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Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 7 Best

Future Arrangements

Ivan: Hey!  Hold it there, just a sec.  …Gian, what the hell’re you gonna do?

Gian: Huh?

Ivan points straight at me.

Ivan: As a captain!  You were the one all harping about what to do in this fucked up situation!


Unconsciously, I turn to look at Bernardo.




Bernardo, who had lost his trusted men and whose racket is in shambles…  ‘If there’s something I could do to help…’  The thought suddenly flits across my mind.

I can see the eyes looking my way blink behind their frames.  It’s OK.  He’s not rejecting me.

giandaivan3-1-1 Gian: It’s not like I’ve got any lackeys to use, so I was just thinking maybe I’d help Bernardo out for a while.

A beat later, Bernardo responds.

Bernardo: To be honest, I would be grateful if you could.  I’ve lost several men directly beneath me, so I’m lacking in manpower…

giandaivan1-5-1 Gian: Well, not sure whether I’ll actually be useful or not … but I could at least play the role of a guard dog, right?  Besides, there’s some who seem to be suspecting Bernardo…


I very purposely glare at Ivan from the corner of my eyes.

cavalli1 Cavalli: Hm.  If you will be working with Bernardo, then there isn’t anything I really need to teach you.


Bernardo: I may not have much free time, but … I will teach Gian about the family business as much as I can.

cavalli2 Cavalli: Good.  Make sure to work him to the bones!

As Bernardo and Gramps nod to each other … for some reason, I remember that time when I’d first entered the CR:5.

Bernardo’d been a great partner for me when I was first getting used to the CR:5.  He’ll probably be a great partner again now that I have to relearn everything about the city from here on out.

ivandaivan3-2-2 Ivan: Why’re you the one always…

Ivan’s irritated whisper reaches my ears.

luchidaivan1-2-1 Luchino: Resent not, envy not, youth of ours.
ivandaivan3-3-2b Ivan: Shut up!  Agh, whatever.  This is why geezers getting along in their years are…
giuliodaivan1-3-1 Giulio: If you have any objections, then why don’t you prove your strength…?  Shall we?  Fight using something other than words.

Being the CR:5 boss means that I’ll be above all of them, huh…   The captains, each with their quirk or two … plus the noisy directors and the bulk of the made men…

If I’m going to be Boss, I’m going to have to show some real, concrete strength.  I hide the shudders that come.

Cavalli: …Mm.  Looks like Gian’s plan of action has been settled.  Now then, it’s about time I get some rest.

Consigliere Cavalli stands.  As we make to follow him, he holds up a hand to stop us.

Cavalli: There’s a room here that I’m familiar with.  I will stay there for tonight.

Bernardo:  Understood.  Thank you, Consgliere.  Have a restful night…

With those words, Bernardo’s eyes fly wide open, as though something’s struck him.  This expression suddenly infects Luchino as well.


Luchino: That’s right…  What are we going to do about our sleeping arrangements?

Gian: Mm, huh…

Giulio: The entire top floor … has been reserved, but…

Ivan: …Hm?  Huh?  …Huh?!

Ivan ticks something off on his fingers.

Ivan: …Hey, don’t tell me … we’re … short on rooms…

Bernardo: If I remember correctly, the top floor has…

Luchino: There’s one room being used as an office.  That’s Bernardo’s work room…  After that, there are three guestrooms…

Bernardo: …and the main room, which has two beds.

Ivan: Wha…?  Four rooms?!  That means…

Giulio: Two people … will be rooming together.

Move to route of character whose affection you have most of.

…Now then.  Room arrangements.  Somehow or another, I get the feeling the greenhorn (that’s me) and some unlucky unfortunate soul will be stuffed into that double room.

The one who doesn’t look like he’ll complain shacking up with me…


Ivan: Agh, no way in fucking hell I’m doing it.  Like hell I’m so pathetic I’ve gotta sleep with a guy, shit.

giandaivan1-4-2b Gian: Those’re my lines!  …If I remember right, though, there’s two beds…?


berndaivan4-6-1 Bernardo: Yeah.  There are two full-size beds in the room.
ivandaivan4-3-1b Ivan: I’m gonna use the guestroom down that way.  I’ve already left my stuff there.
berndaivan4-1-1 Bernardo: What will you do, Luchino?


Luchino: Even if I have to bear with a fairly small room, I’d feel more comfortable being alone.  …Ah.  I’ll help myself to the guestroom by the elevator.  The view should be the best there.


giuliodaivan1-3-1 Giulio: I will…

Giulio looks towards Bernardo with an expression like, ‘I’ll leave the decision up to you.’  Bernardo links his fingers, thinks a bit…

berndaivan1-2-1 Bernardo: It doesn’t matter to me whether I room with someone or not.  I have my own separate workroom being set up, and either way I’ll probably be so busy that I’ll only return to the room to sleep.

…Work room?  ‘??’ floats over my head as Bernardo says to me,


Bernardo: Gian, would you mind rooming with me?  The room’s beds are larger than those in the other rooms, too…

giandaivan2-5-1 Gian: S-Sure…  I don’t really mind one way or another.


…So Bernardo brought it up himself.  Maybe he feels the responsibility of being the mediator for everyone?  …Or is it something else…?


Giulio: Then, I will … go into the remaining guestroom.

Giulio whispers this before standing from his seat.  Following him are Luchino and Ivan.

berndaivan4-6-1 Bernardo: So now room arrangements are done…  Then, if there are any problems, let me know.  I will be rummaging around in my work room for the time being.
giuliodaivan1-1-1 Giulio: …Then … if you need anything, please call, Signor Gian.

After everyone left…  Bernardo stands with a “Now then,” looking a bit under the wind.   That way’s…

Huh?  That’s not the way to the main room…


Bernardo: Head on to the room ahead of me.  If there’s anything missing, just call the front desk or bring it up with one of the guards.

giandaivan2-1-1 Gian: I guess so…  You feeling peckish, Bernardo?


Bernardo: If you eat too much at night, you’ll grow fat.

giandaivan1-3-1 Gian: C’mon, you really think so?  That’s just superstition!


Bernardo: How wonderful it must be to be young.  …I still have a bit of work left to do.  I’ll see you later.


Bernardo waves as he walks away.  …And he’s gone.  He disappears into the furthest room on the floor.  It’s sort of a guestroom but also a waiting room…

…Suddenly, things quiet down.  Suddenly, everything settles.  Of course, I mean everything but the CR:5’s situation.

In reality, our Boss’s still MIA…  The GD are still launching attacks on our turf…  There’s stool pigeons and rats still holing up amongst us…

giandaivan3-1-1 Gian: It’s so quiet…

…It feels like a super long time has passed since our time in prison.

It’s like the whole thing – stuffing five grown men into our pilfered Alpha and rolling about in that mountain hut trying to sleep – is all a joke.  …That’s how…

…how quiet, how comfortable, how safe everything feels in this hotel, on this lounge full of clean, fresh air, a floor that probably doesn’t even have a single bug crawling about.  The fluffy sofas, the clothes on my back, newly washed…

Family…  Allies…  Money…  They sure are great.

…that’s why … having a traitor among us is such a big problem…

bg00     bg63

…Bernardo’s a good guy.  I think.  But … Just how much do I know about him?  Just how much … does he know about me?

I walk through the enormous room…

I try heading to the sofa by the window.  Wow, wow, wow!  What a great view!  The Daivan night view’s not something to just pass over.

The beautiful night view and night sky painted onto the giant glass window…  It’s like my hideous mug’s been plastered over a wondrous painting, putting the sight to waste.  I form a gun out of my fingers, point it at the face in the window…

giandaivan4-3-1 Gian: Bang!

…I’m famished.

Looking for food, I…  Maybe I’ll order something from room service?

giandaivan2-5-1 Gian: ….Nh, oh.

My hand halts as I reach for the phone.  Now that I think about it, I‘m not living alone now.

…I puzzle over what to do for about three seconds.

giandaivan1-6-1 Gian: …Hey.  Can I still call for room service?  …Oh, nonono, just something light!  That’s good…  Yeah, not coffee.  Beer’s fine.
giandaivan3-3-1 Gian: Could you send it up to the room at the end, across from the main room?  …Yeah, that’s right.  That one.  Thanks a bunch!

I leave the main room and head on over.


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  1. etyy
    Jul 20, 2013 @ 09:29:52

    ‘five grown men into our pilfered wasAlpha’

    The sentence doesn’t sound right. Would ‘five grown men in our pilfered Alpha’ sound better?



  2. cue
    Jul 21, 2013 @ 13:22:47

    “How wonderful [it] must be to be young.”

    Just missing a word in there.



  3. RichGuy
    Jun 08, 2017 @ 13:47:11

    Don’t they know that they can sleep on the sofa? LOL. Too rich to be sleeping on something like that, uh?



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