Lucky Dog 1 translations 08 Bernardo route 03

Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 8

Earn Your Keep


…Now then…




I make to move … but stop.

giandaivanu1-2-2 Gian: Somehow … I feel like even if I try to do something I’m just gonna cause more trouble…

I mutter this quietly to myself before settling down on a nearby sofa.  …And if I’m not careful outside…

Besides, what can I do in the first place?  Even if I go outside, I don’t know where the thugs are.  I’d just be wasting guards and manpower…

I squander a hefty chunk of time … as I stay sprawled out on the sofa …


…and sink…


Bellboy: —carlo!  …Is Signor Giancarlo present…?  Signor Giancarlo?


I think I hear some guy I don’t know calling my name.  …’Aw shaddap,’ I think as I turn over in my slee—


giandaivanu3-11-1 Gian: …!  Ack!  Um, me!  That’s me.

I realize I’d drifted off.  The bellboy who’d been calling for me responds,

Bellboy: A call for you, Signor Giancarlo.

Oh, OK.  Right.  A call for me means … I hurry over to a corner of the front desk and accept the receiver.

giandaivanu3-5-1b Gian: Hey, Sam Spade here.

Bernardo: …I hope you’re not going to tattle on me later.  …Thank goodness.  Gian, you’re still here?

The voice I hear from over the receiver sounds relieved … but is also clearly in need of some Tums.

Bernardo: …I would come down, but I’m sorry, I don’t think I can leave my station for a while.

giandaivanu1-9-1 Gian: I don’t mind.  Rather, after a hundred years, all of us’d be connected by phone lines so we wouldn’t have to move an inch anyways.

Bernardo: …What a wonderful dream that would be.  Gian, I’m sorry to do this to you, but … I need you to run some errands.  It’s something only you can do.

giandaivanu3-3-1 Gian: …Are they very brutal errands?

Bernardo: …Um, they … may prove somewhat troublesome.  I’ll be preparing the vehicle and guards now…  Could you head over to the Commerce and Industry Assembly House in Daivan Port?

…Daivan Port?  It wouldn’t take half an hour from here.  But, the assembly house, huh…  If something there needs the Mafia to do a rush job, then…

Bernardo: Down behind the Commerce Assembly House, there’s another four-story building.  It’s a building containing a Jewish synagogue, so you’ll see it when you arrive.  There’s something I want you to pick up there.

giandaivanu1-2-2 Gian: Business with a diaspora, huh?  Rather … you fine with someone like me going?

Bernardo: …In order to accept the goods … the top man there said he wouldn’t give them to soldiers.  He even demanded that the Boss come himself…

giandaivanu1-1-2b Gian: Is he harassing us?  …Rather, doesn’t it sound like the Boss’s disappearance’s already reached his ears?

Bernardo: …I don’t know.

After a moment’s thought, Bernardo’s voice returns.

Bernardo: …Right now, the only captain who is free is you.  I’ve already told him about you as a young, promising lad even compared to the other captains.

giandaivanu3-13-2 Gian: …There’s some word manipulation going on here.

Bernardo: The details will be left to my men stationed at the destination, so all you have to do, Gian, is appear and talk to him.  That’s all.  Please…

giandaivanu2-1-2b Gian: All right.  We’re dealing with the Jews?  Who’s the representative?

Bernardo: …Thank you so much.  You’ll be dealing with an elderly man named Benjamin this time.  He’s the Synagogue’s rabbi at the Jewish trade center.

giandaivanu3-3-1 Gian: …Can I ask?  What’re the goods…?

Bernardo: …Cash.  Of course, it’s as unwashed as an urchin’s handkerchief.  There are some extenuating circumstances, but as a result, we’ll be taking care of it.

giandaivanu3-2-2 Gian: Wow.  …Got it.  If something comes up, I’ll call.

Bernardo: …I’m sorry to be pushing this mess onto you.  I’ll send my men over immediately.


I take a cigarette from the front desk.  …Bernardo’s was better.

giandaivanu2-11-2 Gian: …It doesn’t look … like it’ll be regular ol’ chore this time, huh…

…I’ll be dealing with the big boss of the Jews, eh…  I don’t know anything about the Jews other than some punks I hung out with as a kid, but…

Bernardo’s crewmembers spot me and jog on over.  The tension cloaking them speaks volumes about how this job isn’t small change.

bg00     bg59

bg00     change01


The car crosses to the east of the city, racing down the street that goes straight towards DaivanPort.

giandaivanu2-2-1 Gian: …What’s up?  You guys’ve been acting strange for a while now.

Bernardo’s Subordinate B: N-No…

giandaivanu3-3-1 Gian: Taking care of the GD base in Daivan Port should’ve been the first thing we did.  It’s not like there’d be any problem going in with these numbers, right?

At my words, the guard sitting shotgun makes a difficult face without turning around … before saying,

Bernardo’s Subordinate A: You’ll be heading to meet … the Jews, right…?

giandaivanu2-1-1 Gian: Yeah.  He said it’d be the rabbi of the synagogue.  Said I should take the money from the priest at the temple.  …Does something about that bother you?

Bernardo’s Subordinate A: The Jewish of Daivan are … difficult to handle.  They don’t have a gang structure such as our family, but … they have territory in this city.

giandaivanu2-2-1 Gian: …They’re rich boys, aren’t they?

Bernardo’s Subordinate A: That is also true, but … they have strong ties to the Outfit of Chicago and the Five Families of New York, both far more influential than us…

giandaivanu3-3-1 Gian: Ah right, I think I’ve heard before that they’ve got quite a few Jewish captains on their end…

Bernardo’s Subordinate A: That is why they have a strong influence in Daivan.  The Comandante has also said … that stirring up a quarrel with the Jewish would be worse than war.

giandaivanu2-1-2b Gian: …’s that how it is…

The handsome guard nods silently, with a face like he’d swallowed an ice cube.

Bernardo’s Subordinate B: We’ve arrived.  This is the port…

bg88     bg77

At some point, the sky’d gotten shadowed with red.


As we approach our destination, the sight of sunset-stained clouds and sky spreads out before our eyes.  Piercing straight through the scenery are the shadows of enormous cranes.

bg00     bg129

Immediately, I find the Commerce and Industry Convention Center and the Jewish trades building behind it.  …I’m an old-timer of Daivan, but…

…This is the first time I’ve ever stepped this far into this district.  We’re surrounded by crowds of Jewish merchants – black clothes, black hats, and black hair.

When I was a punk on the streets, I remember avoiding this place when I was passing by.  That must’ve been the Lucky Dog nose, warning me away…

giandaivanu3-2-1c Gian: What’s this?

In front of the building, I see a familiar truck parked straddled over the curb.  Around it are Chevrolet sedans, also familiar.

Surrounding the sedan are men, clearly neither respectables nor Jewish…  Our soldiers approach us at a trot.

Luchino’s Subordinate A: Signor Giancarlo!  We’ve been waiting for you.  We received the word from Don Ortolani.

…So these are the guys Bernardo’d said would be stationed here.  But … what’s the truck?

giandaivanu2-6-1b Gian: Good job, folks.  …Don’t tell me you brought the whole troop, ready for battle?

Luchino’s Subordinate A: No, the truck is for transportation.  There are ten guards riding along, but…

Luchino’s Subordinate B: Thank God.  …Those bastards…  They’re stubbornly refusing to turn over the money.  We have to transport it today, but…

giandaivanu2-2-1c Gian: …I’ll try talking to him.  If it doesn’t work … I’ll go summon Bernardo.

I take along the soldiers standing guard and head over to the building with a thick guard.

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