Lucky Dog 1 translations 08 Giulio route 01

Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 8

Morning Bloodbath


That night, I slept like a baby in that palace of a bed.  …Sometimes … I remember sometimes hearing some kind of noise from another room and sometimes waking ‘cause of it…

…Was there some kind of construction going on?

Giulio: Good morning, Signor Gian.

Gian: …Oh.  Mm.  Buongiornooo

I wake up with a real nesty bed head … and startle back, shocked that Giulio – already all prettied up and clean – is planted there right next to my bed.

Um … since when’ve you been standing there…?

I look at the clock.  …Just 8.  Whoa, I slept quite a doozy.

Gian: Coffee’s…  …Guess I’ll find it at Bernardo’s.

I shrug on some clothes and leave the room.

…Giulio follows after me with silent footsteps.

Bernardo…  If I remember right, he said his bedroom and work room are separate.

Oh, I guess that room with the black-suited guards standing outside’s his work room.  The guards let me and Giulio pass through without a word.


Gian: Hey there—  Whoa!  The hell’s this?!

I only make it a few steps into the room before I halt in my tracks.  …At first, I thought some creepy, unidentified creature was writhing about on the floor.

Bernardo: Buongiorno, you two.  Sorry, everything’s still a mess.

Bernardo smiles from beyond the ginormous desk sitting smack dab in the middle of the room, and gives a wave with the hand still holding his pen.  On top of the desk’s…

Phones.  Phones.  And more phones.  There’s new models and old ones, totaling around 10 sets, all lined up and burying the wide table surface.

Gian: So this room’s gonna be tactics HQ?

Bernardo’s eyes narrow in satisfaction behind his glasses from behind the wall of desk and wires.

Bernardo: Things have finally calmed down.  …Have you had your morning coffee yet?

Gian: Naw.  Figured we could talk and drink at the same time, so I came on an empty stomach.

Bernardo laughs and leads us over to a sofa sitting in a corner of the room.  We didn’t even have to call room service before some coffee’s brought over to us.

…Wow, this coffee smells amazing.  It’s like it’s from a different world compared to the black liquid-thing they sell at the stands outside.

Giulio and I both put a decent amount of sugar and milk into the hot coffee and drink.  …Bernardo, in the name of health or something or other, puts nothing in and drinks it black.

Gian: …Ah, what wonderful bliss money brings.  So … what’s on the agenda today?
Bernardo: After you’re done with that, you two’ll be heading out for the sortie.  Right now, the GD are holing up in this area…

Spread out in the space between the coffee cups is a map of Daivan.  …It’s a map of the northwest district, the blocks surrounding the loading ports and the tram station.

…Um, the number 20 there written in red ink… …Don’t tell me that’s the enemy count there?

Bernardo points at it and says,

Bernardo: That’s the tram station.  Clean up the hideout to the west of it.  And the one at this restaurant and … here.  Teach them a small lesson … painful enough but not so they can’t still make it out of the city on foot.

Giulio: Understood.  It will be finished … before noon.  Shall we go, Signor Gian?

Gian: R-Right.

Huh?  …Strategy meeting’s already over?  …Did he say “before noon” just now?!  …Um … but that’s a headcount of 20 there!

Bernardo: Do you need me to mobilize my troops as well?
Giulio: No.  Signor Gian will be there with me, so … we will only require a car.

Leaving only those words, Giulio stands from the sofa.  …U-Um…  That.  Just now.  Just now, he said “because Gian’s there.”  …But I’m no substitute for a whole troop…

Bernardo: When you’ve reached your destination, contact me.  And if you need me, call me any time.
Gian: OK.  Then I’ll be on phone duty.  We’ll go by the plan and do it right.

Giulio: Yes.  Ad hoc.


We get off the elevator at the floor below and pass through the room filled with the respectable customers and businessmen.

As we make our way across, we each take one of those apples decorating the front desk as a substitute for breakfast.  Somehow, it doesn’t feel like we’re walking off to a fight.

Giulio: For noon, we can spend it at the restaurant on Bank Street.  Will … that be all right?

Gian: Oh.  OK.

…were the only words I could say in response.  Seriously?  We’re gonna finish a skirmish with a gang of 20 before noon?  With just us two?

…Somehow, I feel like this is kinda ridiculous…

…I don’t get Giulio…





The car we’re riding flies down Daivan’s Main Street.  I…

Gian: Well.

…look at my watch.  It’s just a bit past 11.  The first assault of the day’s … … already over.  In total, it didn’t even take 30 minutes.

…I mean, the guys gathered at the place just now were all unemployed workers or kids … but still…

Gian: …Wonder how many GD were there?  I lost track after punching the third guy.
Giulio: There were 23 in total.  I finished 18.  Signor Gian finished 5.

…You kept count?  I pop a new piece of gum into my mouth and think back to the fight…


…No.  I mean, I think back to the one-sided show of violence from just ten or so minutes ago.  Giulio’s far more than what his rumors say.  A big half of the GD hoodlums…

…crumbled before us like broken matchsticks before they could raise a shriek, let alone a shout.  About the only thing left I could do was block off the guys trying to escape…


Gian: …Giulio … you’re really … something.
Giulio: No … I could not kill today, so … it was troublesome … and took more time than it should have.

…Huh??  …It’s no good.  I don’t … get Giulio.

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