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Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 7


Gian: …Nwah? …ssadream?

Luchino: Button up, you God damn slob. You’re a mess… And straighten your tie in the mirror.

Luchino’s hands reach towards my neck.

Gian: Aww. But I don’t like it tight.

Luchino: It’s already your size! Look at how you treat clothing someone painstakingly picked out for you.

And who was the one grumbling up a storm about how it was off the rack and premade, yada yada, while picking them, Signor Luchino? Just get off my back. Jeez…

After getting chewed out by Luchino, who’s giving no quarter in his Hollywood star outfit, I’ve come to understand very well that I’m not made for the ‘gentlemen’ world…

Luchino: Don’t think I’ll forgive you if you ever wear any more dirty rags.

Bernardo: That I will completely agree with. Make sure you bathe yourself every day, Gian. …Counselor Cavalli should be arriving soon.

Bernardo turns his head towards the door.

Gian: Yeah, yeah.

Then, a knock on the door.

Bernardo’s Subordinate B: Excuse me.  Signor Cavalli is here to see you now.

It’s the voice of one of the bodyguards stationed in the hallway.  They’ve taken shifts standing guard at the hotel entrance, the elevator, and along the hallway outside this room.

Bernardo: Let him through.

An old man dressed in a suit appears, cane in one hand.

Cavalli: It is a pleasure to see you all in good health, capos.  Thank you for inviting this frail old man over for a visit.

We stand as one, rising from the chairs we’d been sitting on.

Bernardo: Welcome, Consigliere.  It has been a while.  Please, make yourself comfortable.

We five captains stand ramrod-straight, at attention before the now-retired former head capo.  If we’d worn hats, this’d be where we take them off and hold them to our chests.

Each of us greets him with the words, “It’s been a while.”

Gramps looks like age’s taken an even larger bite out of him than in my dream.  When he meets my eyes, his lips quirk up for a second.

Oh?  Looks like Gramps’s hale and hearty.

Bernardo takes a step forward and embraces him, exchanging a kiss on the cheek.

Next comes Luchino.  Then, it’s Giulio, Ivan, and me.  We go by hierarchy and exchange pats on the back with the old man.  As I pat Gramps on the back, I whisper to him.

Gian: Long time no see, Gramps.  …Somehow, being all uptight and formal feels so weird.
Cavalli: Ho ho ho!  What ever are you talking about, great capo!

When the old man puts it that way, my back starts itching.  After the greetings have gone around full circle, he looks around at us.

Cavalli: Now then … given the situation we are in, shall we skip the formalities?

Bernardo: Yes, that’s exactly what I was going to say.  First, let’s sit down.  Continuing to stand will make talking difficult.

At his invitation, we all sit.

Cavalli: First, allow me to congratulate all five capos on returning to Daivan safely.  …Escaping from that place was quite a feat.

Gramps heaves a long sigh before he thunks the floor with his cane.  I remember getting whacked around by that thing a lot in the past.

Cavalli: Speaking of congratulations … there’s the business with Giancarlo’s inauguration as captain, as well.
Gian: I’m an aside?
Cavalli: You’re following in my footsteps, so you better do a good job, Giancarlo!
Luchino: It’s a shame we can’t go through with a formal ceremony since we are in a state of emergency.  Once we’ve settled down, though, at least allow us to hold a party in recognition of your services, Consigliere.
Cavalli:  It looks like that will have to be postponed for quite a while.  To tell the truth, Daivan has been in a spot of trouble recently.

That’s when I hear a knock.

Bellboy: E-Excuse me…

A hotel bellboy walks in escorted by our bodyguards while pushing a food cart.

The conversation stops until everyone’s cups are filled.  The heady fragrance of the coffee wafts through the silence.

Gian: …Phew…

I sink into the sofa and turn my eyes up to the faraway sky…  Sorry, I meant the really, really tall hotel room ceiling.

A chandelier hangs there, shining and sparkling even in the middle of the day.  The furniture’s all high quality and luxurious.  We’re out of our prisoner outfits now and wrapped up in expensive suits.

I grit my teeth as I think about the sheer difference this is from our last few days.

…We’re currently in one of the high class hotels in Daivan.

Starting yesterday, we the CR:5 had claimed the top floor with its enormous, baseball-field-size lounge as our conference area.

Thanks to the cash and weapons we’d picked up in Queen Quarter, we’d managed to reach Daivan safely.

The first thing we did was find a place to lie low at.

Each of us has our own hideouts, but the only place the five of us could safely stay together and set up headquarters at was…

Which is how we ended up here, at this hotel.

The owner of this hotel seems to have long-standing good relations with the CR:5, so the manager had nicely cleared out the entire top floor for us.

Well, Luchino’d been the one who’d handled most of this while I’d shut my mouth and followed along.

We’d arrived under the cover of night yesterday.

Aside from me, the four others’ve been busy bees, contacting whatever crewmembers they could, making deals here and there, and trying to recover the influence they’d had before their arrest.


Which is why, today at noon, we’d invited Grampa Cavalli to meet with us so we could get a grasp on the CR:5’s current situation.  Summary, finished.

Bernardo: Now then … although this isn’t the ideal place for a conference…  Consigliere, I’m sorry, but could you act as the arbitrator and guidance for this meeting?

Cavalli: All right.  I hereby proclaim the start of the CR:5 Administration meeting.  No, only the capos and the Consigliere are present, so I suppose this can only be considered a captain assembly.

I unconsciously gulp.

The direction of the CR:5 as a whole is mainly determined by the conferences between the boss and his captains.  They make up the Administration.

A capo’s not only the head of his own crew, but also acts as a member of the family’s Administration.

It’s pretty obvious, but this is my first time at a formal Administration meeting with the family.  I feel an unfamiliar anxiety creep through me.

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