Lucky Dog 1 translations 07 Giulio route 07

Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 7

Tomorrow’s Plans

Giulio: Um … is something … the matter?
Gian: Oh, no.  Just … so…  Earlier, at the conference, we said I’ll be sticking with you for work.  ‘fore we start anything, I just wanna ask…
Gian: I figure Bernardo himself’s gonna run point on the battles…  Giulio, you’re fine with that?

Giulio: Yes.  I will be with you…  Bernardo will decide the tactics, and if you will follow them, then I will as well.

Gian: You know … I’ve been made for a while now, but this is my first actual war…  Think I might be quaking in my boots a bit.  Sorry if I screw up.

Giulio: No.  I will protect Signor Gian.

…When he says it so straightforwardly … how to put it?  It’s embarrassing, but more than that, it’s kind of unsettling and eerie…

Gian: I think … we’ll probably be scouting out the city tomorrow.  We’ll be checking out where the GD’ve got their nests stowed away, so we’ll probably be up and about at the crack of dawn.  OK?
Giulio: Then let us.  …I will contact my men.  I had ordered them to investigate almost every location for the GD, but…

Bernardo should be setting up a power map through the city and spreading his web of contacts out so he can deploy the CR:5 soldiers and our combat troops.

When we’d been holed up back at the joint, the GD gangsters’d dug in little hidey-holes here and there throughout Daivan, and now they’re glaring at us like we’re the ones intruding…

And now, we’re taking back our turf, striking back at the GD hoodlums for taking our land as theirs.

The skirmishes and killings will be our – Giulio and my – mission.  …Or at least, they’re supposed to be.  I wonder how useful I’ll actually end up being…

Gian: …Now that I think about it, I haven’t got a single soldier or man under me…  Wow, that’s a failure.

Giulio: I … no, everyone in the CR:5 are your men, Signor Gian.  You can rely on us.

Gian: Wow, now I feel like I can take over the world!  …Then, I’ll try gathering info from some of my friends.  I’ll go through the blocks and the stores that the GD’ve taken…
Gian: After that…  I should probably scour for info on Boss Alessandro, too…

Giulio: I have also ordered my men to search for him.  However…

Gian: Hm?

Giulio: We should keep the soldiers and the city citizens from learning of Capo del Salto’s disappearance…  We cannot be overt in our investigations…

Gian: You’re right…

Giulio: I do not know Counselor Cavalli’s opinions on the matter, but … I believe that it would be best to hurry your official inauguration as Capo.

Gian: You’re saying that … the old man might’ve already … gotten whacked?

Giulio: …I believe we should take action with this possibility in mind.

…Can’t tell if he’s being realistic or he’s just being on my side.  I can’t read a single one of Giulio’s true intentions right now.

Gian: Oh right.  Giulio, how many men you got under you?

Giulio’s eyes turn away for a bit as he thinks.

Giulio: The number of men who have direct contact with me and whom I trust … is approximately three.  They are men who have formally been made into the CR:5.  …Each of them has approximately ten men beneath them.

…I feel like that’s a tad too few.  Is this a case of ‘the few strong elite?’  Or is Giulio just the type who works better alone…?

Giulio: I do not have a clear count of the number of associates.  I have entrusted my men with their management.  …And they are also all Americans…

At the word “American,” I catch a whiff of disgust and sneers.  …The Bondone house is one of the old households, from back in the CR:5 Toscanini days.

They’re one of the distinguished families with a history about as old as Daivan itself.  I guess it’s no surprise Giulio, born and raised there, doesn’t have that great an opinion on the non-Italian Americans.

Gian: When we launch the attack…  I guess we’ll be going with your men?
Giulio: No.  The men are there to secure the perimeter and to clean the scene afterwards.  The actual battles will mostly be fought by me alone.
Gian: Alone?!  …N-No, I mean, I know you’re really super-strong and all that, but … you’re gonna be OK with that?
Giulio: It is easier to fight alone.  If my men were around, I would be … um … distracted.
Gian: …Then, perhaps it’s better if I’m not around?

Giulio: Oh…  N-No, that’s…!  It is all right.  I will definitely protect you.

…Hmm.  Yeah, some part of this conversation’s definitely missing a beat.

But, talking with him about Mafia work like this…

The more we talk, the more my impression of Giulio changes.

There’s no change to his fishy choice of words, but … talking about realistic problems like this, Giulio’s far more rational and practical in his train of thought than me.

…He’s a talented guy.  He knows how to move people around, or at least he’s used to it.

Well, if he weren’t, I guess he wouldn’t have been able to make it up to captain in the first place.

Gian: Well, let’s leave the hard stuff off for now.  After that…  Well, I guess we’ll just pick a random spot and it’s hit-or-miss.
Giulio: So we will be going ad hoc.  I understand.
Gian: Um…

…Whuh?  …How to put this?  I feel kinda like I’m being made fun of, not respected…

…That’s impossible, but when I talk to Giulio, that’s how I feel … because I’m not even sure if he’s on my side or not.

I mull over the words that pop into my head for a bit … before ultimately voicing them.

Gian: Hey, Giulio.  I wanna ask you…  Why do you never disagree with a thing I say?  Why are you always toddling along with my every word?

Giulio: I…

Gian: I might really fuck up, you know.  And then you’d be going down with me.  …You fine with that?

Without a second’s time wasted in thinking, he responds,

Giulio: …I will … obey Signor Gian.
Gian: …No matter what I say?
Giulio: Yes.  So long as Signor Gian wishes it.

…Yeah.   I don’t get him…  This is the one part I don’t get the most.

Gian: I mean, I’m grateful and all, but, don’t you think that’s a bit weird?  Why do you have to obey someone like me?  What’s the reason?!

Giulio: …It is … because I want to.  Can that … not be the reason?

Even if he declares his position like that, it only makes me all the more confused.

Because I’m the “next boss?”  Because I’m the “Lucky Dog?”  …Is that what he means his reason is?

…The area around my eyebrows starts feeling prickly.  I can feel the heat from Giulio’s stare from across the table.  To tell the truth…


To tell the truth, it feels kinda creepy…

No matter how pretty he looks, having a guy like Giulio stare at me so heatedly’s kinda…  No, that’s not what matters.  More importantly, something – something instinctive – is giving me a bad feeling…


The words that cross my mind are … the phrase, “Mad Dog.”  …The words people use to name Giulio.

…Just like my “Lucky Dog.”

Lucky Dog and Mad Dog.  Normally, the one who’d be bitten to death … ‘d be the Lucky Dog.

My eyes avoid Giulio’s.


And as I do this … Giulio – body and face and even his eyes stiff like a stone carving – watches me.

But … there’s another emotion in those eyes.

Giulio: Do you … hate me…?

…Such direct words.  Such direct eyes.

giandaivanu2-5-2 Gian: No, that’s not it, but…  Haha, if you’re gonna stare, you should go stare at some pretty dames.  Staring at me’d … give you the jitters, right?


I pull out a fake chuckle with the words of cheerful self-deprecation as I turn away.

In the corner of my eyes, I catch Giulio’s expression turning cloudy for just a second.  …Those eyes – like those of a clever dog, but impenetrable.  The kind you can’t look into and see what’s going on inside.

It doesn’t look like Giulio’s especially hurt by my words.  I thought he might get mad, but…  Even there, he’s kind of…

Gian: Now then, food’s done and over with…

I look down at the hotel plates, cleaned spick and span, and give a stretch.  Giulio also stands and looks towards the phone.

Giulio: I will clean up.  …Would you like something to drink?

Gian: Uhm, mm, let’s see…

…I’m kinda not in the mood for drinks or a smoke.

Gian: Say, whaddya say to dessert?

Giulio: Yes.  …Do you like sweet things?

Gian: Mm, sometimes, I kinda feel like indulging in a mountain of sweets – like, cream or ice pops or cake…
Giulio: Mm … I do as well.  Then, shall I order an ice cream sundae?
Gian: Eccellente!  Let’s go with a mountain of chocolate sauce.  Aren’t we lucky the cook here’s great with desserts, too?
Giulio: I … love ice cream.
Gian: And I looove it, too!  Now then…  Hotels are the best, doncha think?

As I stand to make a call on the phone, Giulio smiles like an excited kid, his eyes positively shining with happiness.

Giulio: Oh … pardon me.  Yes, please.
Gian: I’ll ask him to make a mountain then — a champagne basket-full!

I place a call to the front desk … and steal a glance at Giulio’s face.  …A happy, and slightly bashful pretty face.

…No, that’s wrong…

…I’ve seen this smile before…



…He’d take blood and corpses over ice cream.

The expression on Giulio’s face when he’d finished off that hitman and the smile on Giulio’s face right now overlap.  And … the two distort.



…Suddenly, the conversation becomes awkward.  …His pretty face … and his completely contrary twisted thoughts.  …The strength and confidence that lets him stroll into a warzone alone.

It’s like … I’m seeing Giulio’s entire existence through a thick mirror.  …Like he’s there, but not where I thought he was, and when I try I can’t reach him…  Kinda like that.

But … I want to try staying with such a Giulio.

I wonder … if someday the dissonance’ll disappear?

And if that happens … what’ll he be like then?

Until then, I want to try staying with him…

He makes me feel like this.

…Is this fondness?



When the sundae’s delivered to our room, Giulio and I greedily dive into it like children … and we devour the behemoth of a dessert clean.

We carry on chatting about stuff unrelated to the GD or the CR:5 … and at some point in time, we go to sleep in our beds.

…Starting tomorrow, we’ll be fighting and killing.

…Even though I know this, I drop straight off to sleep without a hitch.  Maybe it’s because Giulio’ll be there with me?  …Well, let’s just wing it.  Naw, let’s “go ad hoc.”

And speaking of.  Wow, how lucky can I get?  Looks like the cook here’s a natural genius more in touch with his calling for ice cream than meat dishes.

Thank you, God All Mighty.

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  1. Eira Luna
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    uwahh…the choice in this route is draining all kind of points. The choices kinda cold too…



  2. xluckydog
    Jul 27, 2014 @ 15:42:26

    …Whuh? …How to put this? I feel kinda like I’m being made fun of, not respected…
    Correction: *I kinda feel like I’m being made fun of, not respected…



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    Giulio’s sweet tooth is so effing adorable



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