where it came from.  In addition, it will decompose faster.
Gian: Yeah, I know, but…

But there’s something off in your eyes.

Giulio deftly strips the man.  He gathers the blood-stained clothes, bundles them up and puts them down by the side.

There’s stab marks in the corpse’s stomach and chest.  He’s not bleeding … but I guess that’s no surprise, being dead and all.

Gian: We’ll toss these clothes somewhere fa— Giulio!  The hell are you doing?!

Giulio’s grabbed the body by the chin and he’s got his knife in his hands, just about to place it up to its throat.

Giulio: I am going to dismember it.  If we scatter the pieces, then it will deco—

Gian: W-Wait, wait a second!  Hey!

I’ve got no desire to sit there and watch the corpse getting butchered to pieces.

There’s no need to go that far in the first place, and we don’t have that much time anyways.  Yeck, Giulio.  He’s clearly bouncing in place over this!


Aagh, and there the knife goes, down below the jaw…

Gian: …Wait!  That scar!

Just when I’m about to look away, I discover a suspicious shadow down on the inside of the corpse’s arm.

Giulio: …Eh?

Despite his one-track expression, Giulio stops.

There are scars on both his inside arm.  They’re burns, but strangely large, like they’re put there on purpose…  Plus, they’re not done healing yet either.

Gian: Isn’t this from removing a tattoo?
Giulio: …It would appear so.

He probably took a cigarette to it to burn it off.

…Burn the CR:5 tattoo off, that is.

Or it could be something completely unrelated.  But, since it’s not healed over, he did this recently, and judging by the large size, it’s likely it’s to take off the tattoo.

Gian: He was an ex-soldier…  In other words, a turncoat.

I bite down hard on my molars.

Gian: …Let’s go back and report to the others.  The quicker the better.

Giulio looks down with a somewhat regretful expression at the body, but stands with a whispered, “Understood.”

We do a simple cover job by covering the man’s body with some dried branches and leaves before heading back to the cabin.  With all that’s going on, it looks like we’re passed the thirty minute mark.

Luchino and Bernardo step through the door.  Just on time.  Everyone’s gathered out front now.

Ivan: You end up whacking him?
Bernardo: No, we left him on the ground unconscious.  We broke all his fingers and all his toes on one foot.

Giulio: Did you check every corner of his body?

Luchino: Huh?

Giulio: The body outside…  There are burns on the inside of his arm, from removing his tattoo.

He says it deadpan, but everyone knows he’s talking about the CR:5 tattoo you get when you’re made.

Bernardo and Luchino’s faces twist, as though they’d caught sight of something particularly repulsive.  The two immediately head back into the cabin and drag the mess of a man out.

We forcefully wake him by slapping him on the face.  He doesn’t really struggle, probably because he’s got no idea what’s going on.

I help Luchino strip the guy.  …I find a burn, still unhealed, on his thigh.

Gian: …Found it.  This, right?

If they both have one, then it’s no coincidence…

Luchino: This really does … look like our mark…

Bernardo: Former, you mean.  Filthy traitors.

Once you’re acknowledged by the family, you can’t ever leave, just like how you can’t make blood ties disappear into thin air.

About the only way you can leave voluntarily is if you get really sick.  Burning the tattoo off to hide it is equivalent to declaring that you’ve abandoned the family.

Luchino: So this was why I thought he looked familiar.  Hey, anyone know this guy?  Whose crew is he?

However, none of us can say we know anything about the two hitmen.

Bernardo: They acted like they recognized us…
Gian: But it doesn’t look like they knew about me…
Ivan: Hey, you … where’re you from?!  Spit it out!

Don’t know if the guy’s half-unconscious, but he says nothing.  He just whispers something under his breath.

Maybe he’s not a formal made man?  Sometimes there are stupid idiots, associates and followers, who just think it’s cool to get a tattoo.

Gian: Hey, speak up.  We can’t hear you.

Man: …Help … me…

Luchino: Was the name you gave us fake, too?  Was it a lie that you’re a GD hoodlum?  Not like it really matters at this point, though.

Man: ‘s real…  Please … home…  Please…

I feel vaguely sorry for this guy.  He doesn’t get what’s in store for him at all.

Gian: You stupid idiot…  You just had to go and get a tattoo…

In the name of Omertà, you can’t shame the family.  They spoil me a bit, but even I know where to draw the line.

Luchino digs his fingers into the remnants of the man’s tattoo, rubbing it back and forth.

Luchino: By the code…

Bernardo: …Traitors are put to death.

Man: …Stop, please.  My wife’s pregnant.  The baby’s still inside her.  I’m a father.  If I don’t support them, they’ll…

Luchino: Don’t worry.  She’ll find herself another man in a heartbeat.

Sighing at the sight of the thug struggling with all his might and begging for his life, Luchino hands the pistol over to me.

…Telling me to kill him?  I feel a faint disgust at the weight of the gun.

Gian: …Me?
Luchino: It’s one of the duties of a capo.  You need the experience.

Man: …Help me!  Please…!!

I put the muzzle to the man’s head, still begging and pleading for his life, but in the end, I look over to Giulio and signal to him with my eyes.

I should leave this to someone more suitable, I think.

Giulio: …Understood.


Giulio gets down on one knife and smoothly sinks the knife into the man’s chest with a slide, like he’s just cutting up something – something like cheese, maybe.


The tip of the knife burrows into the space between the man’s ribs and into the heart.

Man: Gah…  Save…

He shudders several times before his eyes turn back.

I check his breath.  No one speaks.


Giulio eases the knife out.  Then, he puts a hand on the man’s skull.

He starts separating the guy’s ear off from the base up top.

Gian: Giulio!  What the hell’re you doing?!

The others don’t say a thing.

Giulio: …I am removing his ear.

Bernardo: A gruesome death awaits turncoats … but this one died a fairly easy death.
Luchino: We can’t take our time here.  Just make it one ear, Giulio.

Just then … I don’t mean to … but I see…

I notice that, as he’s working, Giulio’s got a tent.  His eyes are unusually bright.  …He’s turned on.

I can’t watch anymore and turn away.  The other three all turn a blind eye.

After slicing off one ear, he reaches to start on the other one, but Bernardo grabs him by the shoulder and stops him.

Giulio: …But…

Bernardo: Giulio, leave it at that.  Once we get back to Daivan, you can play all you like.

Giulio: …With the GD?

Bernardo: Yeah.

Giulio beams.  A joyful smile.  He flicks the ear, sending speckles of blood flying, and sticks it into his pocket before standing.

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  1. Lennie
    Sep 14, 2015 @ 18:19:41

    “Giulio gets down on one knife and smoothly sinks the knife ….” Should be “on one knee”



  2. Mik
    Nov 23, 2015 @ 18:55:22

    I had a feeling giulio was a necrophiliac. He seemed far too enthusiastic about killing, even for a mafia captain.



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