Lucky Dog 1 translations 08 Ivan route 05

Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 8

Noon Break



…return to our car and head for the double-rail warehouse at the Daivan station this time.  We go to the storage there, and, just like before, Ivan…

…gives a shout to the guy in charge of the muscle, checks something, and goes to look at the contents of the cargo.

I see…  Showing his face on his turf and making himself known is really important in his line of business.

Noon comes and goes.  Ivan and I head over to buy lunch at one of the stands for the workers in the back of the warehouse.

Gian: Wow.  This kind of just screams ‘Meat!’  ‘Oil!’  …Is this German?
Ivan: I think he’s Polish.  Or maybe Hungarian?  I forget.  Oh well.  …Oh, you’ll be treating this time.
Gian: But I didn’t bring my wallet.

Ivan: The hell?!  You shithead!  Did you come naked, you idiot?!  And what kind of adult are you, chewing gum all day long like some demented cricket?!

Gian:  Oh shut up.  You were all shoving me along, so I forgot to wear the jacket with my wallet inside.

Ivan: Gaaaaaaagh!  You’re completely useless!  Completely utterly totally useless!  Die!!

Ivan starts spouting off fuck and shit and jesus and ass and cursing to high hell as he finally pays the stand the money.  …The two of us add up to 70 cents.

…Honestly, we’re just talking small change here…


Afterwards, we head back to the car, which starts driving off towards somewhere.  …On the way, Ivan crosses his arms and says,

Ivan: …I’m taking a nap.  You get some sleep, too.
Gian: Where’d that come from?  Time for your afternoon siesta?

Ivan shuts his eyes and mouth…

Gian: Come on, we’re not cats here.  I can’t just drop off when you tell me to.  I’ve gotta prepare myself, and—


Ivan: …
Gian: Wow, he’s actually asleep…

I’m surprised and exasperated…  And then, I notice something.  The driver’s looking back at us with wide eyes through the rearview mirror.

Gian: …Your boss’s sleeping.

Ivan’s Subordinate B: …Th-That seems to be so…

The car runs through the city, carrying a man who’s so deep in sleep he doesn’t even snore and me, staring off into nothing.

Gian: …He always nap in the car?

The driver flickers his gaze back to me, but…  Looks like it’s a sticky subject.

Gian: It’s OK.  He’s out like a corpse.

Ivan’s Subordinate B: …Yes, always.  He rests in the car … but this is the first time I’ve seen him sleep so…  This is the first time I’ve seen him do that.  Why only today is beyond me…

Now that he mentions it, Ivan…  He did say something about oversleeping this morning.  Maybe I just give off something that puts idiots at ease?

Gian: Oh yeah.  Where’s this car heading?

Ivan’s Subordinate B: If you’re asking about its destination … it’s nowhere.  The Boss always has us drive through the city as he rests.

Because … if he’s always on the move, it’s less likely he’d get attacked than if he sleeps in one spot…?  …I get it…  And the Family pays for the gas, too.

Gian: …I can’t tell if he’s stupid or clever…

Sleep continues to elude me for the rest of the drive…


As the car continues to wander through the city, the city view starts to get stained in orange as dusk creeps around the corner.


Just as I yawn and start nodding off, the car pulls into the parking lot behind the hotel.

Gian: Now then, are we done for the day?

I get out of the car and stretch.  It’s already sundown.

Ivan: What’re you talking about?  We’re just getting started.  …Oh, here it comes, here it comes!!

My eyes go ‘??’  I see a huge, pure white car come out of nowhere and pull into an empty spot.  The huge vehicle reminds me of a coffin.

The engine rumbles a deep bass that I feel in my stomach.  Perhaps it’s the sparkly polished body, or perhaps it’s the glaring white that’s, let’s be honest, in bad taste that tells me…  Could this be…

Gian: …Ivan, is this yours…?

Ivan: That’s right!  Haha, ain’t she awesome?  Ain’t she cool?  Ain’t she the best?!  You’ve gotta go German if you want the best car!

Gian: …But man, this is a big sedan.  It’s practically a tank compared to that Alpha…

Ivan: She’s the newest Mercedes model!  A brand spanking new virgin!  Just wait ‘til you ride her through the night city!  She jolts everyone on the streets off their feet and makes ‘em piss their pants.

Is that how it works?  I open the thick armor-like un-Mercedes-like backdoor to the Benz and climb in…

Whoo, when the door closes, it makes a sound like a safe closing.  …And also… Uwaaagh, the car stinks of perfume…

…Jeezus, five seconds and a kid’ll be completely carsick in this.

Ivan: Ain’t the inside awesome, too?  Ain’t it cool?  Take any virgin and she’d flood her pants with a ‘Whoohoo!  Here it comes!’ the moment she sinks into the seat.
Gian: Is that so.

In high spirits, Ivan jerks his chin up and starts the car’s heavy engine.  Slowly, and with a smoothness that I didn’t expect from something so bulky, it slides forward.

Could we be … heading off to Ivan’s other racket and making rounds to see the nightlife women in this?  With such a high-class car…?  Just how does his value system work…?

Ivan: Oh, and if you smoke in here, you’re dead.
Gian: …I’m not gonna smoke.  It feels like some weird chemical reaction’d take place in my lungs if I do.

With me, sick and tired of the perfume, and a very cheerful Ivan inside, the pure white, high-class car pulls into the city, its diverse shops starting to shift from twilight-stained to lightly shadowed.


Gian: Soo?  Where’re we headed now…?
Ivan: This is the perfect chance.  It’d be better if you learned how to manage the girls while you’re off seeing the houses.
Gian: Yaay, I’m so excited.

The Ben— … The Mercedes drives three blocks off the large street as the other cars around him clear out a space as though being repelled by magnetism.

…Well yeah, I’d avoid him, too.


Ivan: All righty!  We’re here!

He practically shoves the other cars out of his way as he moves the white colossus to a park by the sidewalk.

We’re in one of the liveliest entertainment districts in Daivan.  The cars are packed like sardines, and the people fill the streets and neon-lighted roads like it’s the middle of the day.

Women, booze, gambling, food, bars, and cash.  Wonderful things everywhere!  All these things make up the entertainment district, wow, wow, wow!

The men walking past us avoid Ivan like they did earlier with the Mercedes as he practically shoves a way through.

Ivan turns the lollipop he’d been sucking on in the car over as he slips through the door to one of the shops.  I follow after him.

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