Lucky Dog 1 translations 07 Ivan route 05

Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 7

Future Arrangements

Ivan: Hey!  Hold it there, just a sec.  …Gian, what the hell’re you gonna do?

Gian: Huh?

Ivan points straight at me.

Ivan: As a captain!  You were the one all harping about what to do in this fucked up situation!

I glare back at Ivan.

And then, my top-special ‘Smiiile!’ flashes over my face.

Ivan: Hah?  Stop that.  You’re giving me the willies…

Gian: Ivaaaan?  Teach me what there is to be done and what I have to do, for I don’t know the least bit about racketeering, please, please, pretty please?

Ivan stiffens, face frozen in an expression of “Huh?”

Gian: Yeah, why don’t we work together from here on out?  If you count from the bottom up, we’re the two highest in rank, so we should just get along!  Whaddya say, Ivan?

I force myself to be extra cheery and push the suggestion to work together onto him as though it were something already decided.

Of course, I’m just teasing him.

Move to route of character with whom you have highest affection with.

Cavalli: I see!  That’s not a bad combination.  You’ll learn from each other.

I beg to differ … though I won’t say it out loud.

Ivan: …Shit!  I won’t forgive you if you drag me down!

Gian: Aye, aye…
Luchino: …If you get into trouble, speak up, Gian.
Bernardo: …If a problem comes up, please report it.
Giulio: …If something happens, please call me.

The cracking of knuckles rings through the room, probably in response to the quiet voices of the three.  Of course, it’s Ivan.

Ivan: Hah!  It’s been a while since I’ve been on patrol, too.  I’ll take the chance to whip those wusses into shape, too.

Bernardo: Ivan.  You should take at least some tribute with you.  There are probably quite a few shops the GD forcibly tore apart.

Ivan: Don’t worry ‘bout it!  I’ll make that call when I see them in person.

Bernardo falls silent.  Somehow, I feel that Ivan’s more in touch with Daivan’s true situation.

He might actually be a good partner to teach me the know-how of being a captain.  There’s lots to learn.

After all, not long before I’ll be standing above him, at the top of the CR:5…

I pray for my luck to keep up.

Cavalli: …Mm.  Looks like Gian’s plan of action has been settled.  Now then, it’s about time I get some rest.

Consigliere Cavalli stands.  As we make to follow him, he holds up a hand to stop us.

Cavalli: There’s a room here that I’m familiar with.  I will stay there for tonight.

Bernardo:  Understood.  Thank you, Consigliere.  Have a restful night…

With those words, Bernardo’s eyes fly wide open, as though something’s struck him.  This expression suddenly infects Luchino as well.


Luchino: That’s right…  What are we going to do about our sleeping arrangements?

Gian: Mm, huh…

Giulio: The entire top floor … has been reserved, but…

Ivan: …Hm?  Huh?  …Huh?!

Ivan ticks something off on his fingers.

Ivan: …Hey, don’t tell me … we’re … short on rooms…

Bernardo: If I remember correctly, the top floor has…

Luchino: There’s one room being used as an office.  That’s Bernardo’s work room…  After that, there are three guestrooms…

Bernardo: …and the main room, which has two beds.

Ivan: Wha…?  Four rooms?!  That means…

Giulio: Two people … will be rooming together.

…Now then.  Divvying up the rooms, eh…?  It seems like, judging from the sound of it, I’m stuck with rooming with someone in the double since I’m the newbie around here.

Bernardo: I believe you all know this … but for a time, we will all be extremely busy.  We won’t have much time for sleep.
Bernardo: It’s not the time to play to your preferences.  Two of us will just have to room together…

‘…so let’s start talking.’  In place of his words, Bernardo looks around at us.

Luchino: No way am I taking the double.  …That’s right, why don’t I take that guest room with the view?  I’ve decided!  That’s my room.

…Bastard and his snap decisions.

Giulio: What should I do…?
Luchino: Gian, you’re going to stick with Ivan, right?  Then wouldn’t it be best for you two to share a room?
Gian: Huh?

Ivan: Don’t go deciding things on your own, you fucker!  Why the hell do I have to sleep with another guy?!

Gian: Who the hell’s sleeping with you?!  There’s two beds!

Ivan: Shut up!  I’ve had enough of rooming with another guy when I was in lockup!

Bernardo: However … Ivan, your schedule is extremely irregular.  There’s no set time to when you sleep or when you come and go.
Luchino: Just like an alleycat.

Ivan: The fuck you say?!  Time’s precious, so I have to earn small change even when I sleep!  If you’ve got a problem with that…

Bernardo: Which means … Gian, it would be best if you roomed with Ivan.  You’ll be working with him and learning the trade for a while after all.
Ivan: Tsk … what a load of shit…
Gian: Aah, I miiight’ve said something like that…
Ivan: If you don’t wanna, then don’t.  I’m not your parole.

He picks at his fingernails with a small paper knife as he mutters complaint after complaint.

Ivan: …You’re the one who brought it up, so don’t go whining your ass off about it.  If you talk back, you’re going in a bag and getting dragged outta there, got it?!
Gian: Aah, I get it, I get it!  I’ll watch myself.
Ivan: Fuck…

Like he’s expecting me to talk back or something, Ivan kicks the table before standing up.

Ivan: Well!  That big room’s my place from now on, then!  I don’t care if you’re captains.  You’ll get what’s coming if you go in without permission, got it?

Luchino: Oh?  Bringing in a woman already?

Ivan: Especially you, carrot head.  If you try to sneak a peek, you’re gone.

After he spits these words out, he quickly walks out, heading for the main room.

Several of his men run after him, and they talk quietly.  …The looks they’re sending us are kinda venomous.

…Mm, yeah, it is strange that Ivan’s … how to put this … doing so well among everyone, so spick and span.  He’s not pure Italian blood either…

Luchino’s men, especially, are dashing and Italian, down to the last guy in the corner, while, with Ivan, I’ve heard that Italians are actually in the minority.

I’ve also heard that there are lots of people who don’t like Ivan because of his lineage and consider him an outsider.

…I feel like I’ve chosen a very tiresome guy to stick with…

Gian: Now then!  It’s time I skedaddled, too…
Giulio: Understood, Signor Gian.  Please, be careful…

I want to ask him, ‘…About what?’ but instead I just give him a small wave with a smile and a wink.

Bernardo: We’re counting on you, Gian.
Luchino: If something bad happens, tell me.  I’ll settle things.

‘…Why?’  The question appears at the back of my mind.  I turn my back to everyone and flip a wave back to them as I follow Ivan.

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