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Part 2: Escape

Chapter 6


We tie the guy up with some cloth and toss him into the lodge.

We stand around him, gouging him with kicks.  At first he screams and squeals, but eventually he quiets down.

Luchino: Come on, spit it out.  Who’s your boss?
Ivan: The kerosene’s waiting for you if you don’t!

Burning someone to the brink of death is pretty everyday, by Mafia standards, for torture.  We don’t have any kerosene here, though.

Luchino: …We do have gasoline though.
Bernardo: Don’t.  You’ll blow us up.
Gian: Isn’t there a more peaceful way to go about this?
Giulio: We should just kill him…  We are wasting time.

We go about our extraordinary conversation, ignoring the ugly expression of the man at our feet.

…After the surprise attack, we’d quickly checked the situation around us.

It’s just a team of two.  Didn’t find any signs of anyone else.

The Alfa Romeo we’d hidden a ways away is safe.  No signs they’d found it.

Luchino and I’d checked out the corpse, the one that Giulio’d snuffed out.

He’d had a gun, but looks like Giulio’d gotten to him before he could fire a single shot.  He probably wasn’t used to real combat.

The corpse, like our guy, hadn’t had any sort of identification on him.  We’d taken the gun and what little cash he had.

But … something’s off.  Something’s missing.  They should have something, but they don’t.

Bernardo: Did you notice anything, Giulio?  Did he say something before you killed him?

Giulio: Nothing…  However … I did see him throw away something small at a distance.
Ivan: What was it?

A second late, it hits me.

Gian: Car keys.

The others look at me and pick up what I’m saying.

Gian: I mean, they had to have had some sort of transportation to get here.  He probably tossed it to keep us from stealing it.

I take it I’m not off, judging by the guy’s expression.

Ivan: Oh, I get it…

Bernardo puts some back into his next kick, which nails the guy in the stomach.

Bernardo: Where did you leave the car you used to come here?

Luchino: Come on!  Give us the truth, hm?

Man: Guh!  Aagh … stop!  Guah!

…He can’t talk with you kicking him around like a beanbag, Luchino.

Luchino: I can’t help … but feel like I recognize him from somewhere.
Ivan: Huh?  Hurry up and remember!
Luchino: I’ve been trying…!

The thump-thump of kicks shows no sign of stopping.

It really does bring me down a little.  It’s not because I’m used to living in a world of violence, or because I’m not flinching away from it anymore.  I mean, wouldn’t you imagine yourself in his shoes?

Bernardo: You look down, Gian.
Gian: Yeah, well…

It’s not just because lynching’s all gloom and doom.  I don’t really want to think about the situation we’re in right now.

The reason these hitmen appeared at the cabin…  Ivan’s probably gonna make a fuss about it soon…  I may as well say my piece before he does.

Gian: …How do you think he – or shall we say the guy who hired him – knew about us being here in this lodge?

Our gazes naturally fall … on Bernardo.

That’s right.  If anyone other than us knows about us staying here at the lodge, then it’d be the person Bernardo talked to on the phone.

It’s not impossible for the Bowick villagers to realize we’re actually escaped convicts.

But so long as they didn’t follow us last night, they shouldn’t be able to find this place without an all-nighter.

Gian: Isn’t this another leak?
Luchino: …Again?  Well, that’s no good.

With a sigh, Luchino gives the guy a big boot.

Ivan turns scrutinizing eyes towards Bernardo.

Ivan: These guys aren’t the ones picking us up, are they?!

Bernardo: That’s impossible.

Even as he denies this, though, Bernardo looks like he’s swallowed a very bitter fly.

Gian: …But that’s the only possibility.

Bernardo: Gian…!

Bernardo’s starting to bristle, but I feel the need to lay the truth out clearly for him.

Gian: First, your guys didn’t come pick us up from the prison.  Then, somehow our transfer in Suncreek was leaked out.  And finally, hitmen come at us, here, at the lodge.
Gian: …Sorry, but I don’t really feel like heading towards the promised meeting place now.

I see Luchino and Giulio give a small nod.

Gian: Just now, if your luck was just a tad worse, you would’ve kicked it, too.  I don’t think you betrayed us…  But you do know, right, Bernardo?  This is your responsibility.

Bernardo silently looks at me.  At some point in time, the kicking’s stopped.

Giulio: …If we are not going to meet them, then we have time.  What shall we do with him?

At Giulio’s question, the tension suddenly disappears.

Luchino: That’s true.  We have to squeeze every last drop of information we can from him.

Luchino and Bernardo bend over and pick up the guy so that he’s sitting up on the floor.

Bernardo: Someone stand guard outside.  Also … while I don’t think it will become a real problem, someone should go hide the body outside as much as possible.

Ivan, who’d been glaring at Bernardo, snorts.

Ivan: Don’t take your sweet time.  Thirty minutes, tops.  Luchino, keep your eyes peeled.  Who knows if he or Bernardo’ll try something funny.

Ivan pulls out the gun for show, the one that’d been stuck into his waistband.  The other piece is on Luchino.

Probably deciding to take care of either watch or the corpse, Ivan opens the door and leaves.  Giulio follows after him.


I stick with Bernardo and Luchino and decide to watch the man’s interrogation.  I stay in the hut.


Bernardo: I thought you were bad with this sort of thing, Gian.


gianescape101 Gian: It’s true it’s not my specialty.

But I wanted to hear the information the moment it came from the horse’s mouth.


Luchino: Thirty minutes, he said?  Well, let’s get started…

The man’s face gone dark red suddenly turns white as all the blood drains from it.


Man: Wait!  I’ll talk…!  So just let me go, OK?!

The moment he screams, I quickly steal a glance at the other’s expression.



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