Lucky Dog 1 translations 08 Giulio route 03

Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 8

Working Hard

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We pass through Bank Street, congested with the sweat-soaked air and human heat, and head back to the car waiting for us.

There, I show Giulio the memo I’d taken with Bernardo’s orders and our next targets from over the phone.

giandaivan1-2-2 Gian: Three more places, so he says.  Who’da thought Bernardo’d be such a slave driver!
giuliodaivan1-3-1 Giulio: Preparations would have been required to deploy a troop of soldiers.  Because we are only two people, we can bypass them and go directly to the target.

Man, he sure says it like it’s nothing. No, I guess with Giulio there it really will be a piece of cake…

Makes a guy start wondering…  What good am I for then?

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That afternoon, we had three jobs, three assaults on the GD that we handled like some handyman paint jobs handed to us with a nod and a casual “Sure you can handle it?”

bg00     bg73

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bg000     bg73

Job number one was at a sheet metal factory that’d been shut down because of a strike.  There we exposed the nefarious doings of some labor-strike-specialist GD firebrands who’d been egging the strike on.  They won’t be giving any speeches for a while.

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Number two was at the fish market by the port.  There’s quite a few crumbs there, so I lured out the hoodlums that’d been slinking around and threatening the small business owners, and the two of us took good care of the biters.

bg00     bg110

bg0     bg110

Third came the chumps that’d snuck into a school.  They’d been peddling off drugs and knives to the students and some’d been acting as pimps, so we grabbed them and knocked them out of commission.

bg00     bg79

True…  I guess these weren’t the kinds of brawls where a truckload of soldiers could just come in and sweep things up.  Bernardo’d actually been thinking things through thoroughly when he’d asked us.

giandaivanu1-10-2 Gian: Sigh … manual labor after so long’s sure tiring!
giuliodaivan1-2-1 Giulio: …Today was … good progress.  It may be possible to finish purging Daivan in one more week.
giandaivanu1-2-2 Gian: That’d sure be nice.  …It’ll only happen if the GD don’t get serious, though…
giuliodaivan5-1-1 Giulio: We must … also search for the traitors in our midst.  Drawing out the war would be dangerous.
giandaivanu3-3-1 Gian: The more we drag it out, the better it gets for the GD, huh…  I don’t like fights.  The quicker it all ends, the better.
giuliodaivan1-1-1 Giulio: …If you are tired … shall we rest tomorrow?
giandaivanu2-5-2 Gian: Mm?  Hahaha, don’t think I can talk about being tired when I did nothing at all.  I mean, I practically just stood around the entire day.
giuliodaivan5-2-1b Giulio: That … is not true…

At Giulio’s clear-cut words, my eyes widen a tad and, in the back seat, I turn to him and stare.

giuliodaivan5-6-2 Giulio: …Um … that is, the opponents that were … distracted by Signor Gian were … easy to defeat.  It was easier than punching a straw mannequin.
giandaivanu2-2-2b Gian: You think so?  …Mm, this whole deal’s alien to me, so I wouldn’t know.

…So I’m basically the decoy?  The rubber ducky sitting in the bath?  It’s not like I’m mad, but it’s a weird feeling.  I sit there, like a gum-blowing machine, when…

giuliodaivan1-1-1 Giulio: …What shall we do for cena today…?

Again, when I hear the Italian I take a few seconds to sort it out.  …This isn’t good, Gian.  Your Italian side’s slacking …  But, hmm … dinner, eh…

giandaivanu3-3-2 Gian: Mmmm…  I think I can still feel the pasta from before cozy at the bottom of my gut.  Wonder if I ate a tad too much…?
giuliodaivan5-3-1b Giulio: Then … shall we have the cook make something later in the night?
giandaivanu1-9-1b Gian: …How about a big basket of soda float for today?
giuliodaivan4-3-1b Giulio: Ah … I would … like that very much … as well.

…Giulio’s smile really lights his face up.  Somehow … I feel like these past few days, my impression of him keeps changing.

No, well, I mean, there’s still something always off about our conversations and his actions, and that fighting prowess – or rather, that brutal onslaught – is something so out of this dimension I can only stare in dumb awe…

But, how to put it…  My impression of Giulio’s changed.  To be more precise, I shouldn’t say I’ve changed my mind, but that he’s gotten better.  He talks more now, and he smiles more.


But, beneath that smile … is the Giulio that likes blood and loves corpses and gets off on creating bloody corpses…

Which one’s the real Giulio?

…Which is probably a stupid question.

transition64     bg000



Perhaps because it’s late into the evening, the ground floor’s filled with tourists and guests staying at the hotel.  We walk towards a corner while attracting as little attention as possible.

…Even if this hotel is under CR:5 management, strutting about like we own the place’s only something low-down thugs would do, doncha think?

bg00     bg61


giandaivanu3-5-1b Gian: Tyltyl and Mytyl have returned hooome!

Giulio and I slip through the door the guards open for us and stand before Bernardo, who’s seated on his electric throne.  Bernardo hangs up whatever call he’s making and says,

berndaivanc4-7-1 Bernardo: If you’re searching for the bluebird, Gretel’s grilling it in the oven.  …Welcome back, you two, and good work.  Thanks to you I was able to use my red pen quite a bit today.

Bernardo raps his pen against the map spread over his desk.  I dodge around the phone wires to look over…

And I, with Giulio following me over, peer over at Bernardo’s map.

The white map magnifying west Daivan’s filled with black, blue, and yellow lines and symbols.  There’s some numbers jotted in here and there, and some of the blocks are bordered in a meaningful-looking box…

giandaivanu2-2-1b Gian: Did the cleanup at the station and the restaurant and that apartment go OK?
berndaivanc4-3-1 Bernardo: Yes, there were no problems.  However, we ended up having to leave several injured behind.  That was problematic.

The map in front of Bernardo…  There’s lots of red circles in places other than where we’d been, too.

…I guess those are the places where the soldiers on trucks raided and successfully recaptured the turf.  The places with the red lines drawn through them … would be the failed raids?

giandaivanu3-3-1b Gian: Mm, from what I can see here…  Operation Take Back Daivan’s going a-OK … right?


Bernardo: It’s going according to plan, more or less.  There were some failed attempts, but … casualties are low so things are feeling good.  We can keep on the offensive like this.

Bernardo’s fingers unfold another map, and this one’s got all the power distributions in Daivan and lines of attack recorded all over it.  He points at it and moves his finger.

Bernardo: Tonight, Luchino’s troops will be launching a night attack on the GD bases.  And tomorrow, we’ll attack again…  We’ll beat those GD out, all the way into the ocean and the countryside.

giandaivanu3-13-1b Gian: Hope it goes well.
giuliodaivan2-2-2 Giulio: …We can do this, Signor Gian.

…He looks really, super happy … but it’s a completely different smile from the one he’d shown in the restaurant.

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