Lucky Dog 1 translations 07 Giulio route 05

Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 7

Future Arrangements

Ivan: Hey!  Hold it there, just a sec.  …Gian, what the hell’re you gonna do?

Gian: Huh?

Ivan points straight at me.

Ivan: As a captain!  You were the one all harping about what to do in this fucked up situation!

I turn my head and there in front of me is Giulio.  As usual, he’s staring straight at me.


I think the other captains’ll have their hands full to the brim with their own business.  I feel like the only one I can rely on without worrying is Giulio.

giandaivan2-5-1 Gian: Mm.  Giulio.  You feeling up to having a partner?

To my vague request…

Giulio: …Oh…

Giulio realizes that I mean and returns a nod back.

Giulio: If you … would be satisfied with me…

Even after Giulio’d become captain, he still continued doing the work usually left to combat goons.  That’s why I feel like we can get along without me holding back on him.

Cavalli: You two will be working together?  Giulio?  Gian?

Giulio: Y-Yes…!

Gian: Looks like I’ve gotta look for something I can do now.

The amount of experience I have as a capo is equivalent to nothing.

Ivan: Heh.  So your job’ll be tagging along on his walks?  You just took the dog name another step!

I flick a glance at Ivan before just settling on ignoring him.

Ivan: Hey.  If you’ve got something to say, spit it out!
Luchino: Did you want to be complimented for a joke well done?
Bernardo: If Gian were just a mongrel, then he wouldn’t have been able to lead us back to Daivan safely, you know.

Giulio stays staring at me without taking part in the riposte of words.

I take my eyes off him, trying to do so as naturally as possible.

I might’ve bothered him by doing so, but his gaze is really heavy.  I can’t shake the feeling that it’s not something that should be directed at someone like me.

I wonder if someday, I’ll become able to openly and naturally smile back at him someday…  For example, on the day I become the CR:5 boss.

Cavalli: …Mm.  Looks like Gian’s plan of action has been settled.  Now then, it’s about time I get some rest.

Consigliere Cavalli stands.  As we make to follow him, he holds up a hand to stop us.

Cavalli: There’s a room here that I’m familiar with.  I will stay there for tonight.

Bernardo:  Understood.  Thank you, Consgliere.  Have a restful night…

With those words, Bernardo’s eyes fly wide open, as though something’s struck him.  This expression suddenly infects Luchino as well.


Luchino: That’s right…  What are we going to do about our sleeping arrangements?

Gian: Mm, huh…

Giulio: The entire top floor … has been reserved, but…

Ivan: …Hm?  Huh?  …Huh?!

Ivan ticks something off on his fingers.

Ivan: …Hey, don’t tell me … we’re … short on rooms…

Bernardo: If I remember correctly, the top floor has…

Luchino: There’s one room being used as an office.  That’s Bernardo’s work room…  After that, there are three guestrooms…

Bernardo: …and the main room, which has two beds.

Ivan: Wha…?  Four rooms?!  That means…

Giulio: Two people … will be rooming together.

Ivan: Huh?!  Two … which one of you two, then?!

…That’s Ivan for you, taking himself out of the running from the very start.  It’s all too, too Ivan.

Ivan: ‘sides, don’t you guys have hideouts to hide out in somewhere on your turf, too?  I know some of you aren’t gonna spend too much time in your rooms … so why don’t the two of you just room together?
Bernardo: That’s impossible to determine at this moment.  More importantly, we could randomly select two of us in the same room and have them bicker it out, or…

When Bernardo gets that far, he looks towards Giulio and I.  …What does he want?  Just when I’m about to open my mouth to ask…

Giulio: Um … I…

Giulio speaks out in a un-Giulio, kinda high-pitched voice, causing everyone to focus their eyes on him.  Giulio throws a glance my way before continuing.

Giulio: …Would … it be all right if I use the main bedroom?  With Signor Gian…?

Gian: Huh…?

I’m inwardly surprised at Giulio’s completely unexpected request.

Ivan: Hah!  You fine rooming with someone like that?!

…The stupid idiot says this with his eyes fixed straight at Giulio.

Bernardo: Would you, Giulio?  Gian, you won’t mind, right?
Gian: Y-Yeah, I’ve got nothing against it…

Bernardo nods like it’s the most obvious thing in the world.  Seeing this, a theory vaguely takes shape in my head.

We’d just decided earlier that Giulio and I would be working together.  Me working with Giulio probably means … that we’ll be letting loose in fights as part of the combat unit.

If that’s the case … then it’ll be better to rest our tired selves in a big bed in a big, wide room rather than in the tiny guestrooms.

…What a Bernardo-ish consideration.

Luchino: So Giulio and Gian will be rooming together.  Then I will help myself to the guest room across.  That place has a great view.

Ivan: Ah!  …Fuck.  Well, whatever.  I’ve already got some of my stuff moved into the room closest to the elevator anyways.  I’ll take that one.

Bernardo: …I suppose that leaves me with the last room.  I don’t really mind where I am so long as I can connect the phones there.

…Sorry, Bernardo.  We’re really gypping you out.

But … hm, rooming with Giulio…  I guess it’s all right … I suppose…?

Giulio: Um…

Before I realize it, Giulio’s standing right next to me, staring straight into my face.

Gian: …Oh.  What?

Giulio: I hope we get along, Signor Gian.

Gian: Y-Yeah.  Same here.

Ever since the joint, we’ve spent quite some time with each other…  It’s not like I feel I haven’t gotten more of an understanding of him by now, but…

I can’t see the actual Giulio, I guess, is one way of putting it.  I still haven’t gotten a good grasp of him.

Bernardo: I guess that settles the room arrangements.  Just in case, check your rooms over.  If there are any problems, let me know—
Luchino: Yeah.  I suppose I’ll take a bath first.
Ivan: Oh!  Riiight, right.  Lemme get this out first…  Don’t you guys go barging into my room without permission.  You got that?  Pull something like that and getting socked’ll be the least of your worries.
Gian: Who the hell’d sneak off to spend a night with you?

Giulio: Shall we go, Signor Gian…?

Gian: S-Sure.

We get up from the round conference table and retire to our just-established bedrooms.

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  1. rin
    Dec 29, 2013 @ 15:09:06

    Um, this might be obvious to people playing the game, but what’s the difference between the ‘work with’ and ‘rely on’ options? Do they lead to different things?

    Thank you for your translations, btw.



  2. xluckydog
    Jul 27, 2014 @ 15:35:57

    Giulio realizes that I mean and returns a nod back.
    Correction: *Giulio realizes what I mean and returns a nod back.



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