Lucky Dog 1 translations 09 Ivan route 07

Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 9


After a while…

Ivan went ahead to take a shower first, saying he felt nasty.

I stay on the dirty bed and sigh, massaging my numb hand.

Aah … I did it with Ivan.  All the way.

Now that I’m calmer, it sinks in that that just now was all because of the special situation, a battle of the wills, and also, the heat of the moment.

Mmgh, to think I’d get into this kind of a relationship with Ivan…

I simulate various situations of what it’ll be like afterwards.

…N-No!  Stop!  Bad thoughts!  Bad thoughts!

Gian: Anyways…
Ivan: Wh-What…?

Just as Ivan comes out of the bathroom, he cuts into my monologue.

Gian: Maybe I’ll … call room service, and get an ice cream sundae…
Ivan: …Wha?
Gian: No, something without chocolate’d work better…
Ivan: What, you want ice cream?
Gian: No.  I was thinking if I could pretend that the reason these sheets are all crumpled up was ‘cause I dropped ice cream onto it.
Ivan: …You seriously think you can get away with an excuse like that?  You should hurry up and take a shower.  Don’t spill any semen over there.

Ivan says this snootily as he starts stripping the bed of its sheets.

I see something that looks like blood.  I wonder if I’m bleeding a bit back there…

I remember that period of confusion after all that roughness and I give a small sigh.

Gian: Seriously, what’re we gonna do about those sheets?  The room service’ll see it.
Ivan: What ‘bout that janitor?  We could leave it to him.

…The janitor does this stuff, too?  But wait, the moment we call the cleaners, we’ll have to go through Bernardo and the others, don’t we?

Either way, I make myself stand up and head over to the shower room, slouched back and all.


Aagh, shit, my back hurts…  Whoa, at some point in time my hair’s gotten completely soaked in sweat.

I wonder if this is what they call regret…?


I wash my body spick-span clean and return to the bedroom.

It’s the second time today I feel like a satisfied, toasty puppy.  But this time I feel freakishly exhausted compared to before.  Jeez, I just feel like dropping off into wonderland this very moment…

Oh!  Ivan’s put on new sheets for me!

Yeah, go luck!  As I dry my hair, I sit down on the sheets.

…On the next bed, Ivan’s staring at me kinda angrily.

Gian: What’re you so unhappy ‘bout?  Didn’t you get it all outta your system?
Ivan: Th-That’s not it…!

A … lot of things happened today.  Feels like my mind’s a pile of mush.  I get ya.  I’m feeling the same thing.

Ivan: Hey, you … h-how many…
Gian: Hm?
Ivan: You had a … really sexy expression back there, so … how … many people’ve you slept with?

What’s he talking about?

Gian: …What’re you trying to say?  I’m not really getting it.  ‘sides, I couldn’t hear you in the first place.  Say it again.
Ivan: Shaddap!  It’s nothing!!

Don’t try and keep a guy creaking from fatigue and exhaustion up with ‘nothing.’

It’s probably because we’re under house arrest that we just let loose.  I’m gonna just go to sleep and forget the strange way things’ve turned out.

My ass hurts?  It’s all in my head!  It’ll get better tomorrow!  …That’s just how it is, right?!  …And just when I think this…

Ivan: You’re really freakishly popular with the Counselor and the other geezers.  And you always get urgent orders from the Boss to see ‘em…  You weren’t a prostitute when you were younger, right?

…Didn’t think the bastard’d get stuck on this…

Gian: Never did anything like that!  I’ve just always been good with the old-timers.
Ivan: …Hmph.  If you say so…

I get tired of the conversation and burrow myself into the bed ASAP.

Ivan: But, you know, I mean…  Luchino looks like he’s really taken to you.  You … haven’t slept with him, have you?

Where’d he get that from?  He still wants to talk?  Just get to sleep, you early bird.

Gian: That’s just his whim plus my amazing charm, probably.  ‘sides, the first time I’ve ever had a real conversation with him was when we were in lockup together.
Gian: Plus, he’s got a buffet of women out here outside those walls.  You think he’d choose a guy like me?

I think that’s quite persuasive, especially that last part.  I sense Ivan nodding, albeit strangely reluctantly.

Ivan: Then why does Giulio always … do stuff like … bowing after you and listening to you and doing whatever you say?!  If we’re talking strength, he’s stronger than you!
Gian: …That…?  I dun get it myself, not at all, so if y’know something, tell me, would you?
Ivan: …R-Really…?

There’s a sigh with something else mixed in.

Ivan: But, then…!  You!  And Bernardo!!  Aren’t you two practically glued to each other?!  You’re seriously telling me you haven’t done it with him?!
Gian: Oh?  That’s what it looks like?  I guess some people’ve said that about us.  …When he deals with me, he actually puts up a wall between us, y’know?  Plus, there’s the age difference.
Ivan: …
Gian: Well, we’ve known each other for a long time, so we might’ve had a drunken kiss or so…
Ivan: What?!

Is that really so surprising?

Gian: But we really haven’t slept together!  No way at all.

…Seriously, how long is this conversation gonna go on?  …Just lemme sleep.

Gian: Haha, you know…
Ivan: Wh-What?!
Gian: This conversation.  It kinda sounds like you’re completely beside yourself with jealousy, hm?

A gasp, and Ivan stiffens.  …Wha, seriously?  And, what brought it on?

…Before my mind can catch up, the words spill from my mouth.

Gian: …Ain’t that cute of you.
Ivan: What?  Who?!

‘You, of course…’ I don’t say.

…What the hell am I thinking?  Ew.

I don’t think my eyelids can take it any longer.  Tired.  Sleepy.

The guy on the receiving end really has it tough.  This realization is painfully beat into me with my first experience.

Ivan: Hey, Gian…?  You … already asleep…?

Gaah, just shut up!  I guess he won’t get it unless I spell it out for him.

I pull the sheets over my head before saying…

Gian: …You’re the first one who’s gone inside of me.

Ivan: …Wh-What?!  H-Hey!  What’d you say just now?  Hey!  Hey!  Come on…!

I can feel Ivan’s incredulity.  But I ignore him.  I’m seriously sleeping.  Already at my limit.

I feel like a hard battle’s waiting for us tomorrow, and I’ll be riding shotgun with this idiot…

Whatever fate awaits us tomorrow, we won’t know unless tomorrow actually comes…  Sleep…

We’ve got a date with some delicious breakfast tomorrow, too…

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  1. Leon
    Apr 22, 2012 @ 23:49:18

    ❤ Reading as soon as possible on the updates as always. I stopped in the middle of some coursework to read this, and it made my day. Thank you for translating once again ❤



  2. kurapicachains
    Apr 23, 2012 @ 20:23:25

    Ivan, you’re just a cute ball of awkwardness and lovey-dovey jealousy, aren’t ya? Gah, I could definitely see why this is a popular pairing – they click so well together in terms of personality. <3333

    Thanks for the translation! I hope you'll find the time to finish and do the other routes as well. Love the Lucky Dog's storylines!



  3. Flower
    Apr 24, 2012 @ 23:05:10

    Hello, thank you so much for the translation, you are a saint. (Well maybe not, I cant imagine a saint translating this but you get the idea ;))



  4. Trish
    Apr 27, 2012 @ 18:11:50

    You have my absolute gratitude for these magnificent translations. I’ve reread them maybe three or four times, a few of my favorite sections (such as this one) even more – and I’m positive you couldn’t have done a better job capturing the essence of the characters. I love it, so, so much, and I know it must be very hard trying to find just the right expressions and phrases in english to match the feel and weight they have in Japanese, so I cannot thank you enough for putting this much work into it.



    • terracannon876
      Apr 29, 2012 @ 11:16:08

      Thank you so much for the kind words. Emphasizing character has always been one of my primary goals in this project, and I’m really glad you like the results =)

      A..haha…reading and rereading it…? I need to finish the Ivan section soon so I can do a once-over on my own stuff! I hope you don’t mind that what you’ve been reading is basically a first draft XD

      But thank you for enjoying LD =)



      • Trish
        Apr 29, 2012 @ 19:00:12

        No, thank YOU! We could probably pass that one back and forth all day, but seriously, I’m so happy I get to enjoy LD in a language that doesn’t have me go “FU KANSAIBEN Y U NO GTFO” and “Dafuq did I just translate” all the time.
        Translating is hard. Whether it be Japanese to English or… a certain drawing style into another. So I figured I’d try giving something back, and since I’m broke, here you go:

        It’s just a quick sketch really, still, I hope you like it. c:



        • terracannon876
          Apr 29, 2012 @ 19:02:39

          I … just got my very first fanart *_*

          *Sobs tears of happiness*


          It’s really pretty too =) Can I save it and post it on my blog (probably in the library section…)? =D



      • Trish
        Apr 29, 2012 @ 19:16:35

        Of course, do as you like :3 ❤



      • Trish
        Apr 29, 2012 @ 19:20:19

        I’m going to draw Bernardo too (my favorite character and all), I’ll leave another comment tomorrow once I’m done.
        Good luck on your finals!



  5. Trish
    Apr 30, 2012 @ 12:23:57

    Dedicated to my friend (who loves the character) and special thanks to you. :3
    *slithers away back to oblivion*



    • terracannon876
      Apr 30, 2012 @ 12:25:11

      You’ve got talent =) Thanks! LD fanart is hard enough to come by as it is (in English).

      I’ve got half a mind to start posting Japanese LD fanart I find.



      • Leon
        May 06, 2012 @ 03:41:39

        I could probably help with that



      • Trish
        May 11, 2012 @ 18:02:43

        thank you for the compliment ❤
        this is still a wip but almost there, so here you go:

        And don't mind the background. Ignore it please. ;D



      • Trish
        May 11, 2012 @ 18:41:47

        Um. And this.

        Actually I’ve started on all 5 of them. Luchino’s not to my liking at all yet tho so he’s not allowed to leave my harddrive.



        • terracannon876
          May 12, 2012 @ 01:39:56

          Oh wow, they’re great O_O. I really like the Ivan one, too. Pfft, and I like the background! XD

          I can’t believe they’re WIP. Tell me when you have to finished product so I’ll add them =D There should be an update coming soon (read: tomorrow) so your other drawings should be up, then, too ^^V

          Thanks again =)



      • Trish
        May 12, 2012 @ 15:27:45

        *bows* I am honored by your praise. :’D
        If you like it, it means my handwriting is readable! Booya!
        Ah, would you like to see what Ivan looked like, for like three hours, a week ago?

        I was cracking up so hard about this. It made me laugh all day. So douchey it’s uncanny. Anyway, that’s why everything remains WIP… forever, to be honest. The longer something takes me, the more I want to go back and change things. Thank god I did a retour on his expression there. :DD
        And I read Bernardo’s and Ivan’s letters! <3<3<3 Made my day to be honest.



        • terracannon876
          May 13, 2012 @ 11:13:32

          Hmm, then I’ll post the arts as they are, and if you ever update them, I’ll update the stuff on the blog, then ^^ Thanks for all the good art =3

          Who’s your favorite character?



      • Trish
        May 13, 2012 @ 18:57:39

        Favorite? Gian. Hands-down. Of the other four, I’d have to say Bernardo. All of them have their merits, Ivan is growing on me so hard thanks to your translation, and Giulio is just the most precious thing ever, and hard to ignore, since he’s so blatantly in love with Gian no matter which route you play. But Bernardo… maybe it’s his voice actor, or the fact that he’s stonewalling Gian to a certain degree (and I got that little voice that cannot help but go ‘Challenge accepted’), in any case he’s my favorite. How about you? My first guess would be Ivan, since you translated his route first. 🙂

        Do as you like! I’m happy to make you happy c:

        Re Giulio: DUDE LOOKS LIKE A LADY~ 😀
        Re Gian: … there’s some serious influence from watching The Avengers last night here; Tom Hiddleston’s (Loki) face, namely. <_< Not sure if I'm happy with that. But at least I FINALLY finished his suit. Jesus. Took forever.



        • terracannon876
          May 13, 2012 @ 21:04:42

          Haha, you’re very very productive XD

          Gian is definitely my fave, but that’s copping out, I guess. I like the four a lot, almost the same, but I’ll admit that I like their routes differently. My favorite routes are Ivan’s and Luchino’s. Giulio, as you say, is precious. I’m sorry, but I like Bernardo’s the least ^^;

          I’m pretty sure looking like a lady is nothing new for Giulio, lol. And as always, wow XD



  6. Bento_Bear
    May 06, 2012 @ 02:26:04

    oh my gaawwd! love it! i really wish i could learn japanese!! T^T
    me wait for the next chapters for ivan XD love ivan and gian omg!! love you!!



  7. Yolina
    Jun 15, 2013 @ 11:53:10

    Just dropping a note to say that I’m loving reading your translations so far. Thank you so much for putting all your hard work into this.

    You did link to the wrong “Mounting Assault” version at the end of this page, though — that link leads to Ivan’s Best Ending path, not to the rest of the Normal path. Just wanted to point that out.



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