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Part 2: Escape

Chapter 6

Change of Plans

Bernardo: Leave the body as it is, as a warning.

I realize I’m parched as I follow the others.

Gian: Then let’s move out to the car…  No point in staying here.


As we walk, Luchino and Bernardo lay out what they’d wrangled from their torturee.

He’d come clean about being a GD hoodlum.

The man had returned from Daivan and had laid low in Queen Quarter, at a convenience store that doubled as a loaning business owned by a GD sympathizer.

Last night, he’d gotten a call from the higher-ups.  Received orders to head on over to a small cabin by the nearby Bowick Village and pop off the guys lying low there.  In other words, us.

The guy was a local, so he’d known what cabin they were talking about.  He’d brought his friend along and drove to the area.  They’d stopped a ways away and had hiked to the lodge, where they’d launched the surprise attack.

Gian: ‘The small cabin near Bowick Village’…?  How the hell did the GD bastards get such detailed info?!

Did they hear from whoever Bernardo’d talked to on the phone?

Bernardo: Last night, I couldn’t reach the Boss, so I’d asked one of my trusted subordinates to send someone over to pick us up.

Gian: Give us a replay of what you told him.

Bernardo: …‘The five of us are fine.  I’m calling from Bowick Village.  We’re laying low at a small cabin nearby.’

Bernardo: ‘Send someone to pick us up tomorrow morning at ten by the north entrance to the forest.’

Bernardo: …was what I’d said.  I didn’t have the opportunity to hear the reply.  The village chief was standing nearby, so I couldn’t let the call run long and make him suspicious.

Giulio: No matter how you examine the situation, that was the point at which the information leaked…

I think so, too.  The information matches to a T.

Luchino: Someone from your crew is either selling information to those GD hyenas or the information was drawn out of them through force…
Bernardo: That shouldn’t be…  No, I can’t say it’s impossible, but…

Ivan: Maybe your crew figured it was a good a chance as any to pick us all off?  After all, they can knock off all four captains standing in their way in one fell swoop.

Family solidarity and our relative isolation and cold shoulder to everyone else is supposed to be the one thing in the world that stands strong through everything.  It makes me sick, thinking there might be a traitor among us.

I feel a bit of disgust at Ivan for even considering this and bringing the topic up.

Ivan: Or maybe … they’re rebelling against the Boss for saying something stupid like making Gian the next boss?
Gian: The fuck did you say, you asshole?

My words are laced with irritation, but Ivan really doesn’t know when to jerk the reins on his imagination.

Ivan: …No, no, wait.  Or maybe this was all a part of the Boss’s plan all along.

Luchino: What?  The Boss’s?

The Boss?  Betray us?

I’m about to cut in with a ‘What for?’ when the most likely reason pops into my head.

He could be taking advantage of the situation, wiping out all his pesky captains in one go…?

If so, then I’d be just a cog, a pawn.  Picked up and tossed away without a second thought.

Bernardo: No, that’s impossible.  Absolutely impossible.

Seriously.  This isn’t a cheesy soap opera where the Boss is some evil villain mastermind, the last boss standing in our way.

Luchino: The Boss isn’t someone who would sell himself out solely for self-interest.

‘…Unlike you,’ says Luchino’s harsh glare, directed at Ivan.

Ivan: Heh…  Who knows?  After all, hasn’t the Boss already gone and killed off all the captains once before?

Gian: Huh?

I open my mouth, about to ask him, ‘What crack are you smoking?’ but I hold back at the sight of Bernardo and Luchino’s tight expressions.

Ivan: Twenty years ago, Alessandro was the dirt-last captain, and the only reason he’d climbed to his position as boss was ‘cause he’d killed off the other captains and his boss … or so I heard.

Bernardo: Quiet!  We’re through talking about the Boss here.

Bernardo: It’s unseemly to get puffed up over something that happened while you weren’t even firmly entrenched in your mamma’s stomach, Ivan.

Ivan shows no sign of being put off by Bernardo’s tongue-lashing either.

Ivan: Lots of people I know say it’s true!

Bernardo: Slight the Boss any more, and I will consider this as treason against the family.  You won’t be able to squirm your way out of that so easily.

Luchino: Leave it, Ivan.  I’m with Bernardo on this…
Ivan: Heh…


Ivan sheathes his claws, using the sighting of the crimson red of the Alfa Romeo peeking through the brush as an excuse.

Now that we’ve stopped quarreling, the commotion of bird songs and tree rustlings suddenly reach my ears.

…This is the first time I’ve heard this rumor about the Boss, and I turn it round and round in my mind.

He snuffed out the previous boss and all the other captains, and climbed from being the lowest-ranking capo to sitting on the Boss’s seat…?

The problem is that Ivan doesn’t think it’s just any old tale.  Bernardo passed it off as an empty, baseless rumor, but that just means that the rumor exists in the first place…

What a nasty rumor, especially since I’m currently the lowest-ranking capo.  I can’t imagine wanting the boss’s seat that badly.

Luchino: Five a car again…?  Should we go pick up the car those two came in?
Bernardo: Let’s not.  We don’t have the keys, and we’re not even sure if it’s parked where he said it is.

Luchino: True.  Still, to think he was a turncoat…

Ivan: There’s no question the info was leaked, though.  If I were a GD bum, I’d lay in wait by the north entrance.

Discomforted by the whole thing, Bernardo lets out a sigh.

Bernardo: Yeah, let’s avoid the area.


I’d been keeping quiet when Giulio peers at me worriedly.

Giulio: …Signor Gian?

Gian: O-Oh, huh?  …What’s wrong?

Giulio: Nothing…

Luchino gestures for us to get in the car.  I straddle over the narrow door and plop myself into the cramped backseat.

Luchino: We need to get moving.  Those two aren’t going anywhere, so others may come to check up on them.

And then they’d find the bodies and realize we’re in perfect health.

Giulio: Move?  …But where are we going?
Ivan: Daivan, of course.
Bernardo: …I’m not comfortable with making a beeline for Daivan in the current situation.
Luchino: We have the rags and food from Bowick, the two pieces we picked up from the defectors, and a scrap of cash.  I don’t think we can’t make it through somehow, but…

Why the fuck are we jabbering on about this over and over again while we’re still stuck halfway up in the mountains?

Usually, the family could use some hand or another to deal with the police investigations.  And even if no one came to pick us up, we could get to Daivan without so much trouble.

But in this situation, even the trustworthiness of the family is called into question.  If Bernardo’s trusted men can’t be relied on, then … the same holds for the others, too.

Just what is going on in Daivan?  Haven’t heard news of the Boss in a while, either.  What the hell is that old man doing right now?

Agh, jeez, now I’m getting really pissed off.

I smack the back of the seat in front of me with a whap.  The others’ eyes focus on me.

Gian: All right, listen up, ye hooligans!  Your future boss has a proposal for you!  Let’s make a stop before we head over to Daivan!

I viciously whap the seat a few times as I make my proposal to the others, their faces scrawled all over with, ‘The hell are you saying?’

Giulio: A stop…?
Luchino: What for?
Gian: The two turncoats still haven’t paid back in full for that surprise attack they pulled on us, so I wanna call on a favor from them.
Ivan: Huh?  What’re you—
Gian: ‘sides!  We can’t reach Daivan without filling up on gas once on the way anyways.

I look around at the others’ faces.

Gian: Why don’t we stop by Queen Quarter and throw one hell of a party?


Just in case, we avoid our set meeting place when we pull out of the forest.  It’s probably why we manage to slink by without any fear of those lying in wait for us.

We race and roar down the country roads.  We pass by numerous cars, but even if they realize we’re clothed in stripes, there’s no way they could catch up to us at the speed we’re going.

The only thing we leave behind are the rags we’d been planning to use for camouflage.  There’s hardly a car out there in the world that could catch up to the Alfa Romeo.

We talk about nothing important as we fly down the road.  Even if a sheriff shows up, this is the middle of nowhere.  They’re not even worth noting.

Other than that … well, what will happen, will happen!  In other words, play it by the ear!

I’ve been holding everything in too long.

Besides, everything feels kind of muffled to me…  …Perhaps I’d just wanted to test my luck.

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