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Part 3 Daivan

Chapter 7

Luchino’s Answer







Luchino: The true nature of life in the Mafia, you say?
Gian: Yeah. Life in the Mafia. Or would you rather I say, Cosa Nostra?
Luchino: Haha … sounds like they’re the same thing to you.

…Yeah, more or less.

Luchino: Let’s see …true nature, huh? I’d say it’s living the high life.

That was a clear-cut response.

Luchino: That, and also observing the Omertà. Without our code, we’re not Cosa Nostra. That’s all there is … but that’s what’s difficult.
Gian: You think?
Luchino: Oh, wait. I’ve got another. You’ve gotta live like an Italian.

Like an Italian?

Luchino: Say, do you get that whole Frontier Spirit thing the Yanks go on about?

Can’t say I do. Whenever anything comes up, Americans always pull that card. I shake my head.

Luchino: Neither do I. It’s ‘cause all them Yanks are thick in the head. Maybe all that time spent at the rodeo playing cowboy’s made shakes of their noggins. I’ll never understand them.

Luchino shrugs with a sigh.

Luchino: Well, I’ll forgive their cowgirl pinups, though. That hat, that scarf, and that big open bosom… Those thighs leading into high boots… Doesn’t seeing that just send the blood rushing south?
Gian: We’re getting off-topic.
Luchino: I’m saying that we’re far superior at enjoying life than they are.

He flicks a wink my way. Man, attractive men sure have it easy. If anyone but Luchino’d said that, it wouldn’t have come off as convincing.

Luchino: Mm, what were we talking about? Ah yes, you brought up that question about family values or some such out of the blue.

No, that’s also kind of off-topic. It’s not worth correcting him, though.

Luchino: In short, don’t pander to the Yanks, treasure both your famiglias, and enjoy life. Got that?

We usually call both our Mafia family and blood family “family” or “famiglia.” According to Omertà, we should respect both.

Both families are of equal standing and equal worth. But, if it comes down to it, put the Mafia famiglia first. Blood is thicker than water…

I feel like his answer’s different from the Boss’s, but I can completely understand almost all of Luchino’s response … except for that one part.

Gian: Blood family, eh… Maybe it’s ‘cause I haven’t got any? I can’t relate.

After all, I’m the lone survivor of mine.

Luchino: Then make a new one! …It’s easy. So long as you marry … it’s enough.

…Oh… I silently fret over the tone of Luchino’s voice.

With all the time we’ve spent together, I’ve come to realize that the wound caused by the loss of his wife and kid is still gaping and bleeding inside Luchino.

Luchino’s eyes lose focus, and he drags a slow sigh…

Luchino: …The hardships are many, but … life’s something wonderful… I know it is.

He flicks away the finished cigarette butt still in his fingers.

I feel like I’m starting to grasp the true Luchino…

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…when something takes me by the shoulders and jerks me back to reality.

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