Lucky Dog 1 translations 07 Giulio route 02

Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 7

Giulio’s Answer








giuliodaivanp1-1-1 Giulio: What it is … to be a Mafioso?

Facing me, Giulio cocks his to the side as usual.

giuliodaivanp1-2-1 Giulio: …I do not know.

That was fast…

giuliodaivanp4-1-2 Giulio: …My … apologies.  I cannot be of help.
giandaivanp2-2-1 Gian: Oh, no.  I, uh, just wanted to give asking a shot.

Though I’d figured I’d at least get some kind of hint or something.

giuliodaivanp1-1-1 Giulio: I am a soldato.  Of the captains, I am the only one.  Even now, that is my role…
giandaivanp2-1-1 Gian: So?  What about it?
giuliodaivanp5-1-1 Giulio: …What I strive for … is different from the other captains.
giuliodaivanp1-2-1 Giulio: If you question a captain besides me … perhaps you may find your desired answer, Signor Gian…

Maybe he’s thinking that him being a soldier leaves him an outsider.  Seeing Giulio say it calmly like that, seeing that attitude of his, though, somehow really pisses me off.

giandaivanp1-1-1 Gian: I wanted to hear your answer.  If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have asked.

My emotions color my voice.  Surprised, Giulio looks back at me confusedly.

giuliodaivanp4-2-2 Giulio: My apologies.  Have I … offended you?
giandaivanp2-2-1 Gian: No.  Not really.

As Giulio falls into thought, his expression slightly shifts.

giuliodaivanp1-1-1 Giulio: Oh…
giandaivanp2-1-1 Gian: What’s up?
giuliodaivanp4-2-1 Giulio: …I remembered.  In the past, when there was a conversation about the Cosa Nostra

For a second, Giulio’s eyes slide downwards, away from me.

giuliodaivanp1-2-1 Giulio: …there was a person who stated, ‘The Mafia are those who dirty their hands in other’s stead.’
giuliodaivanp5-1-1 Giulio: I remember easily accepting this answer at the time.  I do not know … if it will help you in your question, but…
giandaivanp3-2-1 Gian: ‘Those who dirty their hands in other’s stead,’ huh…

Everyone in the family is dirty, violates the law in some shape or form – whether you be soldier or not.

We dirty ourselves for our own sakes and for the sakes of the ordinary citizens living in the city seeking our protection.

giandaivanp3-3-1 Gian: Hmm?  That’s pretty easy to understand.

I feel like I got a response close to what I was looking for and my mood improves again.

I was right to ask Giulio.

giandaivanp2-3-1 Gian: Who told you that?

Maybe it was the Boss?  …Huh?  I think I see Giulio’s eyes flash cold for an instant.

giuliodaivanp1-2-1 Giulio: …It was … my master.


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