Lucky Dog 1 translations 07 Giulio route 05 best

Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 7 Best

A Mistake?

Gian: Whoa.  This place is awesome…!

Living up to its name of the main bedroom, the room’s big.  Extravagant.  And it’s not just the bed.  I mean, it’s even got its own lounge suite!  And there’s a splendid bathroom, too.  Wow, just gorgeous.

Gian: Can’t believe we get to stay here for free.  Treatment sure got different now that I’m a high-up captain.

Excited like a little kid, I bury my hands into the bed large enough to fit a car as I voice my thoughts as they come to me.

Giulio: You … are not an ordinary caporegime anymore.  You are the one who will become our Capo – our Boss.

His voice was quiet … but I could hear some happiness in there.  At his words, I remember my own circumstances.  …Oh, right.  I’m the next CR:5 boss…

…But it’s still all kinds of surreal…

Gian: But you know, if the Boss – if the old man – doesn’t show up, then I think the succession’d be the least of everyone’s worries…
Gian: If the Boss isn’t here backing me up, then who knows if the grandpas up on the Board and the soldiers’ll even acknowledge me as boss?  Don’t you think it’s up in the air, too?
Giulio: That … does not matter…

Suddenly, Giulio’s voice practically crackles with ice…  No, it becomes inhuman, like broken glass.  Slowly, I turn to look at him.

When I catch his eyes…

Giulio: Oh…  Um, that is…  Capo del Salto’s whereabouts and the Directors’ speculations … are not related to obstacles to your inauguration as Capo.

Giulio goes back to normal and continues his words with a slightly mumbled voice.  …I wonder if he’s on my side in the first place…

…Rather, at first, I seriously almost asked him, ‘del Salto?  Who’s that again?’…  I’ve been calling the man “Alessandro” or “old man” so long I’d forgotten his full name.

Gian: W-Well … you know, there’s the whole war with the GD!  Until we can settle things with those bastards, I think my inauguration as boss’ll be low on the priorities list, right?

Giulio: …I understand.  We shall slaughter … every last member … of the GD, along with the traitors who betrayed us.

…No, that’s … kinda true, but something’s not quite right.  Somehow … when I talk to Giulio, I always feel like he’s not on the same line, or like he’s looking at a completely different place than I am.

Gian: Mm … I’m … gonna go take a peek at the bathroom.

I scurry away from Giulio…  I find the bathroom door of sparkling brass and glass and look in…

…Whoa, just the place with the sink’s freakishly huge.  It’s about as big as the apartment room I’d been holing up in before.  And the shower inside actually comes with a bathtub…

Giulio: …Will you … be taking a bath?

Gian: Nuwagh…?!  A-Ahaha.  No, I think I’ll pass for today…

…Ack.  He followed me…?  And I didn’t notice.  …It’s not like I’m scared, but all the hairs on my neck just shot fwoom! straight up.  …Giulio, why’re you keeping your footsteps silent when you walk…?

I head back to the room and sit down on the bed … and when I do this, Giulio also heads over to the bed on the other side, touches it as though to check something, and then slowly sits, too.

…Wow, this roommate business … … isn’t looking good…  Did I screw up…?

If this were Bernardo, we’d just talk about stupid things or about work and be normal…  Luchino and Ivan’d just ignore me and do whatever the hell they want…

Could I have chosen to room with the one person I’m worst at rooming with…?  …I shake my head at the completely all-too-late thought and throw it out of my mind.

Gian: So, Giulio.  How’s food sound?

Giulio: …Understood.  I will … request something from the kitchens.

Gian: …Um, that’s not what I meant.  I meant, are you hungry?  I was thinking maybe we could ask the room service for something.

Giulio: …Then allow me to accompany you.

…Mrrrgh, the rhythm or the words or something in the conversation’s not holding…  Is it because Giulio’s putting me on too high a pedestal?

…And, more importantly, why…?


I call the front desk and ask for room service.  Given the time, I thought I’d at least get a complaint or a “No,” but…

Immediately and politely, I get a “Yes, sir,” as a reply before the room service carts the food up to our room so quickly I’m shocked speechless.

…So this is the power of the top floor main room, huh…

I completely figured there’d be just dried sandwiches inside, parched to the cukes…  But instead, despite the late hour, a full Italian dinner arrives.

Naw, I suppose it’s actually quite light … but being the first dinner I’ve had in a long, long time, I almost feel the need to tighten up a bowtie at the sight of all the plates lined up in front of me.

Gian: This is awesome.  What wonderful bliss money brings…

Giulio and I face the table enshrining the food the bellboy’d laid out.  Just as I reach for a bowl of soup…

Giulio: …Please wait.

Giulio’s voice, quiet but crisp, suddenly flies out, making me almost drop my spoon.

Gian: Whu—?

Without responding, Giulio takes his own spoon and sticks it into my bowl of soup.  He then puts the spoon, wet with soup, in his mouth.  …I can’t help but do my best fish impression.

Giulio then rips off a bit of the bread and puts that in his mouth, too…  And then, he ladles out a bit of the sauce from the grilled veal-or-something dish and licks that.

…An uncomfortable silence stretches for a while…

Giulio: …It is safe.  Please help yourself.

Gian: …Um.  Don’t tell me … you were poison tasting?

Giulio: In this hotel … the cooks are all Italian, but we must be on our guard.

Gian: Hahaha … no, but, I mean, aren’t you overthinking things just a tad?

Never thought I’d ever have someone poison test for me.  …Rather, dying from food … isn’t something I’d even considered possible in my life up until now.

Giulio: You are … the heart of the CR:5.  In addition, we are currently at war.  If there were anyone in this hotel targeting you…

I scramble for words to reply him with … and come up with nothing.  My spoon may’ve missed its cue, but my head’s already ahead, chomping away at the food…

Giulio: …The food is all right.  …Will you … not be eating…?
Gian: N-No, I’m eating!  I’m eating, but…

Giulio: …Oh…!  M-My apologies…

Suddenly, Giulio shrinks in on himself with a crestfallen expression.

Gian: Huh?  What?  What for…?
Giulio: My apologies…  My mouth touched everything…  Everything must be dirty now…  I will have them remake it.

With those words, Giulio stands up.  …Um.  Ummmm…  How to put this…?  ‘The thought never even crossed mind?’  Rather, neither did this entire conversation.

…I know he’s trying to protect me.  I know, but … somehow … I feel like the mutual understanding part skipped rails and we’re completely missing each other.

Gian: …Sit, Giulio.  Come on.  Let’s eat or it’ll get cold.

Giulio: But…

Gian: Haha, even if we ask them to make everything again … you’re just gonna taste test it all again, right?  Besides, where’s dirty even factor into all this?

I shoot him a smirk before grabbing the soup bowl and sipping it up like coffee from a cup for him to see.

Gian: Mmm, this is delish!  You try some, too, Giulio!
Giulio: …Your manners are bad, Signor Gian.

Giulio’s voice when he responded is just a tiny bit softer than before.

Giulio also starts moving his hand and mouth.  …As I watch his knife work, I feel a complex feeling … and also notice something completely different.

…Oh right…  He’s … born into one of the distinguished Italian families.  The Bondone house, wasn’t it?  It’s not just that he’s got manners.  It’s like he’s got a completely different quality of air around him just from the way he eats.

There’s no sign of him checking his moves or straining to pull them off.  He manipulates the eating utensils as naturally as breathing but with a perfection like the movements’d come straight from a textbook.

Gian: …When I become Capo, I guess people’re gonna start harping on me about table manners and all that, huh.
Giulio: When the time comes, I … will teach you what I can.

…How to put this?  When I look at Giulio eating like he’s doing now, the image of that vicious knife-wielding maniac in my head … blurs.

The only thing I see … is a handsome man with a face pretty enough to make girls faint on their feet, and who wouldn’t appear out of place as one of the gents…

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  1. icassop
    Nov 14, 2012 @ 12:32:38

    Giulio: …Will you … be taking a bath?

    Oh, you’d like that, huh? (¬◡¬) Naughty boy ( ゝ∀・)



  2. best_of_luck
    Nov 15, 2012 @ 12:57:56

    Wow! This is my lucky day! 😀 For a while I didn”t have the time to check the page for new updates but you”ve done a really splendid job!!! Thank you for translating Giulio”s road so far! 🙂 And I”m burning with excitement to see what goes on next !! Good luck with the translations! 🙂



    • terracannon876
      Nov 15, 2012 @ 14:12:51

      \o/ Long time no see!

      Haha … I suppose it’s good our busy times coincide… Then you’ll be able to check the site when I update??! XD

      I’m glad you like reading about Giulio. Slow and steady, but it’s going… \o/



  3. Li
    Nov 15, 2012 @ 15:07:21

    I haven’t quite laughed like this for a while. It’s just hilarious. I’m starting to get why Giulio is most popular amongst the fans (or so I’ve heard).
    I’ve got only one thing to point out: [Treatment sure got different now that I’m a high-up captain now.] <– This sentence uses 'now' twice. If it's one of those moments of deliberate awkward grammar again, then nevermind.
    PS. I'm asking again if someone can help me by beta-ing my LD1 fic. Anyone?



    • terracannon876
      Nov 15, 2012 @ 15:32:05

      Giulio is probably most popular because 1.) he’s prettiest and 2.) …he’s the most screwed up. And he’s technically “yandere,” although not in the traditional sense.

      Hm. I’ll think about it. I can’t change it, and you’re right in that it’s not good grammar (the second ‘now’ isn’t needed), but my script’s not with me atm.

      …As for your fic thing, do you want me to make the request up in the post?



      • Li
        Nov 15, 2012 @ 15:47:30

        Yeah, that makes one hell of a popular character. ^o^

        As in the post on the front page? That’d help a lot. Thank you so much. In fact, even a tiny notice in a corner somewhere would do if I ‘could’ get a beta-reader with it. *ramble, ramble* … I’m hopeless, aren’t I?
        I’m also still contemplating on posting it up on FanFiction, as you suggested, but I’m just so damn hesitant about it…

        Yup, I’m defenitely hopeless…



  4. Li
    Nov 15, 2012 @ 17:14:28

    Thanks again for helping me look for a beta reader!
    I couldn’t help myself but read this page a few more times (to laugh about Giulio and Gian again) and I now have a question. *holds hand up*
    [I’ve been calling the man “Alessandro” or “old man” so long I’d forgotten his name.] <– Gian didn't forget Alessandro's name, at least not his first name, right? So shouldn't it be '…forgotten his last name.' ('family' can be used instead of 'last') or '…forgotten his full name.' or even '…forgotten the rest of his name.'?



  5. Lulu
    Nov 16, 2012 @ 01:27:09

    glad I checked the site and saw a new chap posted <33
    this made my day 😀 thanks so much~



  6. Lehst
    Oct 07, 2013 @ 16:19:25

    pfft~ Giulio, you are adorable. But I’m with Gian on this- I’d be anywhere from totally freaked to confused and curious.



  7. kezi
    Mar 21, 2014 @ 15:37:20

    It’s Guilio’s route that really makes me think “Oh yeah, this is a BL game huh?” Gian feels so awkward around him, so it feels like the only reason he’s not rooming with Bernado (probaly the one he feels more comfortable with) is because we tell him we want Guilio 😀 Unless Gian secretly enjoys the attention? o_O



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