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Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 9

Complications Rising


bg0     bg68

The next morning, I wake up pretty early.  The lack of jerking off’s made my morning wake-up rather refreshing.

Going by Bernardo’s conversation, we’ll be making a move at dusk and then watching the enemies’ response.  …Should I get up?  Or go back to sleep and wait for the call…?


giuliodaivann4-1-1 Giulio: Good morning, Signor Gian.


giandaivann3-9-1 Gian: Morni—!  Whoa!  Giulio, you’re up?!
giuliodaivann5-1-1 Giulio: Yes.  Because Signor Gian had awoken…

…But all I’d done was open my eyes while lying in bed…

giandaivann2-2-2 Gian: …Oh well.  Well … guess I’ll wash up and get ready for work.
giuliodaivann4-1-1 Giulio: Yes.  I will … bring breakfast over.

Giulio gets out of bed and squirms some clothes on.  …Man, he’s really awful at dressing himself.  Missing the belt buckle…  Wriggling about under his shirt…

…This man, the guy with the bullet-fast speed and the accuracy of finely tuned clockwork when snuffing out humans, is…

Guess there’s no perfect human, right, God?

bg00     giulio68-1

Giulio: …Will this be adequate for breakfast?

On the table rolls a bunch of fruit that’d been used as decorations throughout the building.  Red apples so red they’re almost black and bananas perfect enough to look made of plastic.

giandaivanu1-1-1 Gian: Great.  OK.  …Any word from Bernardo?

Giulio: No, nothing…


We chomp down on the fruits like jungle Neanderthals.  As a proof of civilization, I pull out a Perrier from the fridge and guzzle it down.

giuliodaivan4-3-1 Giulio: I have … heard that apples can serve as a substitute for brushing teeth.

‘Oh, really?’ I answer…  The thought that just maybe the fact I hadn’t brushed my teeth’s out of the bag sends chills down my spine.

giandaivanu1-2-1 Gian: Now then, guess we’ll be taking coffee in Bernardo’s room?


I shoot a ‘hey’ to the guards.  The instant they let us enter…


Riiiing.  Briiiiing.  Biriririirng.  Riiiing. Tiririiing.

Thick as fog, the ringing of phones clog Bernardo’s work room.

Briiiing.  Click.

berndaivanc1-1-1 Bernardo: …What’s the damage?  I see…  You may dispose of the phone.  Retreat.

Click.  Briiiing.  Click.

berndaivanc4-6-2b Bernardo: …You say he’s new?  …To think he’d go to work in a Rolls Royce.  Have a lieutenant or someone take a photo of him.

Tiririiing.  Click.

berndaivanc4-5-2b Bernardo: …There’s no trace of anyone there?  …Just what…?  …It may be a trap.  Return.


Bernardo takes three receivers at once and lines them up on the desk in front of him.  And when he actually does pick one up to answer…

berndaivanc4-8-2 Bernardo: …I see.  I understand you need assistance, but by phone…  Yes.  Yes.  This phone may be bugged.  Until then.


Sometimes he responds without even really listening to the words coming from the receiver lying on his desk before ending the call.  …Did we happen to barge in during rush hour?

Giulio and I head over to the sofa in the corner of the room to keep out of the way…  …Someone’s arrived before us.

Sipping elegantly from the coffee cup tilted towards his lips is Luchino.


Luchino: Yo.  You two are here early today.

giandaivanu2-6-1 Gian: D’you know abstaining from women and alcohol gets you up early in the morning?  You heading out in a bit?


Luchino: No, I just came in.  Once my men return with a report of the current situation, I’m taking a nap ‘til noon.

With those words, a truly debonair grin spreads across Luchino’s face.  When Giulio and I sit down on the sofa…

Looks like a break finally rolled around in the Assault of the Phones.  Bernardo’s coming over this way while biting a yawn back.


Bernardo: Good morning…  …Your smiles are far too bright for one who’s just pulled an all-nighter.

giandaivanu3-2-1b Gian: What?  You didn’t get any sleep?

Bernardo: Before I can pass word to the Board, there are various things I have to take care of first…  Perhaps I’ll help myself to a cup as well.


Coming towards us, Bernardo’s got a map of some sort and a notepad in his hands.

Bernardo takes a few gulps from the coffee with nothing added before a sigh that’s been stocking up in his lungs breaks out.  Then, he spreads the scribble-filled map out over the table.

luchidaivan1-1-1 Luchino: The situation?
berndaivanc4-3-2 Bernardo: I’d hoped you could’ve deduced that from my expression on your own.
giuliodaivan1-3-1 Giulio: Was there a counterattack last night?
berndaivanc4-6-2b Bernardo: No, there was none of that.  But the GD have sent reinforcements into Daivan, and quite a number, too…
luchidaivan4-2-1 Luchino: But wasn’t that something you’d already anticipated?
berndaivanc4-4-2 Bernardo: It’s far greater numbers than what I’d imagined.  They’ve sent enough reinforcements just overnight to make me wonder whether they’re planning to move their headquarters here to Daivan.
giandaivanu2-1-1b Gian: Smells like they’d planned that from the start.
berndaivanc2-1-2 Bernardo: Furthermore, I can’t grasp their intentions from their formations.  Just when I learn that the places I’d anticipated to be key locations are empty, they use slums that give them no advantage whatsoever as their base.
giandaivanu2-11-2 Gian: That’s unsettling.  Think they’re really planning on making a colony out of Daivan?
berndaivanc4-1-2 Bernardo: I’ve been staying vigilant to keep us from being another sabini ourselves, but … even when I surrounded their base to try to crush them, interruption after interruption came butting in…  …I’m getting an ulcer.
luchidaivan4-2-1 Luchino: The Board?
berndaivanc1-1-1 Bernardo: There’s that, too.  They were very quick to meddle in our strategy and money usage.
luchidaivan4-1-1 Luchino: There’s never been a country that’s won a war while at odds with their finance department.  Tsk … think you can wrangle together some sort of advance?
berndaivanc4-4-2 Bernardo: If this situation were to continue for a month, then they may lend us a little.  More importantly, now the city cops – the police – are persistently picking fights with us over yesterday’s events.
berndaivanc4-9-2 Bernardo: …Thank God the mayor’s on our side…
berndaivanc1-1-1 Bernardo: In addition, several of Daivan’s newspapers have been penning articles blaming us CR:5.  We are the “Mafia that hail war and death upon this peaceful city,” or so they say.
giandaivanu4-2-2 Gian: Fucking asswipes…  Probably took bribes from the GD.

Luchino: Having the papers abuse us means we’re doing something right.  …Oh well!  Guess I’ll pay a house visit to a couple of companies.

giandaivanu2-4-2b Gian: A house visit…?  You threaten ‘em and they might run off crying to the city coppers.


Luchino: Such mundane actions are beneath me.  I’ll only be using some photographs of the journalist gentlemen with happy households, dropping their breeches outside their homes.

giandaivanu3-3-2c Gian: I’m shuddering in my boots here.  But they’re pros, too, right?  Nice job getting the shots without them spotting the strobe lights.


Luchino: It’s simple!  Just having the girls cry, ‘Please, don’t turn off the lights.  Fuck me with them on so you can see all of me’ ‘s enough.

Luchino’s face, a face handsome enough to make ten ladies fall swooning over one another, pulls back into a smirk.  Contagious, the smile spreads to me and Bernardo as we snort and laugh.


bg00     giulio109-1

…Giulio, who’d been keeping silent this whole time up until now – not saying a single word and not even laughing a single chuckle – says, in a quiet voice,

Giulio:  …Where shall we destroy today?

At his voice, the slightly high spirits fall silent and with a thud falls flat to the floor.  Bernardo rubs at his face under his glasses with a large hand and says,


Bernardo: ‘Attacks continue as planned,’ is what I’d like to say, but … Giulio, Gian, your targets have changed.


With those words, Bernardo takes his red pen and swooshes a circle on the map of Daivan.  The location … is north Daivan, near an automobile part factory there.

berndaivanc1-1-1 Bernardo: Board’s – or shall we say, sig. Bondone’s – direct orders.  The GD have sent reinforcements into this district.  Please finish them off.  There shouldn’t be many.
giuliodaivan1-3-1 Giulio: Understood.  …Will it be all right if I kill them?

Bernardo keeps his eyes fixed on us as he nods.

giandaivanu4-2-2 Gian: That geezer’s, huh…  I’ve got a bad feeling ‘bout this.
berndaivanc4-3-1 Bernardo: Sigh…  …However, sig. Bondone likely won’t send his own heir off to certain death.  Perhaps … when you go, you’ll find it to be nothing more than an empty husk.
luchidaivan4-4-2 Luchino: What a roundabout way of doing things.  If that’s the case, then he would’ve been better off just shutting Giulio away in his mansion…


Giulio: Let us go, Signor Gian.


When Giulio and I stand, Bernardo calls one of his men over and has him bring over a notepad and some candy tube-looking thing, which he gives to us.

berndaivanc1-1-1 Bernardo: Just in case, I’ve changed our contact number.  Make your regular call with the number provided there.  …If something bad goes down, withdraw immediately.
giandaivanu2-2-1b Gian: Yeah.  One call every thirty minutes…  Oh!  Hey, this is handy.

Inside the paper candy tube Bernardo’d doled us are nickels, filling the tube tip to tip.  With this, I could pop in coins with one hand while keeping up the call.

berndaivanc4-3-1 Bernardo: Consider the remaining change tip.
giandaivanu2-10-1 Gian: Yaay!  Thank you, Uncle Bernie!


Luchino: Oh, right.  The car sig. Bondone has prepared for you’s come.  It’s a black Mercedes, parked out in front of the hotel.

giandaivanu1-1-2b Gian: Geh…

bg00     bg59

I sneak a peek out the hotel front doors to see it’s exactly as he said…

A pack of people with looks screaming “Hey y’all, we’re Mafia!” are standing outside their big black Mercedes parked out in front of the hotel, completely ignorant of the traffic they’re blocking.

They might be the chauffeur and the guard, but … just the thought of being driven around surrounded by them pisses me off.

I glance over at Giulio, who’s taking in the same sight, and say,

giandaivanu3-3-1 Gian: What’re we gonna do about that…?  They’ll probably keep an eye on us even after we get off at our stop.
giuliodaivan5-2-1c Giulio: …Let us take another car.
giandaivanu2-1-1 Gian: Yeah, you’re right…  This way.


Then, we turn around and head for the kitchens…


We sneak out the back door the hotel uses to take out the trash, dash down the back alley, and pick up a taxi.

bg00     bg70

We have the taxi drive around for a while, make sure we haven’t got any cars tailing us … and I let loose a big breath of relief and pop a wad of gum in my mouth.

We’d picked a taxi with a Mexican driver.  I’ve never met a Mexican who’s known Italian.  …This way, I can talk with Giulio without worrying.

giuliodaivan4-2-2b Giulio: …It is my fault.  Because of me…  I have caused trouble for…
giandaivanu2-5-2b Gian: ‘s no skin off my back.  More importantly … that drum can geezer’s gonna throw a fit at you later, isn’t he?

Before the words finish leaving my mouth … the color in Giulio’s eyes – its emotions, its life – extinguish, like a fire blown out in the wind.

giandaivanu3-3-2 Gian: Giulio…?
giuliodaivan4-1-1 Giulio: I am all right.  Let us finish the job.
giandaivanu2-1-2b Gian: …

There it is again.  All because I’d just mentioned the grandpa in a sentence, Giulio’s turned into a lifeless thing again.  Like a stuffed dog.

…I don’t know what the fuck’s going on.

giandaivanu3-3-2 Gian: …Obedience…?
giuliodaivan4-1-1 Giulio: Yes?  What is it?
giandaivanu2-5-2b Gian: Oh…  No, it’s nothing.

The word that’d flashed in the back of my mind blurts out my mouth.  …Yeah, obedience…  That’s the closest word to describing what I’m seeing in Giulio.

Wonder if his grandpa was really, really tight on him?  …So that he’d obey, listen to orders without question or hesitation…

giuliodaivan1-3-1b Giulio: Turn right at the crossroads.  Continue for some time.

Giulio gives the cabbie directions in clean, pronounced words but with the voice of a scratched, worn record.  The man’s body tenses with a jump as he turns the wheel.

…Not surprising.  Word does go around fast in this trade.  Looks like he already knows the new GD base’s around the area.

giuliodaivan1-2-1b Giulio: Let us … destroy them before they can ready their defenses.

Giulio’s face, his eyes look directly at me.

giuliodaivan5-2-1c Giulio: Signor Gian.  I … will … protect you.

Flickering in those eyes is a small flare of life.

…No, that’s not quite it.  The fire in his eyes…

bg00     transition68


…isn’t of life.  No, it’s more … of blood.  The flickering gleam of fleshly drawn blood.

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  1. Britches
    Jan 01, 2013 @ 09:10:31

    “Bernardo: Consider the remaining change tip.
    Gian: Yaay! Thank you, Uncle Bernie!”

    /must not screech must not squeal must not coo

    “Luchino: Oh, right. The car sig. Bondone has prepared for you’s come. It’s a black Mercedes, parked out in front of the hotel.”

    It’s a trap.

    “Giulio: …Let us take another car.”

    I think that’s the most unintentionally clever thing Giulio has and will ever have said.

    “Wonder if his grandpa was really, really tight on him? …So that he’d obey, listen to orders without question or hesitation…”

    Oh you have NO idea.

    “Giulio gives the cabbie directions in clean, pronounced words but with the voice of a scratched, worn record. The man’s body tenses with a jump as he turns the wheel.
    …Not surprising.”

    No, it REALLY isn’t, Giulio’s not-talking-to-Gian-voice is one of the most bone-chilling things I have ever heard, it freaks me out.



    • terracannon876
      Jan 01, 2013 @ 09:41:34

      As in,

      Giulio (to Gian): Sunshine! Rainbow! Puppies! (MLP!)
      Giulio (to others): You are not worth the oxygen I breathe >(




      • Britches
        Jan 01, 2013 @ 10:10:51

        You say that like it’s a joke but he’s really on the bottom of my people-I-ever-want-to-have-the-questionable-fortune-of-being-stuck-in-an-elevator-with list. O__O



  2. etyy
    Jan 01, 2013 @ 10:23:19

    Giulio half-naked and smiling. ;D Excuse me for being a perv.



  3. etyy
    Jan 02, 2013 @ 00:08:50

    Oh terra, you forgot to put the dialogue where Giulio greeted Gian good morning before Gian did. It goes after the first black-out picture.



  4. pokkihime
    Jan 03, 2013 @ 13:13:05

    “Gian: there’s no perfect human, right, God?” (didn’t know, Gian, that you are so close with god..) 🙂

    “…Giulio, who’d been keeping silent this whole time up until now – not saying a single word and not even laughing a single chuckle – says, in a quiet voice,

    Giulio: …Where shall we destroy today?”
    (Either does Giulio feel the urge of changing the subject this moment, because 1. he is ashamed (innerly); 2. he grows impatient by just sitting and waiting; or 3. (-more likely, in my opinion), doesn’t get at all what the hell Luchino’s talking about ladies and stuff…)

    “Wonder if his grandpa was really, really tight on him?” (*coughcough?*) X3

    AND please!! – mineral water, apples, – and then coffee?! …. wish I had your stomach, guys! X§



    • Britches
      Jan 03, 2013 @ 18:30:00

      He’s actually one of the few characters I’ve encountered over the years who uses the term “kami-sama” once in a while. I doubt he actually believes in the christian deity, but, well, orphanage in that time and age meant: nuns. And a religious upbringing.

      And Giulio doesn’t get the urge to change the topic, he is just set to get ON topic. He really wubs dead bodies, after all. °u°



      • pokkihime
        Jan 04, 2013 @ 08:44:42

        Ah..yes of course.. – he really says “kami-sama” doesn’t he..-I forgot ^_^°…./(with the “-sama” part kinda hard to translate).. When I read the translated script, I had to LOL because I instantly got this picture in my mind, how Gian and god are sitting together like old buddies, philosophizing about the world, mankind,… – while sipping coffee…XDD *wahh – that picture still doesn’t want to leave my head*

        …second LOL at Giulio’s seriousness..haha.. he’s so into corpses, it still makes me shudder from time to time…..
        somewhere (I forgot – man, I’m forgetful.. DX) I once saw a wordplay “Shitai shitai” (屍体 したい) (“I want to make corpses”??) ..doesn’t make much sense, but I suddenly had to think of Giulio..X3



      • Britches
        Jan 04, 2013 @ 13:03:27

        I always think of “sama”, seeing as it is an honorific, as “Honorable Mr./Ms./Mrs. So-and-so”, but Terra would probably contradict or at least have 5 cents of her own to add.
        Well if it doesn’t want to leave your head, draw it! 😀

        I think it would be 死体をしたい, but that sounds odd. As in, the verb. You don’t make corpses. Idk xD



        • terracannon876
          Jan 05, 2013 @ 08:48:00

          I just see sama as “addressing someone higher in status than you and going that extra leg in politeness.” Deities certainly fall under higher status. So do people when you’re talking to them about business deals. I email tj with “tennenouji-sama” lol

          I could be wrong. Do remember I haven’t taken a single course in Japanese.

          As for “shitai,” I’d say it’s more “do corpses”…



      • pokkihime
        Jan 04, 2013 @ 14:38:46

        HAHA.. I may really take you up on that drawing suggestion XP (…But ye be warned, – for I draw even worse than I translate ;D )



      • Britches
        Jan 04, 2013 @ 15:17:21

        I do not care, my mother draws stick figures and I swear to you I love them more than all modern art put together. You got a chance. 😀



      • Britches
        Jan 05, 2013 @ 08:56:08

        ‘Do’ because ‘make’ would be more like 使う? In general, not as in “producing a corpse out of the ingredient of one living human being”. In any case, I wish “to do” wasn’t a synonym for fucking because that’s just eww.



      • Britches
        Jan 05, 2013 @ 16:09:52

        How the hell did I manage to confuse those two now. They don’t even look the same. And one also means cooking. u__u Ya know I’m just gonna stick to transcribing the drama CDs. I’m halfway done with Giulio’s anyway.



  5. Britches
    Jan 05, 2013 @ 08:57:58

    “Do remember I haven’t taken a single course in Japanese.”

    Oh yeah I recall. Well in that case I declare myself supreme overlord of being correct today.



  6. pokkihime
    Jan 05, 2013 @ 13:46:32

    Ahh..Terra, – you really are awesome, you know that, – I hope you do ^__^!! .. – (you know how the wind blows in regards to honorifics and all.. hehe… You’re admirable.. – (never took japanese classes?) ..天才!!!!!

    ..but I had never guessed, that it would become such a subject of discussion here ^.^ I said in the beginning, it’s just a wordplay I found somewhere..unable to make any sense out of it, it still amused me quite a bit, because I had to think of Giulio so strongly XD… And it’s an open secret by now, that I’m very easily amused X3
    (-and yes, -” to do corpses” is a rather disturbing thought…even for my twisted mind XDD../-and even if it’s only one (corpse).. *lol )

    @britches: I’ve already drawn the picture in my mind.. – all that’s left now is to realize it!! and thanks for the encouraging words!! 😀



    • Britches
      Jan 05, 2013 @ 16:08:19

      Subject of conversation rather than discussion, how else to establish a dialogue? 😀
      And yeah, she’s quite a marvel. A cutiepie as well. Also stubborn as a mule. Which is very rewarding for us, seeing as it’d otherwise be impossible to keep at this project so persistently.

      Eh, I don’t know what I said, but, no problem? XD



      • pokkihime
        Jan 06, 2013 @ 04:44:17

        oh, I’m sorry ^_^°.. no I didn’t mean it that way..and you’re right anyway with the dialogue XD …(seems I have to be a little more careful with my “german english” (discussion/Diskussion)).. well it happens some times though X’3

        Wow! and I read you’re transcribing the drama CDs?! Quite impressing! You and Terra truly amaze me! *^_^*



      • Britches
        Jan 06, 2013 @ 08:38:56

        wut. Du bist deutsch? Na sieh mal einer an! 😀
        Und dein Denglisch kommt nicht durch, keine Panik. Das englische Wort für Diskussion hat nicht unbedingt eine negative Konnotation. Semantisches Haare-spalten ist einfach nur eins meiner Hobbies. 😉



      • pokkihime
        Jan 07, 2013 @ 14:58:21

        uhmm. danke.. @-> Naja.. Ich versuche mein Bestes.. Aber die sprachlichen Fettnäpfchen finden mich… – (hab eben auch ein ganz besonderes Talent..thehe.).X’D



      • Britches
        Jan 08, 2013 @ 09:40:11

        Ach Quatschikato. Lass dich bloß nicht verunsichern, und schon gar nicht vom Kommentieren abhalten. Immer munter weiter so. Terra freut sich nämlich ausnahmslos wie Bolle drüber. c:
        Now be on your merry way, young hime-sama. Now that terra’s back, there’s sure to be an update sooner or later, so don’t stray too far. 😉



      • pokkihime
        Jan 08, 2013 @ 12:44:38

        Danke dir!^_^*….. You better keep your mini-me on a short leash then..(-and I mean that quite literally.. XD).. No really, I will never ever stray too far from this place…

        (-and ohh… no one ever called me hime-sama before..I’m glad you can’t see me blushing right now… That would be too embarrassing… Yes, – more embarrassing than being strapped to a nail bed with nothing on but a triangular piece of cloth..(might feel funny though)X’DD



      • pokkihime
        Jan 11, 2013 @ 08:17:07

        -I know, I know.. – not in public.. *takes-nail-bed-and-leaves* XD

        ah, and yes, – Bondone is a hard one, I can imagine… (- that sounded weird just now)…
        -Anyway, -I will wait for your update patiently and well-mannered (somehow) xD



  7. etyy
    Jan 10, 2013 @ 19:36:19

    Terra, just a gentle reminder of the dialogue where Giulio greeted Gian good morning before Gian did and freaked out.



  8. Eira Luna
    Apr 12, 2014 @ 13:37:02

    extinct species reference…this game is using even that! It’s been so long since I read that word… word again.. What’s the japanese word? Why did you use such word when you can put charming?



    • terracannon876
      Apr 24, 2014 @ 18:36:15

      Sorry, I’m not sure I understand what the first part of your comment means ^^;

      “Debonair” means “handsome,” “suave,” so I felt it was more appropriate for Luchino. “Charming” is sometimes a difficult word to use in translations into English – many words translate into it, but English itself rarely uses it (and is so general). The original Japanese is “実にいい顔でルキーノは笑う.”



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