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Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 8


bg63     giulio63-5

When we return to our room, I have Giulio who’s looking and acting like a mere specter but with some color sit down on the table for now…


giandaivanu2-7-2 Gian: You all right there?  You seem kinda out of it.
giuliodaivan5-2-2 Giulio: Yes.  I am … fine.

…Somehow, I feel even his voice’s lacking – screw oomph.  It’s lacking life…

I head over the fridge, pull out two bottles of beer and leave it on the table before plopping myself down.  Giulio doesn’t move, still as a table decoration just as before…

…Giulio’s … acting weird.

Giulio’s different from his usual self with his slightly off-kilter actions and conversations…  He’s not this lifeless.  Yeah…  He’s not supposed to be acting like he’d been stuffed and mounted…

…No matter how I think about it, there’s only one reason I can come up with.

…It’s that geezer, Baboon Bondone, wasn’t it…?  Come to think of it, this’s the first time I’ve seen the baboon together with Giulio.

Is Giulio scared of the grandpa…?  …No, this doesn’t feel like fear.

Or … does he worship him?  Sworn loyalty to him…?  …I’ve got no idea.

…Just who the hell is that old man…  My head’s filled with noise.  I ruffle my hair around a bit, make a grab for the beer…  Oh, right, the bottle opener…

I bring the bottle cap to my mouth to wrench it open with my teeth, but Giulio’s words and hand stop me.


Giulio: Don’t.  Your teeth…  It is bad for them.  Please wait.

giandaivanu2-2-2 Gian: …Huh?

Giulio kidnaps the beer bottle from my hand, and another hand crosses over it … or so it looked.  The next moment…

transition67     bg0


…the neck of the bottle flies off, sliced clean away.  The positively creamy froth bubbling sizzling over the smooth edge’s proof of the force put behind the act.

giandaivanu3-2-2 Gian: Um, uhhhhm…  … …Thanks.

I accept the bottle with a few awkward words – just a bottle without any tricks or catches.  The opening wasn’t broken off … it was cut.

…He may be kinda lifeless, but Giulio’s still Giulio.

giandaivanu2-1-2 Gian: …You’re not gonna have a sip?
giuliodaivan4-2-2 Giulio: I … am bad … with alcohol…

…I see.  Didn’t know that.  I put the bottle Giulio’d sliced for me to my mouth, a bit jumpy that the edge might cut my lip, and wash the beer down my throat.


giandaivanu3-3-2b Gian: Hey, Giulio…  Can I ask you something?


Giulio: Yes…?

giandaivanu2-1-2 Gian: So, about the old grandpa … I mean, your grandfather…  Do you hate him, Giulio?

Giulio: Why … do you ask?


Whoa, he answered a question with a question.

giuliodaivan4-1-1 Giulio: I … love my grandfather.  I love him.

In the face of such straightforward words, I … I see, so this is what real speechlessness is…  I lose my words.  The conversation ends.

giuliodaivan4-1-1 Giulio: My grandfather has … always been good to me…  After my parents had died, he hired many tutors for me, and even sent me to school.

Oh right, Giulio’s parents…  …I don’t have parents, but … Giulio doesn’t have them either, huh…

giuliodaivan4-1-1 Giulio: He has always…  ‘Become a man of the Bondone family…  A man who will not harm the family lineage…’  Which is why … I respect my Grandfather.

Giulio’s suddenly talkative again, but … for some reason, he sounds like a record, like I’m listening to a machine talk.  …There’s no life to the words.

…Fucking shiiiit!!

…That fucking geezer!!  It’s all ‘cause you came!!  That’s how I know you’re rotten, you bastard.  …Oh, whatever.

giandaivanu2-5-2 Gian: I … see…  Well, for me, parents gone, me always the hoboster, I didn’t have anyone to look up to.
giuliodaivan5-2-1 Giulio: …Is that so…?  Signor Gian has always been my admirati—
giandaivanu2-1-2 Gian: Huh?

Suddenly, Giulio’s words cut short.  …The air of “oh shit” is mixed into his self-interrupted voice and the frightened eyes watching me.

giuliodaivan4-2-2 Giulio: N-No.  …My apologies…

What’s he mean by ‘always?’  …He mean from when we were all in the slammer?  …But … admiration?  Why me?


Why’s the (legit) kid of a loaded family with the whole state wrapped around their little finger … and one who looks all sweet like that, and who’s (probably) a virtuoso at sports, someone whom even the CR:5’d take their hat off to…


…why’d he settle with me?

giandaivanu3-3-2b Gian: I asked you this yesterday, too, but … just what d’you mean by ‘admiration?’  Why’re you fine with me?
giuliodaivan4-1-2 Giulio: That … is because … I think so…
giandaivanu2-1-2 Gian: Why do you think that?
giuliodaivan4-2-2 Giulio: That … is because…

…I stuck to it like glue, so sticky even I feel bad about it.  I mean, ‘s not my fault…

If someone so absolutely perfect’s following my every word, saying I’m the idol of his life…  I mean, I just feel like the guy’s making fun of me.

giandaivanu2-11-2 Gian: You…  Don’t tell me, you like guys, don’t you?  ‘s that why?
giuliodaivan2-1-2 Giulio: That … is not true.  Signor Gian … is…
giandaivanu4-4-2 Gian: Then why me?!  …Haha, I’ve got no idea what the fuck’s up with this!

I grab a handful of Giulio’s scarf.  Giulio’s eyes go wide, leaving me stunned, too, and for a time the both of us stand there stiff…

giuliodaivan4-2-2 Giulio: I … love Signor Gian, which…
giandaivanu2-8-2 Gian: …Mgh, shut up!!  You…!!

I throw myself forward over the table…


Giulio: …!  S-Si…  Gia—

I press my mouth to Giulio’s lips like I’m trying to rip off a chunk of him.  They tremble, like they’re trying to say something.

Giulio: …U-Uh…  Ha…

Gian: …Ngh… Ha…!  That … what you wanted…?

I breathe this out, purposely blowing the air against Giulio’s own painfully heaving ones.

He keeps his eyes screwed shut, like he’s in pain, and slowly, like something melting, the lips I’d sealed with the force of a bite and the mouth start relaxing…

Giulio: …Ngh….

The breath leaking from Giulio’s mouth lick my mouth, my tongue.  …And a small tongue pokes forward, touches my lips, my teeth…

Gian: …Uh… Ah…

…The feeling of Giulio’s tongue…

Giulio: Haa…  Ngh…

Gian: …!!  …W-Wait…!  Jeezus…!

bg00     bg63

I practically shove Giulio away.  …I was the one who’d started it … but now, I’m the one pulling away like I’m getting away.

…Rather, I’m surprised I’m still alive.


Giulio: Signor … Gian…

giandaivanu4-3-2 Gian: …Guh…  Ngh, my bad.

…The hell was I thinking, kissing him?


…Why’m I…  Shit, my head’s spinning in circles!

giuliodaivan2-3-2 Giulio: …Apologies…  I…
giandaivanu4-2-2 Gian: …What’re you apologizing for…?
giuliodaivan4-2-2 Giulio: I … am stupid, and I cannot speak well…
giandaivanu1-7-2c Gian: Aagh!  Enough!  Don’t say any more!  That just now was my fault.  Forget it.
giuliodaivan2-3-2 Giulio: …

Giulio’s eyes drop to the table … and silence.

giuliodaivan4-2-2 Giulio: —ted…?
giandaivanu1-5-2 Gian: Eh?
giuliodaivan5-4-2 Giulio: You do … not feel disgusted?  By … me…?

At first, I seriously had no idea what the hell he just said.

giandaivanu2-4-2b Gian: Um … right.  If I thought you were disgusting or something, I wouldn’t have done something like that in the first place.
giuliodaivan5-6-2b Giulio: Oh…

…This is how I really feel, right?  I sort out the feelings in my gut and gaze long and hard at them.

Just what is this…  We’re both guys…  …So I’m the strange one, not Giulio…?

giandaivanu2-9-2 Gian: ‘s-sides!  You should say ‘love’ to chicks and stuff!  You’re popular, right?
giuliodaivan4-1-2 Giulio: …
giandaivanu2-11-2 Gian: You’ve got the looks!  The money!  Enough to make me wonder what you’d done in your previous life to get so well off!  Well, what I mean is…
giandaivanu2-5-2 Gian: Wipe the slate.  Kiss a girl and bed her and that’ll wipe the bad taste away … ‘K?


Giulio: —ed before…

giandaivanu1-3-2 Gian: Yeah, see?  I get how it is, you dang rich ‘uns.  … …Huh?

Giulio: I have … never formally accompanied a lady before…

giandaivanu3-2-2b Gian: Eh.


giuliodaivan5-2-4 Giulio: …Th-That … um … that was my f-first … kiss.
giandaivanu3-6-1b Gian: Wuh.
giuliodaivan2-3-4 Giulio: Ah!  M-My apologies.  I had forgotten.  I have … kissed before.
giandaivanu3-8-2c Gian: Y-Yeah, no surpr—
giuliodaivan4-3-4 Giulio: It was with … our pet dog…
giandaivanu3-6-1b Gian: Oh.  I see.

We’ve got the Lucky Dog after the dog?  One dog after another?  …But … of all people, his first kiss.  Me.  A guy.  …I’m really sorry, Giulio…


Giulio: But I … am glad that my first was Signor Gian—.

Somehow … I get the feeling that Giulio’s gonna say something super embarrassing, so I flail my hand around a bit before jumping topics.

giandaivanu3-8-2b Gian: Aah!  Aah, aah, um…!  Well, you know!  There’s no deep meaning to it or anything…!  Just do whatever, or, you know, ad hoc, right?!


giuliodaivan5-2-2 Giulio: I … understand.

There’s a fire, a tiny one, lighting up Giulio’s eyes.  …The color’s … yeah, the color in his eyes’s back to what they were before the old Bondone’d came around.

It’s the eyes of the Giulio I know.

Beyond Giulio’s happy eyes and his awkward smile, I can feel a sharp drop-off, like off the side of a building, diving down into deep darkness.

I shake my head and think about what to talk about now that the topic’s shifted.

giandaivanu2-5-2 Gian: …Now then.  What’re we gonna do?  About food?
giuliodaivan4-3-1 Giulio: I am fine with anything…
giandaivanu3-3-2b Gian: Mm, lunch’s still with me … so I don’t really feel like chowing down on anything…
giuliodaivan5-3-1 Giulio: Then … how about something sweet…?  Dolce…?
giandaivanu2-6-2 Gian: For the other stomach?  Sounds great!


That night, we ordered room service again.  We pitted the hotel cook’s genius against cakes (the dolces).

And … he did a good job, pickling our stomachs in sugar enough to give us two full-grown men headaches.


And like that, we head to bed.

…As usual, I haven’t got a clue whether Giulio’s asleep or awake.  He doesn’t shift around, nor does he breathe like he’s sleeping.  And me…

giandaivann4-8-2b Gian: …Ngh…  Tsk, fuck…


I can’t sleep.

For some reason, I’ve got a full-blown wood like it’s morning.  …It’s all ‘cause of the sweet stuff.  That’s what I’m gonna say…  The blood’s rushing up and down, so much it hurts….


giandaivann1-2-2d Gian: …I’ve gone without for too long…

With no way to jerk it off, the only thing I could do was turn restlessly in bed…

Until sleep finally got me, that’s all I did for a good long while…

bg00     giulio67-1

Giulio: …

bg67     bg00

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    Haha, right after the kiss I always imagine Giulio being calm on the outside, but in his mind it’s all like a huge party with confetti and streamers that say HOORAY and those things that you put in your mouth that make that PWEEEEE sound and he’s just all having a total fangasm.



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    So cute!(≧∇≦)I really like Guilio’s reaction! And Gian’s to! XD Really thank you do much for translating Lucky Dog 1, really thanks a lot! By the way, when’s the newt update coming? I can’t wait! o(^_^)o Keep up the good work! And also, MERRY CHRISTMAS!\(^o^)/



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    My favorite part had to be when Giulio said that his first kiss had been with his dog. I mean…if I hadn’t thought he was a freak before, i do now. Where I come from, kisses with pets don’t count unless you’re into beastiality. God, I love how utterly twisted yet innocent he is. It makes me wonder where that place of darkness is coming from and how he became that way. I know for sure that he can’t help the way he is… He is by far the most intriguing character I’ve come by in a long time. Love him!
    Thank you so much for what you’re doing!
    Have an awesome holiday!



    • terracannon876
      Dec 25, 2012 @ 01:17:58

      This was about the same impression I had, although I think the dog part was more for comedic effect XD The whole “there’s something … different – dark but innocent – about him…”

      You too =)



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    • terracannon876
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      Well-read? What makes you say that?

      Giulio liked cuddling with the dog. =p



      • pokkihime
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        I just got that impression.. first while accompanying Ivan, Gian chaffs him several times with this children’s book (forgot the title, sorry); and now on Giulio’s route (2 chapters ago) when Gian enters Bernardo’s room he says something like “Tyltyl and Mytyl are back”..these names are from a play by the Belgian author Maurice Maeterlinck; the play is called “The Blue Bird” (1908).. but maybe Gian was just too bored in jail that he even read a book from time to time .. (-strange thought though..haha)



        • terracannon876
          Dec 29, 2012 @ 18:52:35

          Anne of Green Gables was read to him when he was in an orphanage (and a many number of times, considering the fact he still remembers the lines), but the Bluebird reference I feel was a Japanese-ish reference in that they seem to know about this story a lot more than we do and there are plenty of references to it everywhere, whereas it’s relatively unknown in America. It would be the American equivalent (not meaning-wise, but popularity-wise) as if he’d said “Hansel and Gretel” or something, I think. I’d considered changing it, but decided against it since I’m translating and not localizing this game, lol.



      • pokkihime
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  10. Britches
    Dec 28, 2012 @ 19:32:02

    “…Somehow, I feel even his voice’s lacking – screw oomph. It’s lacking life…”

    Boo. °n°

    “Gian: So, about the old grandpa … I mean, your grandfather… Do you hate him, Giulio?
    Giulio: Why … do you ask?”


    “Suddenly, Giulio’s words cut short. …The air of “oh shit” is mixed into his self-interrupted voice and the frightened eyes watching me.”

    I love your translation here, “the air of ‘oh shit'” in particular. You’re brilliant.

    “I press my mouth to Giulio’s lips like I’m trying to rip off a chunk of him.”


    “Gian: …Uh… Ah…
    …The feeling of Giulio’s tongue…
    Giulio: Haa… Ngh…
    Gian: …!! …W-Wait…! Jeezus…!”

    OH COME ON GIAN JUST WHEN IT WAS ABOUT TO GET GOOD you little cockblock you’ll regret that later on heed my words D:

    “Giulio: I have … never formally accompanied a lady before…”

    /screaming GIULIO could you get any more awkward about this Jesus.
    It really shows here how detached Giulio is regarding interpersonal relations and dealings. Not only has he never had anyone (save for Gian) in his life, ever, he never even learned how to express the concept verbally.
    Then again, Giulio’s vocabulary is severely limited to polite conversation that might be used when paraded about business partners of Bastardone and promises of mutilation and painful demise (promises, not threats. Giulio hardly ever threatens, he just kills. Unless it’s his subordinates. But that’s mostly Drama CD interaction I think?).

    “I can’t sleep.
    For some reason, I’ve got a full-blown wood like it’s morning.”

    What did I say? He regrets it. I so told ya Gian. So told ya.



    • terracannon876
      Dec 28, 2012 @ 19:39:44

      If it makes you feel better, I almost said “accosted a lady.” XD

      You totally mean the OTHER scene where he regrets it *spoilerspoiler* XD

      Wub your comments *_*



      • Britches
        Dec 28, 2012 @ 19:51:57

        AHAHAHAHA, if only you had, but – it does make it sound like he’s the world’s most awkward male prostitute. 8D

        OHHH, yes, you know I think I remember that one! … we should stop we’re being mean. xD

        I ❤ YOU you perfect little shit °u°



  11. sc
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    The awkwardness is strong in these two.



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    I wonder what Giulio was thinking when Gian was up and tossing around at night .Does he know Gian is horny ?



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    This is totally cute. x3



  15. andyphantomhive
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    “…I stuck to it like glue, so sticky even I feel bad about it. I mean, ‘s not my fault…

    If someone so absolutely perfect’s following my every word, saying I’m the idol of his life… I mean, I just feel like the guy’s making fun of me.

    Gian: You… Don’t tell me, you like guys, don’t you? ‘s that why?

    Giulio: That … is not true. Signor Gian … is…”

    what, that is not true, signor Gian is…. a female? xD *AndyFailsToBeFunnyAgain*
    but seriously tho “you like guys?” “That is not true, Signore Gian is…..” i cant be the only one who thought that? right? right? <<
    why the fuck am i commenting this at all?…… eh. k. hay. how is your life going? ;D … what. I suck. okey….. im just writing everything that crosses my mind…. hey, thats like an essay? is it not? whooo im awesome! oh god, sorry, ill stop bothering you x.x hope you enjoyed my not intensional written essay ;D



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    ah well ..all I need to talk already posted by the others..hehehe



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