Lucky Dog 1 translations 08 Bernardo route Bad Ending 01

Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 8

One-Way Taxi



I shouldn’t use up more troops or cars than I need to for my guard, should I…?

If you think about how much money we’re dealing with here and how much Bernardo’s stressed himself out over this, I feel the more guards transporting it the better, right?  I’ll rest easier, too…

giandaivanu3-3-1b Gian: No, you guys should go guard the truck, too.  I’ll just grab a taxi, so don’t worry about it.

Bernardo’s Subordinate B: …!  Th-That’s…  I can’t allow that.  The Comandante has instructed us to—

giandaivanu1-9-1 Gian: I’ll be fine!  People don’t really know what I look like anyways.  Forget about me…  It’ll be worse if something happens to the money, right?  I mean, if something actually happens to it…
giandaivanu3-3-1b Gian: …it’ll blow out the foundations of the CR:5, right?  That’s just how much’s at stake, given the amount and where it came from, right?

Bernardo’s Subordinate B: Y-Yes, but…

I manage to win over the driver, so loyal to his duty.  In the end, we compromise.  One guard will go with me.  …And so, with one guard, I leave…


I leave the speakeasy and search for a taxi on the night streets.  …There’s no difference about the city.  All I see … are a peaceful city and a bustling entertainment district.

Luchino’s Subordinate B: It’s because Captain Giulio already cleaned this area out this morning.  You could even throw back a drink without worrying.

giandaivanu2-6-2 Gian: That’s reassuring.  …But I’d rather leave the drinking for after we get back to the hotel.  I‘ve gotta get this back to Bernardo, after all.

I lift up the trunk with the ledger in it for him to see.  If things keep up like this, I’ll be back in time for dinner with Bernardo.  Maybe I’ll pick up something for us near the hotel.

…But … no taxis come by.

giandaivanu3-3-1b Gian: …Man, no cabs around?  Maybe it’s a bit too early…

Luchino’s Subordinate A: Why don’t we move one block over and try there?

giandaivanu3-2-1b Gian: Yeah, maybe you’re r—  Oh!

Among the line of headlights streaming down the night streets, I spot the flicker of a taxi lamp.  It’s the New York-ish kind, a Ford all painted yellow.

Luchino’s Subordinate A: One’s approaching.  I’ll stop it.

The yellow taxi flickers its headlights and slowly weaves to the side towards the sidewalk.

…Now then.  I shift my grip on the case…


giandaivanu2-5-2d Gian: Huh.  The cab’s full.  Guess it’s still got people in it.

In that instant, a chill skittered down my spine.  The guard’s hand tenses up.  The taxi glides past us…

bg0     bg81

Skreeeeeee!  Click.

Luchino’s Subordinate A: Shit…!!  Run—

The moment the guard tries to shove me away…

bg000     bg81


…flashes of rusty light fly out from the taxi window, from the black shadows I’d thought were passengers.  The passenger seat’s shadow also pulls the trigger to his Tommy gun.

transition198     bg000


The guard jerks and falls.  Just like that.  I try to get away, but something strikes into my side like a hammer.

transition199     transition198

bg000     bg81

giandaivanu4-6-2 Gian: Guaaaah!!

bg00     bg0


…The blows slam into my body…

…Why…?  How’d they know about us…?  …In the white-turned-dark, I regret.  And I despair…

transition84     bg000

transition130     bg00



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  1. Luckydoglover
    Dec 17, 2013 @ 17:08:29

    :O…Wow! :3



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    Dec 18, 2013 @ 21:19:56

    ……. wth?! That escalated quickly.



  3. Ageha
    Jan 09, 2014 @ 00:31:33

    […And I so, with one guard, I leave…]<– And so, with
    Guess it’s still got people it.<– people (in) it



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